Top 10 Richest People in the World 2014

Generally, there have been the most richest individuals from time to time despite of the state of the global economy. Some of these people will not come by surprise considering most of them have been here before where some managed to improve and others moved one rank lower. However, credit is given where it is due, therefore, it would be unfair not to mention how hard they worked to make it in life. Here is a list of top ten richest people across the world 2014.

1. Bill Gates

He has wealth worth $77.1 billion. He actually held the second place in this list for two years but he’s back and with something to show for it. So far, his ambition in life led him to philanthropic causes, managerial and CEO positions in software architecture, and most importantly, to him being the co-founder of Microsoft. He and his wife Melinda founded the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation where they have donated at least over $26 to charitable causes.

2. Carlos Sim Helu 

He has wealth worth $68.8 billion. The Mexican businessman is a part of many Mexican companies in finance, communication, and retail technology fields. He is the CEO and Chairman of the Telmex and America Movil. Apart from being business driven, he also owns a charitable organization, which has so far donated $4 billion. Otherwise, he was the richest man in the world from 2010 to 2013.

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3. Amancio Ortega

3 Amancio Ortega

He has wealth worth 63.8 billion. The Spanish Business man is one of the biggest cloth retailers in the world, now that he owns the Inditex fashion group and the famous chain retail shops known as Zara Clothing & Accessories. Amancio’s wealth increased by $7 billion from 2013, so hard work actually paid. 

4. Warren Buffett

His wealth is worth $63.3 billion. He is so far one of the renowned business people recognized for financial and investment wit. He is quite a wizard when it comes to these financial areas. He is the Chairman, the Chief Executive and the majority shareholder of the American multinational company, Berkshire Hathway. For charity, he’s vowed to give out 99% of his wealth.

5. Larry Ellison

5 Larry Ellison

He has wealth worth $49.3 billion. He is the CEO of the famous multinational computer company, Oracle. A part of his wealth can also be attributed to him being a big stakeholder in Astex Pharmaceuticals, Quark Biotechnology, Netsuite, and Salesforce. He also falls in the category of people who pledged to give out a significant part of his wealth to Philanthropic causes.

6. Charles Koch 

6 Charles Koch

He has wealth worth $40.1 billion. He is one of the heads of the famous Koch Industries with his brother being the co-partner. He is also a philanthropist with his charitable gestures being noted in Mercatus Center based in George Mason University, Cato Institute and Humane Studies.

7. David Koch 

7 David Koch

He too like his brother Charles Koch has wealth worth 40.1 billion. He is the Executive vice President of the Koch industries. He is quite involved in many things including charitable ventures, political events, various businesses and he is also a chemical engineer. His philanthropy is towards arts making him a significant donor of the American Museum of Natural History and Lincoln center.

8. Sheldon Adelson 

8 Sheldon Adelson

He has wealth worth $37.9 billion. He is the CEO and Chairman of the renowned Las Vegas Sands Corporation where most of his wealth can be attributed to his Casinos. His company is the parent company of the famous Venetian Macau Ltd. He owns the Adelson foundation, which has made generous donations of over $140 million to Birthright Israel.

9. Christy Walton

9 Christy Walton

It is amazing she is the only woman who’s been making to the top ten lists and remained there for quite some time. Otherwise, she has wealth worth $37.6 billion whose wealth can be traced to her late husband John Walton, one of the Sam Walton’s Sons. She inherited his wealth after his demise in 2005.

10. Jim Walton 

10 Jim Walton

The youngest of the Sam Walton’s family has a fortune worth $35.2 billion. He founded the famous Wal Mart retail stores where his wealth increased by $3 billion. His wealth can also be attributed to ownership of the other family business, Arvest Bank.

Most of these people in this list have been there for some time where most of them have committed themselves to philanthropic causes making them quite humane regardless of wealth gained. However, the list does not end there, there a quite several other billionaires in the world these days.

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