Top 10 Tips to Improve Your written English

Everybody seems to be doing writing of one sort or another in today’s era; be it in blogs or social media, writing is fast becoming one of the most popular means through which people express themselves.

Top 10 Tips to Improve Your written English
Tips to Improve Your written English

However it is worth taking into account that most mediums through which people perform their writing today do not encourage mastery over the written word, avenues like twitter in fact eliminating the need for constructing long, well defined and meaningful sentences.

That being said, gaining mastery over the English language, especially the written form, requires little more than practice and determination and is far from the impossible task most individuals assume it is.

+Top 10 tips to improve your written English

Becoming a great writer of the English language will take time and considerable effort, only those willing to persevere through the various failures that are likely to arise expected to achieve a modicum of results, some tips through which one may achieve mastery over the written English language including the following:

1. Keep a journal of all your writings.

A record of your work is a great way to keep an eye on your progress and can prove to be quite the encouragement, especially if you are making improvements with each passing day. Digital journals are usually the most effective means of storing your written pieces as this allows you access from any location.

2. Practice is essential.

If you want to learn to write better then start off by writing something every single day, be it a story or an essay on any topic of your choice; practice is important if you intend to improve your ability to construct sentences. Before your know it, the process will become less of a chore and more natural.

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3. The internet is chock full of online resources purposed to improve writing skills and correct grammar.

Grammar is the bane of most writers because it is not only difficult but essential to the English language. Resources like Grammarly and provide corrective programs that will allow you to slowly but surely gain an understanding over proper grammar.

4. Find an English tutor

this is probably the easiest and most direct means of improving your writing, especially when utilizing online resources. Online tutors are easily accessible and quite effective in using the available internet tools to teach the written word at one’s convenience.

5. Reading is actually an important facet of learning to write.

Reading will improve your overall understanding of English, especially if you take careful note of the writings in question, be it the grammar or sentence structure, possibly applying what you learn to your own writing. Over time reading can make writing a simpler more seamless process.

6. Start a blog.

A blog is an easy way of crafting a writing lifestyle, in which you are driven by a schedule that not only impels you to perform regular writing but present your work to the public to judge, allowing you to receive an objective opinion on your progress.

7. Sign up to English tip Newsletters.

There are numerous resources on the internet that provide short lessons on writing English on a regular basis, be it providing interesting grammar tips or revealing new words and their meanings. It is a great way to receive simple English lessons in small easy to digest portions.

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8. Writing in drafts is a great way to improve your English.

Too many people expend effort trying to produce perfect English in their writing, this proving detrimental as most people end up doing little to no writing. It is advisable to produce different drafts of each piece of writing you do, this allowing you to get as much writing as possible done even while keeping an eye on the improvements your are making. And there will be improvements with each new draft if you put in the work.

9. Place emphasis upon punctuation.

You are not going to write English properly unless you understand punctuation. Keep a reference book around that you can turn to in times of confusion and difficulty.

10. Find a friend to edit your work

this is the best way to acquire an objective opinion of your efforts. It is easy to make and keep making simple grammatical errors if you do not have an external party to properly scrutinize your efforts.

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