Top 10 US States with the Highest Nurse Practitioner Salary

A nurse practitioner, also called NP, is a healthcare professional, an advanced nurse. Her job description is almost similar to the job of a medical doctor. However, she practices under medical supervision, treating acute and chronic diseases, diagnose, interpret test results, order, and even prescribe medication, and this is pretty fair since a registered nurse must complete advanced clinical courses and trainings, and prove higher performances in order to become a nurse practitioner. It is also a paying job, very good paying in fact, the income is higher than any paramedic’s salary, and is one of the best paying jobs in the United States. The average annual salary of a nurse practitioner in 2013 was $95,070 for 113,370 practitioners, and a median wage of $92,670 in the US territory according to the bureau of labor statistics, with the best paid 10% NPs making up to $126,250 a year, and the lowest paid 10% can manage to make $66,960 annually. If you are a nurse practitioner, or consider becoming one, you should know that the salary varies from state to another, and also may depend on many factors, such as location, where nurse practitioners are highly demanded, they will be best paid. Here is a list of the top 10 US states with the highest nurse practitioner salary:

Nurse Practitioner
Nurse Practitioner

Number 10: New York

This is the first state with the highest employment level in this occupation, with more than 9,610 nurse practitioner and 19 nursing positions for every 1000 jobs! The minimum annual wage for a NP in this state is $74,270, while the best income can attain $135,660 a year. However, the annual mean wage is about $100,420 which is a great start, and a very good amount of money. Let’s check the other states.


 Number 9: New Mexico

One of the best paying states, an hour working as a NP turns into $48.32, which is very good, and above the normal compared to many other occupations. The average annual salary of a normal nurse practitioner can evolve around $100,500 whereas the best practitioners can make up to $144,270 in some regions, which can better than anywhere else in the US.

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 Number 8: Arizona

The average annual salary of a nurse practitioner in Arizona ranges between $97,400 and $100,590 depending on the level of experience and competence of the NP, it may even get as low as $77,980 in some cases, especially for the new practitioners.

 Number 7: Texas

In Texarkana, TX, you can make an annual income of about $125,450 however, the average annual income for NPs in this state is around $101,490, this means $48,80 an hour. Texas is also the third city with the highest employment level in this occupation after both California and New York, with more than 6,690 NPs in 2013, this number excludes self-employed nurse practitioners that if added would surely get a higher rank.

 Number 6: New Jersey

A state well known for its good weather, plus, it is one of the top ten in our list, a nurse practitioner in New Jersey can make $102,060 each year, a very good amount of money, the best paid 10% can even make up to $130,730 annual income which is about $35,000 above the national average.

 Number 5: Massachusetts

The hourly mean wage in this state for NPs is $50.48, which makes $105,010 per year. You should also know that for a new nurse practitioner, the salary may be a bit lower, ranging from $78,250 to $86,650, still, this state is a good one to consider.

 Number 4: Hawaii

Although this state has the lowest employment level in this occupation, with only 230 nurse practitioner, it is one of the top 5 when talking about salary, a nurse practitioner makes an average salary of about $106,770, that’s $51.33 per hour, considering the fact that Hawaii is a magnificent state, with great beaches and breathtaking views, this state maybe the best to recommend for NPs.

 Number 3: Oregon

In this state, a NP is paid $51.71 per hour on average, this is a very good salary that will build up into an annual average salary of about $107,760 which allows it to rank third, the best paying place for NPs in Oregon is Medford, while the second best one is Eugene, Springfield.

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 Number 2: California

California comes second, with 9,200 nurse practitioner making an annual salary of $110,590. You should also notice that California is the second state with the highest jobs in this occupation, after New York, it is obviously the dream of every nurse practitioner who aspires wealth, since it contains all the highest-paying cities in the US. The best paying city in California is Stockton, where the salary may even beat the average salary in Anchorage, with $121,205 a year, which is $29,532 more than the average salary of other nurse practitioners in the United States. Besides, the best paid nurse practitioners in California make up to $149,050

 Number 1: Alaska

With very few NPs (roughly 370), Alaska is the US state with the highest nurse practitioner salary, with an annual mean wage of $111,800, that is a $53.75 per hour, and yet the best paying city in Alaska is Anchorage, with a NP’s annual median wage that goes up to $116,780, which is $24,110 more than the median wage of the profession in the US.

By the end of this article, you should have noticed that the best paying region for a nurse practitioner is the West and the Southwest of the United States, where the base salary usually starts at $94,868 and goes up to $149,050 in best cases (For example: California). Unfortunately, this region is the most expensive throughout the United States, with more taxes, and high prices. However, you should know that California alone has more than 30 top hospitals according to the US News Today, which makes of it one of the most targeted states by nurse practitioners.



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