Top 10 Tips on How to Improve Vision without Glasses

Most people rush to the doctor and demand to be given glasses whenever their eyes experience a small problem. What they have not known is that glasses do not improve your eyes’ natural ability to see. It is instead the last resort prescribed by oculists for people who cannot see through any other way. Glasses are a sign that experts have given up on your ability to see naturally. Therefore, this piece elaborates some top 10 tips on how to improve vision without glasses.

Tips on How to Improve Vision without Glasses

No.1: Doing Relaxation Exercises

Just like any other parts of the body, our eyes need to be exercised from time to time. One way of doing this is rubbing your hands together, palm against palm until they generate palpable heat. Place the warm hands against your eyes and let them relax. Do this a number of times during the day, especially when you are seated at the computer.

 No.2: Maintaining Moisture

Maintaining the natural moisture of your eyes is an excellent way of keeping them healthy. As you must have already observed, dry eyes are itchy, bloodshot, and perhaps deprived of their optimal vision. As such, you are advised to blink from time to time so as to keep your eyes properly moistened.

No. 3: Eat Foods Rich in Vitamin A

In order to naturally bolster your vision, you need to eat foods that are rich in vitamin A. you should however avoid consuming a lot of meaty vitamins that might occasion hazards such as cancer. Carrots are the most recommended food for those that would like to boost their vitamin A intake to enhance their vision.

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No. 4: Use of Patches

Sometimes, your eye problems may be as a result of one lazy eye. Instead of wearing glasses that may not strengthen the lazy eye in any way, you may opt to wear opaque patches on the functional eye. In this case, the good eye is completely covered, leaving the bad eye doing the work of seeing alone. As result, it works harder to see, greatly improving its vision. Always remember to enlist the help of a qualified oculist before you decide to embrace this method of strengthening vision.

 No.5: Increase the Flexibility of Your Eyes

If you have engaged in any kind of sports, then you doubtless understand the essence of flexibility. If you do not increase the flexibility of your body muscles, you are going to keep on using the very same muscles without involving the adjacent ones. Although it is challenging for those who work for long hours, you should avoid staring at one object for a long time without shifting your gaze.

No.6: Lower the Brightness of Your Screen

Whether it is a television or computer, you need to ensure that you have not set excess brightness. Excess brightness damages the effective function of your pupils, hence diminishing your optical nerves’ ability to properly see items in darker settings. Parents should especially watch over their kids since they are the commonest victims of this mistake.

 No.7: Taking Regular Breaks 

All of us get overwhelmed by tasks and the temptation to work overtime is always knocking. However, you should know that your health is more important than the work you intend to do. For instance, it is fool-hardy to work on a computer for long hours. Despite the huge amount of work that you may have, it is imperative that you take some regular breaks so as to give your eyes the much-needed break to relax and refresh.

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No.8: Reduce Stress

Although stress is inevitable, you need to avoid going through long stressful periods as these can affect your sight. Follow all the recommended psychological tips for dealing with stress for the health of your eyes.

 No.9: Get Adequate Sleep

People who suffer from insomnia have itchy eyes and have been found to have lower vision set against their counterparts who get enough sleep. You should sleep for about six out of every twenty four hours in order to have fresh and healthy eyes.

No.10: Train Your Eyes on both Near and Far Focusing

Biology will tell you that organs that suffer long bouts of disuse grow vestigial. As such, you should regularly train your eyes on both near and far focusing. Vertically hold a needle an inch away from your eyes and try to focus on it for a couple of minutes. Again, place a tennis ball hundred meters away and keep focusing on it for a while. As you do this for a number of days, you will notice that your vision has improved markedly.

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