Top 10 Safest Countries to Visit

Today I would like to bring one topics to all of you is about the best 10 safest countries to visit. Some people choose to spend their vocation for many reason include safety, expend, travel, accommodation and landscape. When I wrote this topic, I always think about one country that should I include is USA but finally I still think it is not safe place to visit. For people who decide to choose safety place to visit I will recommend the list of 10 countries below:

1. Norway

This country is choosing to categories in my top 10 list because it among the European country that is the most safe and wealthy. This country is famous with no corruption, violent, terrorist and traffic accident. Norway nowadays is full of development with freedom and obeys the human right. This country is not only the safety place to visit but it also the safety place for you to live or do business.

Safest Countries to Visit

2. Canada

One big country that gets good index result of safety is Canada. Canada is a big country with huge population and many beautiful places to visit. Government policy of this country is very good for people around the world especially it is target of immigrant nation. This country is famous because the really obey the human right by allow the citizen to maintain their preferred traditional lifestyle and value.

Safest Countries to Visit

3. Singapore

Singapore is one country is south East Asia and in term of economy it was call of tiger in Asia. You will like this country when you arrive there because it is small but discipline. The government really does their job and this country full of attractive tourist place. If we say about environment is the best because there are no rubbish on public place. It was filled with street fairs and lush gardens and parks.

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Safest Countries to Visit

4. Sweden

Some countries they always think about their benefit with political geography but Sweden is different because it is real peace loving country. This country is famous in political stability and safety. There are many attractive places to visit like lush forest, printing lakes and bustling cities like Stockholm. This country always support all human right activities include accept the immigration with political reasons.

Safest Countries to Visit

5. New Zealand

When I say about New Zealand I also think about Australia but New Zealand is very better. This country the government really does their job. This country also calls the second homeland because of its natural landscape because there are many good things that can remind you about your homeland. It is not only good place to visit but also attractive place for living and study for foreigner. There are many attractive place for welcome visitor like green pastures, icy glaciers and beautiful mountains.

Safest Countries to Visit

6. Switzerland

Switzerland is famous because of it fives safest metropolitan areas like Zurich, Bem especial Geneva that most people know this city. This country also was called peace loving country and human right. It is the one of attractive country among European country. When you travel in this country, you will not afraid of rubbery and own security because everywhere is safe.

Safest Countries to Visit

7. Japan

This high tech country is very famous among Asia countries also the whole world. Everything there is quality include human. You will surprise, when you visit this country there are many things that we never see before. People there is obey the law but they are bit nationalism.

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8. Finland

Finland is known as one of the riches countries on the planet and it also give a lot of grant to many poor countries not like some super power that think only its benefit. The social and economic of this country is best not so much worry about economic crisis. There are many attractive places for visitor in Finland like its landscape and structure. This country also the target of people around the world to live and visit.


9. Denmark

I decide to put Denmark in my top list of safe countries to visit because it low crime rate country. This country full of peace and freedom of right and people of Denmark is having clear knowledge about gender. When you read newspaper or media you will never heard about bad thing of this country. People around the world always want to live and visit this country include myself.


10. Iceland

Iceland is well-known because of its glaciers and its frosty climate. It is best place to spend your vacation with your family there. It is very safe place because the government has policy to attractions and level of security of foreigners and locals. This country also in the list of riches countries in the world.


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