Top Ten Weight-Lose Workout DVD for Women in 2020 Reviews

Losing weight is the dream of every woman in the 21st century. You probably want to get rid of that stubborn fat or excess weight that has been part of you for quite a long period of time. Going to the gym only seems to drain your pocket and you are trying to find a solution that will help you lose weight at lower costs? Or you no longer want to pay for those yoga classes? Then the weight-lose DVDs are meant for you.

Weight-lose DVDs not only help you to lose weight but also help you to keep, boost your rate of metabolism and strengthen your muscles. You get to feel like you are in a weight-lose class because you are given instructions that will help you to work out. Starving yourself is never a solution to losing weight as some people believe. Some of these DVDs come with a clean eating plan and diet that will help you in losing the weight in a faster way.

The type of DVD you purchase will depend on the amount of calories that you are willing to shed in a given period of time. The rigorousness of the exercises you are willing to reach will also determine the type of DVD that you will purchase. These DVDs range from yoga exercises to choreographed dances, low impact exercises and high impact exercises. You also have to know the body part that you want to focus on keeping strong. When you have known all these factors, then you can make q purchasing decision. So in this article, we have prepared for you, a list of the Top ten weight-lose workout DVD for women in 2020 reviews. I hope all will be well with you.

10.Yoga Sweat Yoga DVD for Weight Loss with Julie Schoen

You are a beginner who wants to lose weight through yoga exercises but not ready to spend on yoga classes? Worry no more because this is the DVD is for you. This is a video that was developed by Julie Schoen who is a yoga trainer, author and founder of This video will not only help you to lose fat but also to keep fit and work out in a fun and effective way. Traditionally, yoga practices have been known to help someone to get rid of stress. This is an 80-minute workout that contains two 30-minute workouts, 10-minute warm up and 10-minute cool down. This breakdown will help you choose the type of practice that you will engage in or whether you will do the entire workout.

There are two sessions in this DVD, the first one is meant to help you burn calories and will help you to tone and strengthen your legs and gluts. The second session will help you to strengthen your arms, back and core and will flatten your midsection.


i)This is a work out for both men and women.

ii)Helps you to be flexible apart from helping you lose weight

iii)Comprises of two sessions that you can choose from depending on the area you would like to work on losing the fats.

iv)This is risk free because it does not involve vigorous exercises.


i)It may not work for you if you are looking for vigorous exercises that involve

9.ABX Blu-ray! DVD by Erin Buchanan

You can try out ABX DVD by Erin Buchanan in case you want a change from those exercises that have not seemed to help you. This is good for you and simple to fellow as it will help you to have that sexy body you have always desired. Having good features will make you feel confident in the mind, soul and body. The video will give you guaranteed results because the supervisor is a doctor who has thousands of healthy patients and the video was created by sports pros and scientists. All you will need is space for a yoga mat and you will have that good body and relaxed spirit. The instructions are also easy to follow.


There are other ways that will improve your chances of getting slim alongside exercises. This DVD comes with a bonus FREE kick starter of 70 pages e-book. This includes detox, fasting and juicing information and a diet plan with recipes and fitness journal. After 30 days of work out, you will witness changes.


i)Comes with a free e-book that will guide you to clean eating for better results.


i)Involves high intensity exercises.


8.Jessica Smith: Burn Fat and Have Fun!

The instructor of this DVD, Jessica Smith is a certified trainer, instructor and wellness couch with over 15 years. This tells you that you can trust her exercises to help you lose your weight. The video is a three thirty minute walk that you can choose to either exercise all at once or just do one exercise. This is the DVD for you if you are looking for low impact cardio interval training where no jumping is involved.

The three walks are as follows:

WALK #1: STEADY, READY, GO!- this is a walk that is equivalent to approximately 2.5 miles walk age and will help you to improve your aerobic capacity, fitness level and boost your metabolism.

WALK #2: STRIDE AND STEP- This exercise equivalent to approximately 2 miles will help you to develop your agility, coordination as well as your spatial awareness.

WALK #3: HAVE A BALL! – Just like the second walk, it is approximately 2 miles and it integrates the use of a small playground ball which will help you to boost your core muscle employment and improve hand-eye coordination while at the same time having fun.


i)The exercises are progressive, that is from the easier one to the most strenuous ones.

ii)Does not require use of equipment in the first and second walks.


i)The workouts can be boring and awkward because they are meant to substitute walks.


