Top 10 Most Treacherous Jobs in the World

While for those working in office the most unsettling misadventure is falling short of coffee or printing papers, it is harder for our counterparts working in dangerous places where every day presents the most life-threatening possibilities. As such, this article highlights the top 10 most treacherous jobs in the world.

No. 10: Construction Work


Top 10 Most Treacherous Jobs in the World
Construction Work

Thousands of fatal accidents at construction sites are reported nearly every day. Construction workers discharge their duties under gigantic steel beams or uneven surfaces that are high above the ground. The most common accidents that are reported at construction sites involve falling. Other sources of danger include loud noises, electrocution, high and low temperatures, excessive smoke, as well as incorrect lighting.

 No. 9: Land Mine removing

Mine clearance or de-mining is one of the most perilous undertakings in the world. This is the process of removing land or sea mines from a certain location. Since the manual procedure is more efficacious than the automated one, it still requires human beings to manually deactivate land mines, exposing them to interminable danger.

 No.8: Fishing

Top 10 Most Treacherous Jobs in the World
Fishing job

Working in the fishing industry is not every Tom’s walk in the park. Fishermen are forced to work for long hours of the day and the night as well. In fact, fish are plenty during the night and workers who did not enjoy a good catch during the day are forced to extend their labors into the deathly dark hours of the night. Whereas the unpredictable tides of expansive waters are a constant peril, the huge and cumbersome equipment used in fishing is itself hazardous enough. Despite the fact that the GPS technology has chipped in to help fishermen easily captain sea vessels, bad weather sometimes overrides this benefit.

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 No. 7: Lumberjacking

The terrain on which most logging is done renders lumberjacking one of the most treacherous assignments in the world. The fact that loggers are forced to carry heavy equipment across precipitous slopes means that danger is always at hand. During unfortunate bouts of extremely inclement weather, the hazards involved in this job get dangerously compounded. Although the trees being felled are expertly handled, sometimes a small mishap might occur, imperiling the lives of the workmen involved. Other trees may be dislodged in the process and fall on unsuspecting workers who thought themselves as being out of the danger zone.

No. 6: Target Girl

Top 10 Most Treacherous Jobs in the World
Target Girl

A target girl is a female assistant in circus performance like knife throwing, sharpshooting, and archery. The assistant stands before a board or is strapped to a mobile board as an impalement artist aims to hit the board but miss the female assistant. The possibility of grievous injury is part of the thrill that entertains the spectators. This is a very tricky and treacherous sacrifice that can only be avoided by offering to work with very adept and accurate shooters.

 No. 5: Mining

Working in a mine is doubtless one of the most death-defying tasks in the world. This is especially the case in underground mining. Since the mines can collapse, the workers have a reason to thank the heavens for every hour they find themselves breathing. Blasts and fires that often occur at mining sites are also constant fear for miners.

NO.4: Lion Taming

Top 10 Most Treacherous Jobs in the World
Lion Taming

Taming such a large cat may sound fascinating to you but it is a death-and-life matter for the tamer. These are carnivorously instinctive creatures that can easily send you six feet under without warning.

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 No.3: Alligator Wrestling

Wrestling an alligator is an exciting but a risky experience in equal measure. The climax of an alligator wrestling competition is placing your head between the yawned jaws of the waspish reptile. The danger is obvious.

 No.2: Helicopter Cable Work

Helicopter cable workers are the guys with business-like faces who fix the cables and power lines from the helicopter. The kind of special clothing they wear enables them to handle high wattage wires with bare hands. Although physics works to keep them safe, the repercussions of a small hitch amount to obvious death.

No.1: Skyscraper Window Glass Cleaning

Skyscraper Window Glass Cleaning
Skyscraper Window Glass Cleaning

Everyone has a remarkable measure of courage but you need a little more for you to conduct skyscraper window glass cleaning. Working from a window cleaner suspended scary meters above the ground is not a task for the faint-hearted.

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