Top Ten Celebs Who Are Actually Gays

Hollywood and Bollywood is typically a very fickle place to live and work in. More often than not, it has been found that when celebrities decide to come out of the closet regarding their personal lives, their careers tend to get affected negatively. Owing to this consequence, many of them often opt for the subtle approach when it comes to making a revelation regarding their sexuality rather than climbing on to a rooftop and attracting the undivided attention of the world while proclaiming that they are indeed gay!

Hollywood has been home to a number of proud and well-known celebrities who have come out openly proclaiming themselves to be gay- the names of Elton John and Ellen Degeneres immediately come to mind. Some, though, prefer keeping themselves away from public scrutiny at least till a certain point before making a revelation, possibly for the aforementioned reasons. Here we have compiled a list of top 10 celebs who are actually gays. Read on to know more!

10. Sarah Paulson



We begin a compilation of this list with Sarah Paulson. Famed for her roles in the TV series “American Horror Story” she made the revelation in an interview where Sarah, along with her girlfriend of that time Cheryl Jones, made an open declaration of their love for each other. This interview was conducted by Velvetpark way back in 2007 at Women’s Event 10, specially organized for the NYC-based LGBT Center. Following her breakup with Jones, she went on to declare that she was open to having relationships with women as well as men.

9. Sean Hayes



Sean Hayes is best known for the role of Jack he so admirably fulfilled in the movie “Will and Grace.” He came out about himself in the year 2010. As per his statement, Sean refrained from making a revelation about himself for a number of years out of fear that he would jeopardize his career by doing so. He felt that it would come in the way of him being offered straight roles for various projects. Moreover, he also claimed that the apparent controversy surrounding his character in “Will and Grace” being “too gay” also forced him to retreat into a shell! Sean feels that he warrants an apology to the members of the gay community for holding back on such a revelation.

8. Chely Wright


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Chely Wright
Chely Wright

In the year 2010, Chely Wright earned the distinction of being the first country music player to make the public revelation that she was a lesbian. A year later she married Lauren Blitzer while in another couple of years’ time, the couple made the startling revelation that they were expecting twins! Chely claims that she is quite happy now that she has come out with her straightness. In a recent interview given to the Q Cultural Affairs Show hosted by CBC, the country singer said that she is at a loss of words to describe her feeling of lightness and freedom. Apparently, she is now full of reckless abandon that she wants to put into her daily life as well.

7. Michael Stipe


Michael Stipe
Michael Stipe

Doubts regarding the sexuality of Michael Stipe have been doing the rounds ever since the early 90s when he made a startling revelation that he had been in relationships with both women as well as men. He went on to reveal that he was involved with a man in a committed relationship. A former lead singer of the REM band, Stipe prefers addressing himself as “queer” as opposed to being stereotyped as “gay.” He says that being gay and queer are not necessarily the same things and the latter is more about something that takes into account the finer grey areas of the mind.

6. David Hyde Pierce


David Hyde Pierce
David Hyde Pierce

David is one celebrity the world knew very little about. He always kept away from questions that concerned his personal life, up until the year 2007 when he finally decided to break the ice and come out about himself. Best known for the accomplished role of Niles that he played in the movie “Frasier” the actor confirmed himself to be gay and involved in a relationship. However, the true identity of his partner is not known with speculations being that the person is a director/produce/writer in the Hollywood entertainment industry.

5. Matt Dallas

All those who are familiar with the television series “Kyle XY” will know all about Matt Dallas. The star came out with his sexuality in the year 2013 when he made an announcement on his Twitter feed that he was having a committed relationship with his boyfriend Blue Hamilton and were likely to get engaged soon. This startling revelation on social media was soon followed up with a photo that had Hamilton lounging out on a sofa accompanied by their pet dog.

4. Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer shot to fame with some stellar roles and performances in blockbuster movies such as “Chuck” and “White Collar.” However, for many years he remained silent about his apparent sexuality before making a subtle acknowledgement of his homosexual side in the year 2012. This was done at an award ceremony hosted by the Desert AIDS Fund where, while on stage to receive an award, he chose to thank his partner and the three children for being his constant support.

3. Jim Parsons

In a recent interview given to The New York Times, Jim Parsons (of “Big Bang Theory” fame) made the startling revelation that he was gay. He also proclaimed that he was having a long-term committed relationship with a male partner. While it is yet to be known who the partner is, speculation suggests that it could be art director Todd Spiewak. The fact that Parsons decided to thank him while being awarded at the 2010 Emmy Awards only helped in fuelling that speculation.

2. Victor Garber

During the course of an interview given to blogger Greg Hernandez in 2013 on his show “Greg In Hollywood” famous actor Victor Garber quietly made the revelation that he was gay. When quizzed on the relationship that he was having with Rainer Andreesen, Victor went on to say that that was an issue he really did not enjoy discussing in public. It is said that the two of them have been living together for as long as the past thirteen years!

1. Chris Colfer

We round off our list of top 10 gay celebs with the celebrated teenage star Chris Colfer. It was only when he was cast in the TV show “Glee” as Kurt Hummel, a flamboyant and delightful gay teen that Chris decided to come out with the truth about himself. Apparently, this show has allowed parents to accept the fact that their kids are a part of the LGBT community. Chris says that he has received letters from parents stating how their outlook towards homosexuality changed after they watched an episode of “Glee” and realized the bond shared by Kurt and Burt in the same. If there is even a hint of truth in that, it has to be considered as one of the most sensational revelations ever made by a celebrity!

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