Top Ten Online Project Management Tools

Do we really know what a project is? To most of us, the word project sounds like something that has to be undertaken by businesses or the government. Such a perspective cannot be denied though. If that’s so however, what about personal projects? Do they exist? Yes they do. The reality is that any time bound activity is a project, irrespective of whether it’s personal or business activity.

In order to deliver to the objectives, all projects require proper management. One of the most important things in project management is time. Productivity is achieved through effective time management. A project manager must ensure that his/her teams are working quickly and productively. As the project head, how do you ensure efficient management in this world of multi-tasking? There is no worry about that because software developers have created useful tools to facilitate remote project management. These tools are effective in tracking time, assignments, team members, department goals, and individual tasks. In relation to that, we shall discuss the top ten online project management tools.

10. Smartsheet

This tool is suitable in the management of all types of projects. The project tasks are displayed in simple lists. A user can attach files, set alerts, set due dates for tasks as well as view and edit the task entries in calendar. You can add status details and brief notes to each project task. Smartsheet supports real time collaboration among the players in the project. A Smartsheet mobile app is available.

Online Project Management Tools

9. Comindware

This is a project management tool that is primarily meant for collaboration of the project team members. It improves organization of projects by arranging actions, attachments, and messages in a structured manner. Messages and documents can be readily shared in the group discussions. Comindware supports mobile usage.

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Online Project Management Tools

8. AtTask

This task management software facilitates management, organization, and viewing of tasks. You can easily edit task entries as well as their due dates. AtTask also facilitates proper and fair allocation of resources to persons participating in projects. People in the project can access documents from a central location and can also exchange the documents with each other smoothly. Users don’t waste time sending reports via messages because the software generates the reports. There is accurate logging of the time spent in tasks for accurate billing.

Online Project Management Tools

7. Wrike

Wrike allows users to easily create tasks from emails. People involved in a project can discuss upon the creation of a task with ease. This project management tool enables users to set priorities for the tasks for a scheduled execution. With Wrike, you can achieve organization, management, and real time monitoring of the progress achieved. Collaborators are able to see the exact progress achieved in the projects.

Online Project Management Tools

6. Podio

In this tool, collaboration is done via workspaces that a user can render private or open. Project tasks can be easily defined and assigned to the people concerned. You can create tasks and define them as recurring, shared, or personal. You can also set reminders for the tasks that require fast action. Collaborators can easily share files from a remote location. Nothing can hinder all collaborators from getting their tasks and executing them within the specified time frame.

Online Project Management Tools

5. Teamwork

Creating and assigning tasks to team players is quite easy with Teamwork. Once a task has been created, priorities and reminders can be set easily. It’s also easy to track what percentage of a task has been done. Additionally, tasks can be edited and rescheduled. This tool provides a platform for smooth communication and sharing of files among collaborators. Teamwork facilitates time management as time spent over tasks is accurately recorded.

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Online Project Management Tools

4. Trello

Trello is a great tool for keeping track of all your project tasks. With this tool, task assignments on multiple people are possible. It features a board on which the tasks are displayed in one or more lists. It allows collaborators to engage in discussions on various topics in form of comments about the tasks.

Online Project Management Tools

3. Asana

Asana is a great project management tool for all types of projects; personal or professional. You can create separate workspaces for the different projects you have. It provides options for rendering your projects private or public. Making your projects public facilitates sharing. The mobile app makes Asana much sweeter to use.

Online Project Management Tools

2. ProofHub

ProofHub offers a powerful platform for online project management and collaboration. Tasks are created and the due dates are set. This tool makes assignment and distribution of work very easy as tasks can be assigned to multiple people. Everyone who’s assigned to a task will receive regular reminders about the tasks. Users can assign labels like ‘high priority’, ‘in progress’, and ‘completed’ which facilitates planning and tracking of progress. Communication between collaborators is well enabled, with the ability to exchange files and images.

Online Project Management Tools

1. Basecamp

Basecamp is number one mainly because of its popularity. This tool is more of an advanced to-do-list app in most of our mobile devices. Tasks are listed in to-dos and can be assigned to different people in the project team. Upon completion, tasks can be checked off. Basecamp provides a detailed view of all the activities of the project within a given time span. Document files and emails can be attached to various project threads for easy access and tracking.

Online Project Management Tools


It’s interesting that all the tools named above support the use of mobile devices. With those top ten online project management tools, you must get one that will impress you most. Embrace efficiency and flexibility in your project management with these web-based tools.

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