Top 5 Best Selling Books In 2020

Books are the good friend of a human being because they never allow people feel alone.Anybody can read books at any age , there is no age limit. Books offer people emotion,inspiration, entertainment and knowledge. Large number of people may read one book again and again but everyone contains their own perspective.An individual can be judged by his preference of reading books. Those who sacrifices sleep simply for the benefit of finishing one book is surely a good reader.Reading books may open many doors of human life regarding that people are still unidentified.

1. A tale of two cities:

The complete sell of two hundred million copies of the book has taken it to first position among the best books selling now.Charles has made a best piece by writing the book.A tale of two cities was published in the year 1859. This story moves on the two cities, France and England. The author has offered a great fictional face to a wonderful imaginative story.Even though with the complex language, the author Charles has given a quick , epic and spell bounding story.

A Tale of Two Cities

2. Lord of the rings:

With the one fifty million sold copies till now, lord of the rings has registered the name in the record of best selling ever.It is one of the greatest rated books till today.Professor J.R.R Tolkien was written this book and published in the year 1954. By containing mesmerizing imagination, the author has carried the fantasy books to a great level and allow the magic of the book work on you.The hobbit is a fantasy novel wrote by the same author. By selling hundred million copies it provides a hard competition to lot of best selling books till now.This book is a best fantasy novel made specially for the readers of small age children.By the kind of established characters and awesome conversations between them.Author has proved his smartness. This book was published in the year 1937 and regarded as one of the best fantasy books ever.Tolkien was awarded and respected for this master piece.

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Lord of the rings

3. Le petit prince:

The little prince is one of the best novel of all time and till now one forty million copies of the book are sold.This book is a french novel, author is Antoine de saint exupery. This book was published in the year 1943.Antoine has written the little prince during the war time and with the own experiences of various feelings.This novel is a period story and best for the readers who like certain best art pieces.

4. Harry potter:

By selling one hundred and seven million copies of book all over the world, the book is written by J.K. Rowling, obtained commercial and critical success.This was the debut novel ans was published in the year 1997.By having its imagination,magic, and thrill, this book was surely make you stick to it till the climax.

5. And then there were none:

This novel was written by agatha christie, published in the year 1939. This is a crime based book has sold more than hundred million copies till today.Christie had put more effort to make this great piece.This novel is a mystery book with ten central characters who travels to an island and their lives carry a sudden turn.After reading the book the appreciation raises for a best imaginative author.

Books can modify the angle of looking the life.There are number of benefits of reading a book that only a reader can know.There are many countries best and great selling books of all time but the positions differs based on different websites.Books like dreams of the red chamber is a Chinese novel, among all the novels in china, it is regarded as the master piece and milestone in the literature.This book was written by cao xueqin.This book is completely loaded with entertainment, emotions and realistic experiences.The Davinci code is one of the novel really deserves to the seller because of the amazing storyline.This book was written by Dan Brown.This novel was published in the year 2003.The novel works with the hidden mystery of some demoralized people who avail to wear the spirituality mask.The thrill and the suspense of the novel is out of the universe.It does not matter the legendary writers are dead or alive, their great piece art crafts will often stay in the people heart. We will be grateful forever to them for the valuable book.

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