The Top 10 All Time Safari Rally Champions

Safari Rally is a sport and each sport has a record for its champions. In this category of sport which brings out the best driver and the best car, there are individuals who are on the front page of history too. Being a popular sport as it is, rally competition always attracts a huge fan and a real fan can be easily differentiated from a supporter on the basis of the much he/she knows about the sport. For instance, naming at least a 5 champions of 5 different years can make you recognized as a real fan. This piece of writing brings to your knowledge the top 10 all time safari rally champions since the launching of the sporting activity to-date. Again, these are facts and stands on as it is basis.

10. Miki Biasion

Miki is an Italian renowned rally driver and was born on 7th January 1958. He holds a record of 2 wins in Word Rally Championships. His first win was in 1986 in Group B Lancia Delta Championship S4 in Argentina. His second win came three years later in 1989 when he took on his closest competitor Alex Fiorio.

All Time Safari Rally Champions
Miki Biasion

9. Tommi Makinen

Tommi was actually the talk of the world after the 1996 World Rally Championship. Tommi Makinen is a Finish and was born on June 24, 1964. He has a record of many driver’s titles totaling to 23 and 4 World Rally Championship wins. Throughout his winning reign, Tommi convinced many that rallying is not about the car but the driver. He won with different types and models of cars that others imitated and failed to win. In his record of wins are Lancer Evolution, Lancer Carisma, Subaru Imprezza, and Peter Solberg.

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All Time Safari Rally Champions
Tommi Makinen

8. Hannu Mikkola

Hannu, a 72 years old retired Rally champion, was born on 24, May 1942 in Finland. He has a winning record for 7 wins in 1000 Lakes Rally, Finland, and 4 wins for Great Britain’s RAC Rally. His record shows a 31 years carrier that commenced with a win in 1974 under 1000 Lakes Rally. His triumpant win of 1987 with Audi 200 is always fresh in the minds of his fans.

All Time Safari Rally Champions
Hannu Mikkola

7. Carlos Sainz

Carlos is a Spanish ex-rally driver born on April 26, 1962 in Madrid. He started his carrier without a win in 1987 and recorded his first win in 1990. His has a record of 2 WRC wins in 1990 and 1992 alongside 3 driver’s titles and many other events. He also became a runner-up in various Championships which equally added more points on his aggregate.

All Time Safari Rally Champions
Carlos Sainz

6. Markku Allen

Markku is also a renowned rally driver who made impressive appearances with Fiat, Lancia, Toyota, and Subaru rally cars. He is a Finish and was born on February 15, 1951. He started off in second position in 1000 Lakes Rally of 1973. 1986 was a bad year for Allen as his winning title was snatched away and Juha Kankkunen declared the winner after a controversy between World Rally Council and FIA. However, he had many wins although no world championships win record.

All Time Safari Rally Champions
Markku Allen

5. Marcus Gronholm

Marcuss, commonly known as “Bosse” in the field of rally, is also a Finland citizen and was born on February 5, 1968. His records show two world champions wins in 2000 and 2002 with his famous Peugeot, and other 30 victories.

Marcus Gronholm
Marcus Gronholm

4. Juha Kankkunen

Born on April 2, 1959 in Finland, Juha started his rally career in 1983 all through to 2002. Within this period, Juha Kankkunen became a 4 times World Rally Champion title winner. His records also show that he set the world speed record on ice in 2007 at Bentley Continental GT.

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All Time Safari Rally Champions
Juha Kankkunen

3. Colin McRae

The late Colin McRae had many attributes to the Rally Sport. His father, Jimmy McRae was a five-time British Rally Champion. His brother, Alister McRae was also a Rally driver. Born on August 5, 1968 in Scotland, Colin was a British Rally Champion twice before his death on September 15, 2007 from a plane crush. He won his only world rally championship in 1995 and many other titles in various Rally events.

All Time Safari Rally Champions
Colin McRae

2. Walter Rohrl

Walter is a German born on March 7, 1947. He joined WRC championship in 1973 and did not win. In 1975, he won the Acropolis Rally, In 1978, he won his second Acropolis Rally title, in 1984, he won Monte Carlo Rally. He also has a record of 2 wins in World Rally Champions.
However, his early withdrawal from rally is linked to the tragic death of his friend and ally, Henri Toivonen and his co-driver.
Walter was considered as the one who can drive anything anywhere.

All Time Safari Rally Champions
Walter Rohrl

1. Sebastien Loeb

Sebastian is a citizen of France and was born in February 26, 1974. He is considered the most successful driver in the WRC history. His numerous wins includes among others; Citroen Sacco Trophy of 2002, Citroen Total WR of 2002, and LeMns of 2004.
Sebastian recorded 11 World Rally Champion wins, five consecutive driver’s title and a total of 47 victories. This record is exactly what places Sebastian at position 1 in this list of fame.

All Time Safari Rally Champions
Sebastien Loeb

What have you discovered in this explicit list of the top 10 all time safari rally champions? Is it true that most of the best rally drivers are from Finland? Is it true that most of them were born in February? Share your thoughts with us.

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