Top 10 Richest Countries in the World 2014

Today, when I got up and listen to radio about the lives of people around the world make me very upset about and feel pity about people who live in poorest and less develop countries. Many people have no food, health care, house even the right to travel and speak. But this feeling make me come up with the topic about the richest countries in the world nowadays. I also want to know why they become richest countries and why some countries still the poorest that I will write about the poorest country in my next topic.

I try to research and collect many information and data from many sources like book and internet then I chooses the high economist country that should list in my top 10 richest countries in the world 2014. In this topic we not refer to the biggest economic countries but we choose the highest GDP per capita, output value, expenditure value and income value because the countries in the world have different land and populations. There is the list of these countries:

10. Kuwait

Richest Countries in the World 2014

Kuwait is also the country in Asia Region. It is the richest country with GDP of $43,700.  It becomes the richest country because it natural resource from petroleum and gas. It is a small country with population only 2.8 million that is easy to control. The government tries to use it budgets to develop the country in long term development because it cannot rely on the natural resource forever so only develop economic and human resource is the best way for Kuwait.

9. Switzerland

Switzerland is a very beautiful country that many people around the world wish to live. This country is famous because of watch, human right and social welfare. It GDP per capita is $45,285.8 that can list as top richest countries. Most of Switzerland income is from agriculture, tourism and banking and other services. The banking system in Switzerland was recognize around the world as the safest bank.

Richest Countries in the World 2014

8. United Arab Emirates

This country is in Asia Region and full of natural resource like petroleum and gas. It depends mainly on its natural resource and this makes it become the richest country in the world. United Arab Emirates has GDP of over $48,400. The government tries to use the money from oil to develop the country like education, transportation, tourist, service and banking system also social welfare. Now it become very famous with beautiful building, high and expensive also become the business center of the world.

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Richest Countries in the World 2014
United Arab Emirates

7. United States of America

United States of America is strong nearly all factors. It is the collective of people around the world with different culture and background but all people have one value is American. It is among the top 10 richest countries with GDP per capita of $49,820.15. This country becomes strong and strong after World War 2; and it has good technology, economic power, Army, Human resource and natural resource. It is the super power country that controls the world nearly 100 years.

Richest Countries in the World 2014

6. Brunei

Brunei is a small country in South East Asia it also a member of Asean like Singapore. It became the richest country because of its natural resource especially petroleum and natural gas. People of Brunei has average annual GDP of $50,400 but the real people living standard is not good like other richest countries because government policy not match the need of people and human resource of Brunei also limited. Brunei has population around 500,000  and it also the least populated countries throughout the world and its less population also the important thing that make it become richest.

Richest Countries in the World 2014

5. Hong Kong

Long Kong is in Asia as part of China with special administration. It is the richest one in Asia also in the world. The economics of Hong Kong is similar to Singapore economy that focuses on services and financial system. It currently has a GDP per capita of $50,708.95 and its income comes also from sectors like tourism and transport. As the part of china also the important factor that make Hong Kong as the most develop economic.

Richest Countries in the World 2014
Hong Kong

4. Norway

Norway is in Europe countries. This country is in top richest countries because it has GDP Per Capita $55,264 that is lower than Qatar, Luxembourg and Singapore. People of Norway are enjoying their living there because the government takes much attention on social welfare and security. It is a cold country and has border with Finland, Russia and Sweden. Norway’s earning is from largely on natural gas reserves and oil, fishing, agricultural and edible products like coffee and waffles. People is living very happy and lifestyle and this country also famous in human right and freedom.

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Richest Countries in the World 2014

3. Singapore

Singapore is a small country in South East Asia in Asean community.  In Asean that is has 10 members, Singapore has highest GDP per Capital and the standard living of people is best. This country has the strict and strong regulation but it is acceptable for their people to ensure the public security. It also the low rate crime country in the world and the Singaporean is very proud of their nation because it is small country but no one can look down Singapore. It is center of port, financial, service, tourists and heath care. The population of this small country is about 5.5 million with $67,035 per capita.

Richest Countries in the World 2014

2. Luxembourg

Richest Countries in the World 2014

Luxembourg is one of the European countries that is among the famous and civilian country. The people of Luxemburg is enjoy their life and proud to be born as Luxembourg. It is not the big country with strong army like Russia, France, England, Germany or USA but it is strong economic country. It is the center of many kind of business and it was called as tax heaven place in the world. There are a lot of millionaires live and do business here because the government policy very matches the investor need as the free tax zone. Luxembourg is famous because of its telecommunications and steel industry. If we say about average earning per person per year is $79,977 that is lower than Qatar.

1. Qatar


Qatar is in a small country is Asia with population around 2 millions. This country is the richest countries in the world with $182 Billion GDP and average one person earn $96,993 per year. Qatar becomes richest country because of its own natural resource like petroleum and other important natural resource. It exports the petroleum to the world that can earn around 85% of total GDP. Because It has a lot of money, the government of Qatar using their money to develop the country like building transportation system, education, banking and business center. The government policy make Qatar attract more tourist, banking and other economic center that can be used as long term development of country that is depend on natural resource.

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