Top 10 Reasons Why More Women Choose Not to Marry

Ten decades ago, women were willingly accepting the many responsibilities and obligations of marriage, but this has apparently changed a lot throughout the years. The number of voluntarily single women has increased substantially, concomitant with well-paying jobs, the possibility to fulfill careers, reliable birth control, and other such aspects that could force them to get married a century ago. Many women choose to be single just because marriage itself doesn’t bring many benefits, and can actually burden them. Let’s see the top 10 reasons why more women choose not to marry.

Reasons Why More Women Choose Not to Marry
Reasons Why More Women Choose Not to Marry

10. Getting Married Puts Friendships at Risk

Several women have reported that they choose not to get married due to the fact that this can put their friendships at risk. While this is applicable mostly to those who have single friends, many women can sense strains in their friendships after taking this step, and for this reason, they choose not to. On top of that, marriage can make women lose interest in their social lives, which can unfortunately ruin their friendships at a great deal.

9. Getting Married Means Less Time for Themselves

When it comes to marriage, women have a lot more duties than men, meaning that they have to find time to cook, do housekeeping, take the children to and back from school – all of these aside from going to work probably every day. While many of them manage to maintain balance in their lives, some consider that getting married won’t give them enough time for themselves, so they won’t be able to do what they like. If you value your time with yourself, then you’ll want to think twice before saying “I do.”

8. Getting Married Might Exclude Love

According to Pepper Schwartz in an article published by CNN, many of them women who say no to marriage wait for “the guy who they fall in love with and love them back just as much.” If he doesn’t show up in their lives, they choose not to get married. The concept of marriage without love isn’t one they can willingly accept, keeping them strong on their position of being singles, or committing to a relationship that excludes this legal – and religious – union.

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7. Getting Married Can Be a Slew of Financial Problems

Money is one of the most common reasons behind fights that occur in married couples. Objectively speaking, marriage isn’t advantageous when it comes to finances, specifically because some states might require women to be responsible for their spouse’s debt. Not only does that mean that you’ll basically have to pay for his mistakes, but you won’t be able to save any more money, or do the things you love. As such, not getting married is a better perspective – and one that keeps many financial problems away.

6. Getting Married Involve Dealing with Cheating

If there’s something women can’t stand, that’s a cheating husband. Women are perfectly aware of men’s tendencies to get mistresses and cheat on them whenever the opportunity shows up. That’s because they want to feel manly, they want to be better than their buddies, and they adore the idea of trying something… new. To avoid the many emotional issues that can appear, women give up marriage, especially since cheating might mean adultery, and adultery can lead to divorce.

5. Getting Married Might Involve Converting to a New Religion

Not all people believe in God, and many of them don’t believe in anything, as they’re atheists. Religion has been an important aspect of women’s life for centuries, and this is probably one of the few things that haven’t changed much. If their partner has different beliefs, and getting married to him means converting to a new religion, then that will eventually prevent them from taking this big step.

4. Getting Married Means No Freedom

We’ve already mentioned that getting married leaves women no time for themselves – but the same goes for freedom. If actively flirting is something they enjoy doing, marriage can be an obstacle. Alternatively, getting married can prevent them from traveling to the places they want, particularly if there are children in the picture. Instead of giving up life’s many pleasures, these women say no to marriage – and that’s not something that bad after all.

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3. Getting Married Means Traditional Compromises

In today’s world, women are those who cook and do housekeeping, though there are many married couples that take care of these tasks collectively. Assuming that their cooking skills are bad, or they want to spend their time doing something more productive, marriage gets out of the picture soon after they realize what it implies. According to Pepper Schwartz, these women aren’t willing to make traditional compromises and settle for cooking or cleaning, so they choose singlehood instead.

2. Success Changes Everything

There are movies and books that show us how married women choose a different path once they hit success – but is that just a fictive perspective? Pepper Schwartz shows us the contrary, as many women with well-paying jobs and spectacular careers think that “it’s best to wait.” She even chose Oprah Winfrey as example, as she isn’t married for either personal or professional reasons. Truth be told, success can change everything, as it brings new opportunities and priorities – and marriage becomes just an obstacle.

1. A Useless Husband

It’s no secret that many women opt for singlehood if available partners don’t have a good financial situation, and that’s the first of the top 10 reasons why more women choose not to marry. That’s even more likely to happen if they already have a child, as marrying a man who’s equally poor or refuses to get involved will only make their own situation worse. Instead of getting a useless husband, they prefer governmental help, as highlighted by Schwartz in her article published by CNN.

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