Top 10 Tech Products We Lost Last Year

Last year we witnessed a huge development in the technical and technological advancement. Plenty of new devices penetrated the market and became the darling to many consumers. As expected of the market forces, some of the tech products that were in the market had to give way for the new and more advanced devices. They had to exit the market since they could not compete with the new releases from manufacturers. Here are the top 10 tech products we lost last year (2013).

10. HTC First

HTC was a very special type of smart phones introduced into the market in April 2013. Its unique feature was the Facebook home application launcher that was meant to make it a choice to go for by the social media lovers. Unfortunately the application never met the customers’ satisfaction which resulted to low demand. It could not make it into the market for long and we lost it just after a short period of time.

HTC First

9. iPhone 5

In September last year, iPhone came up with new range of phones the 5c and the 5s. These two phones were more superior in terms of features and performance compare to the iPhone 5 which was in the market by then. 5c was multicolored and completely resembled the iPhone 5 and taking into account its new features, the demand of iPhone 5 went down drastically and we lost it.

iphone 5

8. Winamp

Win amp was one of the most respected players for their top notch desktop music player interface that were very popular. They had done quite well in the market but the competition got very tough that they had other option but to exit the market. The customized option players are now the trend of the market making it very hard for the Win amp to survive. 


7. Classic Myspace

Classic Myspace is a social network that is more of music oriented. This social network strongly emphasizing on the music genre but could not manage to compete with other giants like the Facebook. Facebook created a very strong social network that was impossible to compete with and the demand of this tech product could not sustain it in the market.

6. AltaVista

It was a search engine that was launched in the year 1995. It was very popular recording very high traffic over its first years of operation. With the upcoming of the Google as a powerful search engine with very modern and sophisticated features, Alta Vista could not match up the competition and it had to bow down. We lost this tech product last year.

5. Google Reader

Google Reader stopped operating in the July last year due to its inability to sustain itself. It never met the people’s expectation and with the new arrivals in the market, its demand just went down. There was no other option but to close it down and that’s how we lost last year.


4. Google Checkout

With the huge following and the success that they had in the market, Google decided to launch their own online payment system. All the credit and debit card details were saved in a digital account to allow the system to run efficiently. Despite the big name behind it, the idea was not successful and it had to exit the market last year.

Google Checkout

3. Ubuntu Edge

This was a project that was purely funded by a crowd and it the largest funding recorded till to date. They had planned to collect $32m but only collected $12m pledges which were far much below their expectation. This is how we lost this smart phone last year.


This was a social media website that used music as the main platform. Found in may 2011, provided for their followers with a chance to contribute in the growth the site by creating rooms that they could play music and at the same time chat with other users. Unfortunately, the burn on the use of pirated music played on their sites limited the access world population but only the USA users lowering its demand and revenue. This is what contributed to its collapse and we lost it.


Blog TV started in Israel where it was meant to help who could access internet to showcase their talents and ideas back in 2004. In 2007 they stared their own website covering the global market and their success led to many interests from the investors. In March 2013 it was incorporated with a live streaming company and hat is how it left the market.
These are the top 10 tech products we lost last year. Although their quality could never match up with the new tech products, their services in the market were incredible during their existence.

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