Top 10 Most Popular Male Singers in the World in 2020

No single day can pass without someone listening music as it is said to play crucial role in a person’s life. There are many genres of music and so is the number of musicians. It also true that everybody has a different taste and preference of music and these artists. There are, however, some artists who have perfected this art and continue to the list due to their unique charisma, great voice combination and heart touching lyrics. Below is the Top 10 Most Popular Male Singers in the World in 2020.

10. Kanye West

Kanye West is an American rapper and smart singer. He combines a number of other careers that include fashion design, painting and also music director. He became famous in his crucial role in the J Z’s “The Blueprint” that earned him a lot of adoration and has since continued to climb the career ladder. West is among the world’s best-selling artists and has sold over 220 million copies of his thrilling albums.

Most Popular Male Singers

9. Taio Cruz

You must have probably listened Break Your Heart, Dynamite or the album Rokstarr. Taio Cruz is the brain behind these popular and lovable hits. Born in 1985 Cruz officially started singing in 2009 and has since been in the music industry as a star. His beautiful voice and multi-talents have made this British singer extremely famous. He is also a songwriter and a producer. In collaboration with other artists Cruz has produced and sold millions of albums.

Most Popular Male Singers

8. Drake

Aubrey Drake Graham trading as Drake in the music industry was born in 1986 in Toronto Ontario. This Canadian is a renowned songwriter, singer, actor, and a rapper. Drake is a talented artist that has gained popularity with his incredible voice and well-blended hit songs. Most of his songs have been loved by his fans globally. His fame first sparkled when he joined the TV Series The Next Generation and were also popular for songs like Best I Ever had and Successful.

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Most Popular Male Singers

7. Macklemore

Macklemore is an outstanding singer and famous rapper who gained so much of fame and recognition in the music industry after the release of his famous hit single, Thrift Shop. He is today one of the most applauded and appreciated male personalities in the music scene as he has all the attributes required to succeed in the music industry. He has the looks, talent, kindness and a unique and original music style that reaches millions of people all over the world. All this makes him one of the most popular male singers of 2015.

Most Popular Male Singers

6. Pitbull

Armando Christian Pérez or simply Pitbull started his music career in 200. It was until 2011 that one of his songs Give Me Everything appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 that his star sparkled, and he became famous. Since then he has been in the public radar as he has enjoyed massive support and following from his music lovers. It is worth noting that he was among the artists picked to write the 2014 World Cup Song “We Are One” a true attestation to his talent and fame.

Most Popular Male Singers

5. David Guetta

David Guetta is talented with an an amazing voice and has entertained millions of fans the world all over. He also doubles up as the record producer and a French DJ. He became famous in the industry in 2002 after releasing his album Just A Little More Love. Guetta specializes in electronic music and currently ranks highest as a popular singer and producer in the US. Some of his most played single includes When Love Takes Over and Sexy Bitch to mention a few.

Most Popular Male Singers

4. Bruno Mars

If you haven’t heard of Bruno Mars then am convinced you don’t live on the planet Earth! Peter Gene Hernandez is commonly trading as Bruno Mars is a multitalented artist whose hit songs have been enjoyed globally. The American songwriter, choreographer and record producer is charismatic, charming and possess great vocal skills. His hit songs include among others Billionaire, Just the Way You Are or Grenade. His fun and hard work are evident in all he does making him a darling of many.

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Most Popular Male Singers

3. Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake was born in 1981 and has seen tremendous growth in his music career. He is also a songwriter, an actor and a businessman whose fame and popularity have been constantly on the increase. Since childhood, he had already shown his talent and made several appearances on TV series and star search. His talent has enabled him win many international awards including Emmy Awards and Grammy Awards. Some of his popular hits are Rock Your Body, My Love, What Goes Around Comes Around and many others.

Most Popular Male Singers

2. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber joined the music career in 2009 but has gained much popularity and must definitely book a place in this list. It is worth noting that amid all the scandals that have faced him in his music career he still stands tall and is highly appreciated in the US. This songwriter, singer and an actor were born in 1994 but within his short music career has produced some hits including Never Never say , Baby and As Well. 7 of his songs have featured in Hot 100 Billboard.

Most Popular Male Singers

1. Usher

Born Usher Raymond IV commonly known as Usher was born in 1978. He combines dancing, acting and business as well as music securing him a place in this list. He is a globally recognized artist, and every song he produces has been a hit. This has sin him have a large fan base especially beginning the late 1990s when he released his second album, My Way. Some of his popular hits include U Remind Me, U Got it Bad and Yeah among others.

Most Popular Male Singers

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  1. That will all change in 2018, number one will be Dimash Kudaibergen he will be the Best Male Singer of All Time you don’t believe me hear him and judge for yourself he will melt your heart for women and for men well just listen to him..

  2. Justin I’m a big fan of u nd I like u sooooooo muchhhhhh frm 5 yrs I’m sincere fan of u I wish that u should be in the first position I have all collectolions of ur songs nd car collections nd houses everything u must be the number one singer in the world

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