Top 10 Nike Shoes of the Year 2020

Nike is one among the popular shoe brands in the world and it is always there in the forefront in providing the finest collection of shoes. There are many features that are associated with the Nike shoes that make it highly appealing. The look, quality, design, colors, styles and also comfort level are the various things that can make the company the appealing choice among the customers. Here are the lists of the shoes from Nike that have got the better rating and has attracted most of the shoe lovers. These shoes are stylish and also bold. 

1. Michael Jordan – Shoes 

Top 10 Nike Shoes of the Year 2014
Michael Jordan – Shoes


This is the shoes that are designed by Nike exclusively for the popular basketball player named Michael Jordan. This has got sold in the market at a rate of about 4 million dollars. These shoes are beautiful as well as stylish and have got much good appreciation from various parts of the world. The design and the various features that are offered by these shoes make them an alluring choice and an awesome product from Nike. Many of the shoe lovers gave it a good rating. 

2. Rory Mcllroy – Shoes

Top 10 Nike Shoes of the Year 2014
Rory Mcllroy – Shoes

Nike shoes of Rory Mcllroy are a popular one among the various shoes that are introduced by Nike. They are beautiful and wonderful shoes that are designed with great care. These shoes have white colored front along with black, blue and also white colored back side. The color combination and the design of the shoes are appealing and have got greater attraction. These shoes have also come with all the features that can make your feet feel comfortable and relax. When you are wearing shoes, it should be supporting and also should make your feet feel great. These shoes are named after Rory Mcllroy who is the one in gold team because these are his favorite pair of shoes. 

3. Tiger Woods

These are one among the Nike shoes that are considered as the best one to be considered by anyone die to their amazing design. The whole body of the shoes are white with black colored boundary near to the lace and also at certain other spots on the shoes. They are also available in various colors. These shoes can provide your feet with great design, comfort and also amazing looks. The cost of the shoes come to about 10 million dollars. 

Top 10 Nike Shoes of the Year 2014


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4. LeBron James 

LeBron comes under the most beautiful basketball shoes that are launched by Nike. These shoes have got an exotic design that has made used all the awesome and funky colors like light green, blue and pink. Anyone can fall in love with these shoes due to the awesome design and also the perfect color combination that is used in these shoes. These shoes have got much popularity among the renowned players of basketball from various parts of the world. There are chances for you to find these shoes with most of the popular players. They have got the price of about 12 million dollars which is worthy for the look and comfort that they provide.


5. Derek Jeter 

Derek Jeter that is introduced by Nike is an awesome piece of work. These shoes are much popular in the market as the customers are highly impressed by their style. These shoes are also available in various colors that are much admirable. These are beautiful pair of shoes that can provide you with an awesome look. There are chances for the individuals to look appealing in these shoes. These shoes are available with a price of about 16 million dollars. There are so many possibilities for the individuals to look great and amazing with these shoes. 

Derek Jeter


6. Rafael Nadal 

Rafael Nadal are the awesome shoes that are introduced by Nike in the market. These shoes are the ones that can be considered as perfect to be used by tennis players due to the finest look and also comfort provided by them. Most of the tennis lovers choose these shoes for their amazing look. These shoes can provide with great look along with the comfort and also the great color combination. These shoes are much good for your feet and also can be available from the market for a price of 15 million dollars. 


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7. Maria Sharapova 

These are one among the remarkable and wonderful Nike shoes that are available in the market. There is possibility for you to order these shoes from the online store of the companu. The designs of the shoes are incredible and can provide your feet with great comfort. These wonderful shoes are priced to 18 million dollars. There are least chances for these shoes to be available in the local stores because these shoes are highly expensive. There is possibility for them to be ordered online so that you can easily get them in your hands. These awesome shoes can make you look great. 

8. Kobe Bryant 

Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant are shoes that are much pleasant in their look are the most stylish ones available for all. The ankle strap and the unique design have made these shoes the appealing choice of the shoe lovers. These are much beautiful shoes that are cool in looks and unique. These wonderful shoes can be helpful for the individuals to enhance their looks. These shoes have got greater color combination and can have a price of 20 million for pair of shoes. These are really great pair of shoes that can make your look enhanced well. 

9. Roger Federer 

Roger Federer
Roger Federer

These are tennis shoes that are wild and introduced by the company Nike. These shoes can provide with great comfort for the feet. They can also be available with price of 23 million dollars. These shoes are available with various colors, design and also outlook. 

10. Kevin Durant 

These are shoes that are highly expensive and are much popular in the markey due to their beautiful and bold looks. These shoes can suit anyone’s personality. They can come with price of about 21 million dollars. The color combination and also the design of the shoes make them appealing.

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