7.Fé Fit Starter DVD Workout Program – All Skill Levels

Well, grab yourself this DVD for your weight lose program for as low as $9.97 and you will not regret spending on it because of the benefits. This is actually a 3 hour workout of different genres depending on the focus of your exercise. You will get to tone your entire body from the gluts, ads, hips, legs and arms with repetitive fast paced work outs. Cardio exercises will help to increase your rate of metabolism and will make to be slim up to the level that you want. You will also get exercises that help you work on your upper body and lower body. The video also has stretch work outs that will help you to release the tension and stress that you may be having, which is helpful for your mental health.


i)The exercises are dynamic and of different genres hence help you focus on all parts of the body.

ii)Focuses on mental health as well through the stretch workouts.


i) Exercises are advanced and may be difficult for beginners to follow.


6.Jessica Smith: Boost Metabolism and Muscle!

These video that was instructed by Jessica Smith contains 3 three 30-minutes work out that you can follow to help you lose weight, keep fit and to strengthen your muscles. These exercises will also help you to increase the rate of metabolism in the process of burning out calories. The workouts can also be blended with other weekly schedules such as cardio exercises 2-4 days a week. The first session mainly helps you to concentrate on the upper parts of your body, the second session focuses on the lower parts of the body and the third session focuses on the entire body. You can choose on the type of exercise you would like to do depending on the parts of your body that you would like to focus on to keep you strong.

Equipment needed are a mat and two sets of dumbbells for you to do these exercises. You will need a lighter set of dumbbells for the smaller muscles such as legs, chest and back. If you intend on gaining larger muscles, then you will need a heavier set of dumbbells.


i)The exercise will help you to prevent or reverse bone loss.

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ii)No vigorous exercises such as jumping are involved.

iii) You can choose the exercise to do depending on the body parts you want to focus on.


i)This will not be the best DVD for you if you are looking forward for bone loss.


5.Baladea Fitness and Wellness System

This constitutes of 8 DVDs that include exercises from yoga to high intensity interval training that will help shape your body. This training program was created by celebrity trainer Holly Perkins and that is why I would recommend it for you because it is based on scientific studies showing that reducing stress increases the chances of losing weight. You will also benefit by having free access to the baladea online community. Additionally, you will receive a nutritional guide and three workout calendars.


i)This program can be followed by individuals of any age

ii)Helps keep your knees strong and going.


i)The work outs are meant for those individuals who have much time for workouts because it is a series of exercises in 8 DVDs.


4.Shaun T’s CIZE Dance Workout – Base Kit

If you are tired of those exercises that have been straining you, you could opt to dance instead. In only 4 weeks of dancing, you will not only lose weight but you will have fun and learn to be a good dancer (that is if dancing is your passion). The DVD contains well choreographed dance routines. The dance routines are broken down step-by-step so that in the end anyone will be able to follow those moves with ease. When you purchase this kit, you will get six dance courses and three DVDs with abs workouts.


i)Works well for those who prefer dancing rather than doing exercises.

ii)Drives your focus and attention into dancing in such a way that you may forget you were exercising.

iii) Comes with a free guide to clean eating, beginner and advanced calendars and weekend survival guide.


i)It is expensive compared to other weight lose DVDs.

ii) Cannot be bought if you do not love hip hop songs and the likes.


3.Cathe Friedrich: Ripped with HiiT – Low Impact HiiT

This will help you to lose weight easily and to have better metabolism if you are looking forward to better results within a shorter time. All you need in the exercises in this DVD are Dixie cups and a yoga mat and you are good to go. The exercises are also low impact but will make you sweat and hence lose more weight that you would expect. Low impact HiiT one is the first exercise in this DVD and will challenge you with high intensity. Low impact HiiT involves exercises of rapid fire cardio drills and weighted metabolic exercises that will completely burn out the fat you need to get rid of.


i)Low impact exercises with better results.


1Slim in 6 DVD Workouts

If you are looking forward to losing 25 pounds in just 6 weeks without much straining, this is the DVD for you to purchase. This pack also comes with a workout calendar, a weight loss eating plan that was developed by registered dietitians and which will help you to easily lose weight. Who would not like free gifts? It also has two free work outs and bonus gifts; a slim training resistance band and a cardio core express. The slimming train will help you shape and tone your body with the exact amount of resistance without use of bulky weights.


i)Comes with free bonus gifts.

ii)Easy to follow and helps to lose weight in a short time.


i)The exercises are a bit repetitive and if you like new challenges, you may find it boring.


1.Jessica Smith: Build Balance and Inner Strength

This is another one of Jessica Smith’s DVDs that has three 30-minute sessions workout and you can get this for as low price. Like other Jessica Smith’s videos, this one has low impact exercises that do not involve jumping. You will perform the exercises barefoot.

The first workout of core control involves combination of Pilates, dance and yoga and involves standing only abs work for a muscular center. The second workout which is poise and grace involves the use of a single set of light dumbbells to help you have a better posture and to be strong. The third work out of balance and agility will be useful in helping you to have a better balance and focuses on the total body strength.


  1. i) the exercises focus on the entire body
  2. ii) Easy to follow instructions when practicing.


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