Top 10 Most Popular Preachers in USA

Since time memorial, preachers have played a wonderful role in equipping the society with ethos and norms that enhance spiritual growth. Without these integral personalities in our midst, a good number of mortals can take completely different and appalling directions in life. They not only offer spiritual guidance, but also act as motivational speakers to give you hope and seamlessly tackle your daily endeavors. The following top 10 most popular preachers in USA encompasses some of the most revered preachers in America.

10. Max Lucado

Max Lucado is a renowned Christian author, a preacher and a motivation speaker. He was born on January 11th, 1955 in San Angelo, Texas. He began his career in 1985 and has grown steadily to amass a huge congregation. He is an alumna of Abilene Christian University having graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication.

Most Popular Preachers

9. Dr. Jack Van Impe

Dr. Jack Van Impe is a popular televangelist born on February 9th 1931. He is best known for his contributions in the creation of Jack Van Impe Ministries International. He is also the host of the syndicated television series Jack Van Impe Presents. He began his career in 1952 after obtaining his diploma in Detroit Bible Institute. Since then, he has attracted a large following in the Evangelical Christian, Baptist church.

Most Popular Preachers

8. Ted Haggard

He is well known to his congregation as Pastor Ted. The 58 years old was born in Indiana and is the founder of Association of Life Giving Churches. In the year 2003, he was appointed the leader of National Association of Evangelicals. He served for three years before quitting in the year 2006.

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Most Popular Preachers

7. Paul Washer

Paul Washer is a revered preacher and an alma mater of Southwestern Baptist theological seminary. He is the founder of HeartCry Missionary Society which orchestrates missionary duties. He is also the director and missions coordinator of the latter.

Most Popular Preachers

6. Eddie Long

Eddie Lee Long was born on May 12th, 1953 and is a renowned pastor who works under the auspices of New Birth Missionary Baptist. He is the alma mater of North Carolina Central University and International College of Excellence. Since debuting in the gospel world, his church has grown from 300 members to a massive 25, 000 thousand members.

Most Popular Preachers

5. Joyce Meyer

She was born Pauline Joyce Hutchison on June 4th, 1943. She is a renowned bible teacher, a Christian author and a motivational speaker. She is also the founder of Enjoying Everyday Life, a television program that airs on Black Entertainment Television (BET). Apart from evangelical duties, Joyce has written many Christian books which have contributed to her success.

Most Popular Preachers

4. John Hagee

Pastor John Meyer is a revered leader and core founder of Cornerstone Church which was established in San Antonio, Texas. He leads a massive congregation of over 20,000 members. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of Global Evangelism television. He has given hope to many through his motivational speeches.

Most Popular Preachers

3. T. D Jakes

He is not only famous in America but also globally. The apostle and bishop command a multitude of 30,000 people. He is also an author and a renowned prophet who heads the Potter’s House church.

Most Popular Preachers

2. Benny Hinn

Benny Hinn is a successful televangelist well revered for his healing crusades which are organized in stadiums and large cities. The 62 years old is also an author and a motivational speaker. He has transformed many lives through his commendable evangelical services.

Most Popular Preachers

1. Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen needs no introduction. The televangelist, Christian author, and senior pastor; is one of the most successful preachers in the USA. He began his career in the year1999 and has risen to greater heights. He is the core pastor at Lakewood Church, the biggest protestant church in America. His broadcasted sermons attract a large number of viewers locally and internationally. In addition, he is one of the most charismatic motivational speakers in America.

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Most Popular Preachers

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