Top Ten Places You Aren’t Allowed To Visit

Earth is considered the safest and absolutely the only planet that supports human life. However, despite this extolments, there are various places within this planet which can be super exciting to visit but you are not allowed to. The reason behind this may be due to the secret hidden within the places, security reasons among other reasons. If you like many others you are wondering of the world’s top ten places you aren’t allowed to visit, the below list can give you an overview of these places.

10. RAF Menwith Hill U.K

RAF Menwith Hill U.K is the world’s pride in matters to do with electronic monitoring. It is illustrious for housing among the most powerful and efficient world’s satelites and it is managed by N.S.A. In case of any kind of missile attack, this is the best place where it can be detected. This is the main factor making it a not an everyone’s place to visit.

Places You Aren't Allowed To Visit
RAF Menwith Hill U.K


9. Club 33, Disneyland California, USA

Club 33, Disneyland California, USA is another world’s place where not everybody is allowed to visit. Although to a government managed property, Club 33 is among the reckoned places that gaining access to may not be very easy. This is the only Disneyland club that sells alcoholic drinks. To many, the exact meaning of the number 33 is not clear though a few people associate it with the 33 corporate patrons who sponsored the bulding of Disneyland as well as the address 33 Royal Street. To enter this club, you must be a VIP with a valid membership.

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Places You Aren't Allowed To Visit
Club 33, Disneyland California, USA

8. Bogemian Grove, California, U.S.A

This is also one of the top ten places you aren’t allowed to visit. Bogemian Grove, California, U.S.A is a secret section around the woods where people mostly go for camping parties around July each year. However, not everyone is allowed to visit it but only the most world’s powerful ones.

Places You Aren't Allowed To Visit
Bogemian Grove, California

7. Vatican Secret Archive, Vatican City

This is another place that hids lots of secret. Mostly, Vatican Secret Archive, Vatican City deals with certain papers mainly intended for the pope. It is said, that one can easily order test from this archive, but when it comes to going there in person, it may seem impossible.

Places You Aren't Allowed To Visit
Vatican Secret Archive, Vatican City

6. Lascaux Caves, France

Lascaux Caves, France is a exquisite site within france that deals with historical artworks. Due to the artwork nature controlled within this site, it is only certain scientists who can access the interior of this cave. This cave is known to have been opened during the second world war and contain images of large animals.

Places You Aren't Allowed To Visit
Lascaux Caves, France

5. Pipe Gap, Australia

Pipe Gap is a site in Australia that is not accessible to every person. As a matter of fact, people are advised not to ever pass over an airspace of not less than 5,500 metres. This facility hosts large and complex computers with 14 radomes protection antennas that are used to control the spy satelllites from the United States.

Places You Aren't Allowed To Visit
Pipe Gap, Australia

4. Metro 2, Moscow, Russia

This is an underground train system within Moscow. It is chiefly made to be used by the Russian Secret Services as well as most powerful government officials. In that case, it is not every person who wants to access this place may be able to.

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Places You Aren't Allowed To Visit
Metro 2, Moscow, Russia

3. Room 39, Pyongyang, North Korea

Room 39, Pyongyang is basically a site in North Korea that deal with importation and trafficking of prohibited drugs. It deals with manufacturing and perpetrating morpine and methamphetamine computations such as heroin. Most people also know this place for its questionable reputation in international insurance frauds. Though not clearly confirmed, operations in Room 39 are claimed to take place under the management of the Korean government.

Places You Aren't Allowed To Visit
Room 39, Pyongyang, North Korea

2. Mezghorye, Russia

Mezghorye, Russia is famous for dealing with nuclear missiles. The site holds a number of mechanically induced ballistic missiles that are activated when there arises issues to do with nuclear strikes. Around the site, there are two battalions that are permanently stationed there to reduce cases of evil-minded individuals hindering the costly nuclear missiles. In instances of nuclear strikes, they will be detected by radioactivity, pressure, light and seismic sensors places all through the site.

Places You Aren't Allowed To Visit
Mezghorye, Russia

1. Area 51, Nevada, U.S.A

This is a mysterious air force facility located in United states. The main use of Area 51 is not yet known though its historical evidence claims that it supports experimentation and processing of experimental weapons and aircrafts. Due to the broad secrecies encompassing this site, most people consider it a main subject of conspiracy theories. It is also believed that this site deals with other extensive projects like teleportation and time travel.

Places You Aren't Allowed To Visit
Area 51, Nevada




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