Top 10 Things that Everyone Should Know About Ebola

Ebola is a kind of virus that has emerged recently and has spread threat all over the world. The whole humanity is much confused and scared about this virus. Here are some of the things that are related with the virus which can help you to know much about it. The outbreak that has occurred in West Africa and which has lead to the death of hundreds of people have shook the whole world. Here are some of the things that everyone wants to know about Ebola so that they can come out of many misconceptions. 

Things that Everyone Should Know About Ebola

1. What is EVD?

Ebola – virus disease or EVD can be considered as a viral illness that is acute in nature and is also popularly called as Ebola hemorrhagic – fever. This is the disease that is caused by about five different variety of species that comes under the category of Ebolavirus. There are two kind of these species that affects the humans and cuase various kinds of illnesses. There is possibility for catching it but it won’t be able to notice this. The other three of the species can result in causing illnesses of variable degrees. Zaire Ebola is the virus that is capable of causing much intense illness. Unfortunately it is this species of Ebola that has caused the outbreak that has currently occurred at Africa. The outbreak caused by this species previously has resulted in about 90 percentage of the death rate. 

2. Origin of EVD

There is no clear description available about the origin of this virus. It is thought that the major origin of this disease is bats. The virus is something that is found in the intestinal tract of bat. This virus is transmitted to others through ingestion. The disease is caused by hunting and eating the animals that are affected by this virus. Dogs, pigs and bats are the major carriers of this virus and who spreads this virus to human beings. The first outbreak of Ebola was found in Sudan. 

3. Symptoms 

The symptoms of Ebola do not appear so easily. The symptoms appear only after 21 days of getting infected by the virus. The major symptoms of the disease are vomiting, diarrhea, fever, abdominal pain and many kinds of pains. These symptoms can lead to the condition of dehydration which can gradually cause failure of kidneys and liver. There is possibility for some patients to develop the symptoms of hemorrhaging and also unregulated immune response. There are various kinds of diseases available that can cause these same symptoms and so it is better to get your blood tested once when someone is having these kinds of symptoms. 

4. Treatment 

There is no direct or real treatment for the people who are suffering from the illnesses caused by Ebola. The only thing that the medial field offers to the patients is support. The people who are suffering from the ailments due to Ebola are given all the treatments for making the fever get calmed down and also pain killers for getting relieved from the various pains. 

5. Prognosis

Many people say that there are 90 percentage chances for the individuals affected by Ebola to die. The truth is that prognosis depends on various factors that include the availability of medical care, the kind of virus that has caused the disease and also the speed with which the virus is found. If the ailment is diagnosed in the early stage there are chances for the individuals to get rid of the ailment much easily with proper treatment. There are chances for the individuals to get the best kind of effect out of the things that can be delayed well. 

6. Spreading of the Virus 

This is the virus that can spread through the various body fluids. This has made it much problematic as this disease can spread through diarrhea, vomiting and also sweat which can make this spread to others who are caring the patients. There are chances for the virus to also spread through semen after seven weeks of onset of the disease. Another unique nature of the virus is that it can be alive even after the host is dead. 

7. Dealing with Current Outbreak 

The outbreak of Ebola was first declared during the Month of March at Guinea. The disease has spread to the various things that can help in providing better kind of things that are associated with the things. There are chances for the individuals to provide better treatment available in West Africa. There are possibilities for understanding well about outbreak by implementing barrage levels of treatments for understanding the disease in better way. 

8. Is it Necessary to get Worried?

Even when people from all part of the world are scare of the disease, officials say that the outbreak of the disease has occurred due to the conditions that exist in these places.

9. Researches Done to Combat the Disease 

There are researches going on Ebola and as per the officials of CDC 50 of their experts are visiting the area where it is hit hard in 30 days. 

10. Protection 

It is better to avoid visiting the affected areas. If you have no other option make sure that you wash hands with soap and do not touch mouth, nose and eyes without washing your hands. If you develop the symptoms, stay .


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