Top Ten Biggest Wars in History

Numerous wars have been fought in the world till now of which some have achieved maximum notoriety and some left deep scars for generations to come. Given below is a well compiled list of wars reflecting the foregone aura in an exceptional manner.

10. American Civil War (1861 – 1865)

The much popular war belonging to the modern times that left maximum impact upon the people of current generations as well is the American Civil War. It has been fought between Union and Confederacy. The war is directly associated with slaves because of which the entire American region has changed completely. It is touted that 800,000 people have lost their valuable lives.

Biggest Wars in History

9. Soviet War in Afghanistan (1979 – 1989)

This exhaustive war belonging to the modern era has been fought between Soviet Army and insurgent groups representing various nations in the name of Mujahedeen. With millions of people including civilians and soldiers estimated to have lost their lives, billions of money too has been lost that was funded by Americans and other Europeans nations.

Biggest Wars in History

8. Vietnam War (1955 – 1975)

The role of American insurgency in Vietnam has been taken to the peak level with this Vietnam War. Perhaps, there has been severe unrest in the country with the U.S. Army declaring its superiority in an increasing manner. The second Indochina war is something that is considered to be the most atrocious episode in the entire war resulting in severe bruises leading to a complex situation.

Biggest Wars in History

7. Thirty Year’s War (1618 – 1648)

Considered to be most complex war to have been fought in the name of religion, the Thirty Year’s War has got its own impact upon the modern history. The Bourbon-Habsburg rivalry has been brought to the fore because of this war. Numerous lives have been lost apart from maximum money because of the war that has been fought for three decades.

6. Napoleonic War (1803 – 1815)

The French empire under the leadership of Napoleon includes a number of wars that was fought in the period lasting for nearly a decade. Perhaps, the major antagonists involved the rival groups because of which the war has achieved maximum notoriety. The invasion of Russia in 1812 has taken the war to its peak leading to a major conflicting situation.

5. Russian Civil War (1917 – 1922)

Bolshevik Red Army was involved brutally with White Army, which resulted in one of the most famous wars fought in the history of the world. Perhaps, this is one of the most popular wars that has been fought in the modern era. The involvement of pro-German armies that were combating against Red Army has resulted in a ferocious turn due to which complex issues were realized.

4. Japan Emperor Regime (1894 – 1945)

The overconfidence of Japanese top ruler during the end of the nineteenth century has prolonged the war till the mid twentieth century resulting in unrelenting scenario, which resulted in the loss of many a life. In addition to World War II apart from the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki too, the situation in Japan has left in a sensitive situation.

3. World War I (1914 – 1918)

Perhaps, there is nothing more atrocious and noteworthy than the World War I because of which people belonging to the current generations too are known to experience its effects. A whopping 50 million people have lost their lives because of this situation resulting in a complex situation for sure. Previously regarded as Great War, it is one of the bloodiest wars that has been fought in the history to till date.

2. Mongol Conquests (1206 – 1368)

Mongol empire terrified the entire world at one point of time resulting in the most supreme power in the entire world. Perhaps, there was almost no country that was against the Mongolians because of their supremacy in almost every arena. The Europeans were the most feared who are known to have lost millions of lives in an eventual manner.

1. World War II (1939 – 1945)

The scars left by this war is something that can never be completely healed. Also, this is the end of wars that involved almost entire world. This war has ended the hopes of Germany to be the world power. Also, the same war has made United States into the major power due to which it gained maximum control upon the entire world. It is one of the Top Ten Biggest Wars in History. 

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