Top Ten incredibly Dangerous Parasites

This article’s objective is to shade a light on the most incredibly dangerous parasites that affect humans and animals. This parasites are responsible for horrifying damage they cause to their respective hosts. Parasites cause strange and bizarre things that include DNA rewrite, they can also manipulate the host brain and can also completely main or cripple the host. They can also turn their host into a dead living creature. However the scientist consider these parasites to be the most complex and diverse organism as they are highly evolving life forms in the entire globe. The following article will be constricted to the top ten most incredibly dangerous parasites which range from mind controlling wasps to head popping fungus. Meanwhile, you may interested to read about Top Ten Most Dangerous Bacteria on Earth .

10. Eye-inflating worm

Leucochloridium paradoxium is the scientific nomenclature of eye –inflating worm. The snail accidentally eats the flat worm’s eggs. This parasite develops slowly in the snails body and eventually fills the its eye stalks with sacks of larvae. This snails will take the shape of a caterpillar, which appears wriggle like. The bird will be attracted to the caterpillar-like creature and that’s how the parasite will move to the next stage or the next life cycle.

 incredibly Dangerous Parasites


9. Zombie wasp

Ampulex compressa, this parasite preys on the cockroaches and eventually converts them into zombie. These cockroaches will start eating their young ones. These wasp also stings deep into the brain of the roaches, this disable the roaches’ movement.

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 incredibly Dangerous Parasites

8. Tongue eating sea louse

Cymothoa exigua-this parasite gets inside the mouth of fish and feed on the fish’ blood from the lower part of the feed on the tongue until it smothers the organ also re attaches itself on the remaining stump that remains and continues to suck and feed on the blood and also the mucus. The sea louse eats the host body part and cleverly replaces itself with the part it has consumed. The fish might use the sea louse as its own tongue.

 incredibly Dangerous Parasites

7. Eye worm

Loa loa-this worm infects the human eye when the flies bite. The larva of this particular nematode is actually responsible will for the infection. The adult of this worm will move through the entire body tissue for years. They have presence in the central and West Africa. When infected by the eye worm. The common signs and symptoms of this infection are itching and swelling. They can also cause damage to the brain.

 incredibly Dangerous Parasites

6. Dragon worm

It is commonly referred to as Guinea worm. A person will get the infections out of drinking water that is contaminated with these tiny fleas. These water fleas are infected with larva. Once the dragon worm finds its way into the human body as a larva, female, spaghetti-like grows up to a meter eventually emerges through the human skin, especially from the legs or the feet. This results to the immense pain. The pain will persist for several weeks. There is no vaccine for this infection.

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Dragon worm

5. The head-splitting fungus

Cordyceps fungi-this parasite infiltrates the ants body, it controls the behavior of the ant and eventually bursts out of the head. The infected ant is then expelled out the colony. When the fungus burst out of the ant’s head. The spores are then carried away by winds and infect other ants.

incredibly Dangerous Parasites
the head-splitting fungus

4. Sex change bacteria

Wolbachia-these bacteria hate the males. The male do not serve purpose on them. They also kill the males that have been infected or they force to change their sex. They can also initiate redundancy in the males by enabling the virgin births with the females.

incredibly Dangerous Parasites
Sex change bacteria

3. Vampire fish

Vandellia cirrhosa-This parasite feeds on other achieves this by swimming into fish’ gills and feeds on its also preys on the human by passing through the orifice (the anus).it therefore feed on the human can only be removed by surgical process.

incredibly Dangerous Parasites
Vampire fish

2. Mind controlling bug

Toxoplasma gondii-this is a dangerous parasite as it brain washes its infects the rodents and tampers with their brain. This makes the rodent not to even fear the cat. The bug will again pass out of the cat and be eaten by another rodent. This is the life cycle. This toxoplasma can also find its way into the human body especially when the meat is eaten raw.

incredibly Dangerous Parasites
Mind controlling bug

1.Womb hijacking barnacles

Saccluna-this parasites finds its way into the female then slides into a has the feeding tube that it spreads throughout the body of the host. The worms’ reproductive system locates itself at the pouch of the female crab. If the crab is a male, the parasite will manipulate the crab’s hormone and behave famine.

Womb hijacking barnacles
Womb hijacking barnacles

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