Top Ten Future Weapons of Russia Army

Over the last two years, Russia has become more aggressive towards nations that were originally considered “allies”, including the United States and United Kingdom. With its recent invasion of the Ukraine, the world is once again on high alert and wondering what moves Russia will make against not only against its neighboring countries, but the world. But what’s even more concerning, is what kind of weaponry will Russia be bringing to the table in possible future conflicts. So let’s take a look at possible future weapons Russia might just be bringing to the table.

10) Lasers-based Weapons

We’re all now living in a science fictional universe. Thirty years ago when Ronald Reagan introduced the idea of the “Star Wars’ missile defense initiative, the world media more or less chuckled, but the U.S. now has laser targeting capabilities with defense weaponry such as the Extended Range Interceptor and the Exoatmospheric Reentry-vehicle Interceptor Subsystem. So how far are we away are we from having ground based and individual use lasers? How far away is Russia?

Future Weapons of Russia Army
Lasers-based Weapons

9) Geophysical Weapons

The idea of being able to control the weather or the tectonic activity of the planet may seem like science fiction, but you have to think that some government or organization has to think being able to create a hurricane or cause a massive earthquake is a stellar idea for a weapon. After the 2010 earthquake in Hatti, deceased Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez made allegations that the U.S. was possibly testing a tectonic weapon and caused the quake. And in 1992, Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda reported that the USSR was developing a geophysical weapon. Perhaps Putin has decided to revived the project?

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Future Weapons of Russia Army
Geophysical Weapons

8) Bio-Engineered Weapons

Genetically engineered bio-weapons are perhaps the most shocking and violent because of its possible effects on human populations. Thanks to our constant research into DNA, things such as binary biological weapons, designer genes, stealth viruses, and host-swapping diseases are a very real, bone-chilling possibility.

Future Weapons of Russia Army
Bio-Engineered Weapons

7) Battle Armor

Yeah, we’ve all played Halo and seen the Iron Man films, but how far off is humanity from developing a working exoskeleton? Honestly, not that far at all. Companies such as ReWalk, Ekso Bionics, Cyberdyne, and Honda are all in various stages of development with wearable robotic suits. And with the world being almost entirely consumer-based, you can’t help but think that any one of these companies would have zero problem selling its technology to the highest bidder.

Future Weapons of Russia Army
Battle Armor

6) Psychophysical Weaponry

For those of you who don’t know what psychophysical weapons are, here’s an example: You’re sitting in your living room watching television when a commercial comes on and you suddenly have the overpowering urge to kill the President. In fact, it’s so overwhelming that if you don’t do it immediately, you become physically ill. Yeah, psychophysical weaponry is right out of the Manchurian Candidate. It’s implanted memories and computer chips controlling physical actions. And once again, thanks to our constant tinkering with DNA and human physiology, this style of weaponry may very will be part of Russia’s playbook.

Psychophysical Weaponry
Psychophysical Weaponry

5) Nanotechnology

As fantastic an idea as nanotechnology is in things such as eliminating genetically based diseases as well assisting surgeons in complicated operations, the possible military use of such micro-machines is just as frightening as it is fantastic. Imagine a bomb detonated in a city such as New York where billions of microscopic machines are deployed and are programed to “eat” all metal. This may seem impossible, but there are many companies developing molecular level electronics, and this type of weapon could very much exist in the near future.

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4) Cyber Weapons

Real power is economics and considering the bulk of the world economy is now all computerized, creating a computer virus that can virtually wipe out a countries entire economy with a few mouse clicks.

Cyber Weapons
Cyber Weapons

3) Nuclear Weapons

Now we’re getting to the nitty-gritty. If you’re a child of the 80’s, you remember movies like The Day After. Most of us lived in constant fear of nuclear weapons. More accurately, we lived in fear of Russian nuclear weapons. Despite the fall of the USSR, Russia is still in possession of the second largest nuclear stockpile in the world. And with as kooky as Prime Minister Putin has been, you can’t help but think a nuclear option is always on the table.

Nuclear Weapons
Nuclear Weapons

2) Good Old Fashioned Man Power

We all have to remember that Russia was one of the few European nations to actually defeat the Nazis during World War II, and the tenacity of the Russian people is still very prevalent and perhaps the greatest threat to the world at large.

1) Goat Herders

The true threat. So, folks, the number one thing to remember about Russia since the fall of the USSR, is that as far as it being a world super-power, it really isn’t all that super or powerful. Economically, Russia has been in a constant state of economic distress, and the fact is, you need money—a lot of money—to manufacture and buy the kind of weapons above. To quote the film, The Good Shepard: “Russian power is a myth. It is nothing but paint over rust.”

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