Top 10 Ways to Improve Communication Skills

Communication is a very important aspect of life. Communication skills are vital in all spheres of our day to day lives. Whether it is an interview, or working out a solution at work, or when dealing with your project leader, or report writing, what matters is the effectiveness of getting across your point. Here are the top 10 ways to improve your communication skills.

Improve Your Communication Skills
Improve Your Communication Skills

1. Listening:

this is a very important part of a communication process. You should learn to really listen, pay attention and allow that other person to finish saying whatever he or she is saying without any interruptions. Therefore, for you to be a good communicator you must improve your listening skills so that you can understand even better and respond well to the other person.

2. Eye contact:

This is a communication aspect that most people avoid or are just not aware of. Making good eye contact brings out the perfect sense of how well the message is being communicated. Studies have even shown that doing this conveys honesty and sincerity. Good eye contact also makes the other person feel wanted, therefore your conversations will flow well due to the warm feeling put across.

3. Body Language:

A person’s body language speaks very loudly and may make the other person feel either wanted or unwanted. For instance, you cannot tell someone that you are open to discussion with your arms crossed, or say that you are listening while you have not looked up from your files. The body language normally reveals more than we think they do, from how the eye contact is made to how you hold yourself during an interview. You can even involve hand gestures when trying to put your point across.

4. Confidence:

If you want be a good communicator, you must stop being shy and start feeling confident about yourself. A shy person usually finds it difficult to join in a conversation with hence making it difficult for him or her to take part in any communication activity. The more communication activities you get involved in, the more you improve your communication skills.

5. Ensure you are understood:

while communicating to people whether directly or by writing, you should always make sure that your points are easy to understand. If the message is not understood, then there is no point for you to continue talking to someone. Any communication process is always a two way process so you have to be understood in order for you to receive a response. The best way to ensure that you are being understood is by keeping it brief and simple, not big and complicated.

6. Avoid unnecessary conversation fillers:

Always try to cut out the Ums’ and the aahs’ as these do not do anything in improving your everyday speech. By not doing these, you become more persuasive and appear more confident. Just try to relax and avoid the silence between words as it results into an awkward moment. As long as you know what you are saying, it is advisable to always be fluent in your speech.

7. Tell a story:

This may not sound real but stories are powerful, as they activate the brain, make presentations interesting and make us persuasive. Stories even help you feel more confident and relaxed. It is therefore vital to learn secrets on how to become a phenomenon storyteller.

8. Do away with distractions:

It is quite rude to begin using your phone, or checking your mails while someone is conversing with you or if the two of you are supposed to be hanging out. Paying attention to each other enables you to connect better and communication will be smooth. We may not be able to do away with all distractions but at least do away with the technological gadgets.

9. Tailor your message to the audience:

Good communicators adjust the way they talk based on who they are talking to, and where. This means you have to use different communication styles while addressing different audiences e.g. the way you communicate with your boss has to always be official. This is not is not the way you do it with your friends, children at home, co-workers, spouses etcetera.

10. Have a single conversation at a time:

it may be fine to multitask, but no one ever wants divided attention. It is therefore important to note that when talking to someone, you must focus on them and what you are discussing so do not start dragging irrelevant people into your discussion. You must also avoid making calls and sending messages as it is a sign of rudeness and disrespect.

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