Top Best Hoverboards To Buy in China 2020

Hoverboards also known as segways or self balancing boards are perhaps one of the most remarkable technological innovations. Not only are they eco friendly but are also small in size and portable making them a convenient accessory. For individuals who might be interested to purchase one, the following is an overview the best hoverboards to buy in china 2017.

Monorover R2

The Monorover R2 features prominently in the list of best hoverboards to buy in china 2020. Like other hoverboards, it has an inbuilt self-balancing gyroscope feature that enables it to stay upright. It has the capacity to carry up to 100kg with a maximum speed of 6mph. its maximum travel distance on a full 90 minute charge is 12.4 miles depending on the terrain and weight of the rider

The Monorover R2 boasts of a 1000W motor and has pressure sensitive pads that help to control the hoverboard. It also boasts of puncture proof tires that eliminate the risk of getting punctures while on the road.


Airwheel X3

The Airwheel X3 is another popular hoverboard to buy in china. Unlike most standard hoverboards that are made up of two wheels, the Airwheel X3 features a single large wheel located at the centre of the hovercraft which brings in the added advantage of extra stability on uneven terrains and easier maneuverability on uneven terrains

Having a top speed of 12 miles per hour, the Airwheel X3 can travel up to 7 miles on a 1 hour charge and boasts of the capacity to carry 140kg. It also has the advantage of being completely waterproof and can be used even in heavy downpours.


Airwheel Q3

Brother to the Airwheel X3, the Q3 is more focused on power and features an 800W motor which is larger than the 400W motor specific to the X3. The Q3 also has 2 wheels as opposed to the 1-wheeled X3 and as such, an individual is assured of better stability when riding the Q3.

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The Airwheel Q3 can carry up to 140 kg and can travel between 26 to 30 miles at a top speed of 12 miles per hour on a single charge. Weighing in at 11.5kg, this hovercraft is quite heavy compared to other hovercrafts in its category and as such, you should be prepared for the extra weight when transporting it.


The Duoglyde is one of the best hoverboards to buy in china 2020. This 7 inch hoverboard is available in a variety of colors including black, blue, red and white and boasts of a top speed of 6 miles per hour. It has the capacity to carry up to 100 kgs and can travel up to 12 miles on a single battery charge depending on the weight of the rider and the nature of the terrain over which it’s travelling.

The Duoglyde hovercraft also has a CE certified charging system that bring in an aspect of safety when charging the hovercraft: CE certified charging cables minimize the risk of electrical shock or a fire outbreak during charging

Smartax S5

The Smartax S5 is another remarkable hoverboard to buy in china 2020. Like most other hoverboards, it features pressure sensitive pads that helps to control the hoverboard and also has a gyroscope that helps an individual keep balance when riding. It has a top speed of 8 miles per hour and a 100kg carrying capacity. The Smartax can also travel a distance of 9 to 12 miles on a single charge depending on the terrain ad weight of the rider

The Smartax S5 also has additional features that make it stand out from most Hovercrafts. A remote control fob much similar to that of a car can be used to lock and unlock the hovercraft when not in use as opposed to completely turning off the hovercraft. The Smartax S5 is also waterproof, has an LED lighting system and features inflation free tires that eliminates the risk of getting a puncture

The A8

The A8 is another hoverboard that features in the list of best hoverboards to buy in china 2015. Unlike most hoverboards from china, the A8 has one major advantage: it features 10 inch wheels as opposed to 7 inch wheels that are an industry standard in the world of hoverboards. This basically translates to better performance in uneven surfaces such as grassy surfaces and even snow

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The A8 has a 110kg carrying capacity with a top speed of 9 miles per hour and can travel up to 12 miles on a 90 minute charge

The Q3 self balancing scooter

Not to be confused with the Airwheel Q3, the Q3 self balancing scooter hoverboard is perhaps one of the coolest hoverboards in 2015. It features a built in Bluetooth speaker with a gyroscope for balancing and hollow puncture proof tires. It also incorporates an ip54 grade waterproofing technology that makes it waterproof in light rain conditions

The Q3 is available in green, white, black and Blue and has slightly smaller wheels at 6.5 inch. Its maximum carrying capacity is 100kg and can travel up to 6 miles per hour over a 12 mile range on a single. However, this will depend on the terrain and weight of the rider.

The Q3 self balancing scoote

The Red5

The Red5 is also one of the best hoverboards to buy in china 2015. Like most of the hoverboards available in the market, it features a gyroscope that helps with the balancing and also has pressure sensitive pads for controlling the hoverboard movement. It has a 2 hour charge time and a top speed of 10 miles per hour with a capacity to carry up to 100 kilograms over a distance of 5 miles.

The Red5

Non-branded hoverboards

The list of the best hoverboards to buy in china cannot be complete without mentioning unbranded hoverboards. All hoverboards are basically the same with some slight variations in power, speed , carrying capacity and additional features. There numerous generic non-branded hoverboards available in the Chinese market with a variation in features having slightly lower price compared to branded hoverboards. Purchasing one such hoverboard can be a great idea but you should be aware of the risks since most of them do not have warranties

An individual has numerous options when it comes to making a purchase of the best hoverboards available in china. For instance, one might opt to make a direct purchase from the manufacturer or shop online from the numerous online sites

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