Top 10 Strange Lakes From Around The World

Breathtaking facts about strange lakes of the world are now available to you instantly. Given below is a detailed description of the top 10 of them for your quick reference.

1. Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia

1 Tonle Sap Lake
Water and Moon Festival celebrated in Cambodia will instantly remind you of the famed Tonle Sap Lake in an exciting fashion. The freshwater lake is popular because of its geographic features as it is represents a lake as well as a river. Strangely, the flow of this lake alters doubly during every year about which the reasons the still not known.

2. Jellyfish Lake in Palau

2 Jellyfish Lake in Palau

Diverse range jellyfish species including the golden is found in the Palau for sure. Perhaps, the increased presence of jellyfishes in the lake is responsible for the coining the lake’s name after the tiny marine animals. The strange fact is that over a million of jellyfishes migrate from one end of the lake to the other on a daily basis.

3. Resia Lake In South Tyrol

3 Resia Lake In South Tyrol

Italian delights of touring could be best experienced as far as you visit major attractions in Tyrol. However, the picturesque Resia Lake located in the city of South Tyrol will take you by surprise. Though several villages around the lake drowned in the water, a single church tower remained above the water level. People are still unaware about the actual reason for this strange observance.

4. Lake Superior Of North America

4 Lake Superior Of North America

Imagine the snow surface at 0 degree Celsius offering you best feast to your eyes in a natural manner. Several interesting things at the lake around its vicinity catches your attention for sure. Extremely cold water scare people here a lot so much so that one cannot venture in without a protective coating applied to the faces.

5. Boiling Lake Of Dominica

5 Boiling Lake Of Dominica

Numerous wonders in the world are associated with water such as Dominica’s Boiling Lake. Having a quick glance at this lake from a closer perspective in reality will let you realize the uniqueness of this lake for sure. The lake is strange is because of its selective existence as it drains up completely at times.

6. Man Sagar Lake Of Jaipur

6 Man Sagar Lake Of Jaipur

At a time when engineering brilliance in the construction field is still in the evolving stages, the architects in India have been able to construct a complete palace on the lake. Though it might appear to be unbelievable to you, it is possible to witness personally once you visit Man Sagar Lake in the Indian city of Jaipur where a palace named Jal Mahal or Water Palace was built.

7. Baikal Lake of Siberia

7 Baikal Lake of Siberia

This famed Russian lake is best possible for the enormous deposits of methane in it. The formation of complete circles because of the formation of methane in large quantities is still a major wonder for geologists. Satellite monitoring has been under place after the official orders from the local Russian government to offer maximum security to the lake in an effective manner.

8. Main Crater Lake In Taal Island

8 Main Crater Lake In Taal Island

Can you imagine a lake inside another big lake? Perhaps, this natural wonder could be best witnessed in Main Crater Lake. There are numerous small lakes in the main lake offering a feast to your eyes. Located in the Pacific Ocean, this beautiful lake consists of the famed Vulcan point as well. Perhaps, this has resulted in the presence of an active volcano in the region.

9. Lago Colorada In Bolivia

9 Lago Colorada In Bolivia

Several lakes that are strange in looks and properties are available enormously across the world. However, there are certain lakes such as Lago Colorada in Bolivian that leave you in an absolute state of surprise for sure. The biggest wonder of this lake is its water, which is completely red in color though unbelievable. This redness has the same properties of the detergent used for washing clothes.

10. Pitch Lake Of New York City

10 Pitch Lake Of New York City

Alternatively regarded as the Asphalt Lake because of the enormous amounts of Asphalt deposits in it, this NYC lake attracts maximum number of tourists each year. Diverse range of fossils of all varieties could be witnessed in this lake because of the preservative quality of asphalt displayed in an excellent fashion.


Apart from the above list of lakes, there are several others with strange features attracting your attention to the core.

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