Top 10 Most Popular Female Singers in 2020

The music world comes with some of the remarkable and bests all time female singers, though there are many excellent and talented across the globe depending on the music genre. But in the midst of crowded industry there comes some uniquely talented female singers as per 2020, according to different criteria gauging on popularity and the crowd each one of them pulls. Here are top 10 most popular female singers in 2020; the ratings take a descending order.

10. Cheryl Cole:

We are opening our reviews by this uniquely talented English singer Cheryl Cole, this singer is also known for her talent in songwriting which has also spread her fame. She has the know-how if we may use the word of singing at its best in the music fraternity; she has performed in a number of realities Television shows with sterling touch. Her performance in the Popstar 2002 and lately on the X-Factor has made her to be popular with most fans in America and worldwide; the 31 year old is also a dancer and has participated in judging in the X-Factor reality show. She is known for such popular singles as “Call My Name” she is rated at number 10.

Most Popular Female Singers

9. Jennifer Lopez:

Another popular singer in the female category is Jennifer Lopez who was born Jennifer Muniz, she first appeared in to the entertainment fraternity in 1980. The 45 years talented singer has also been one of the best actors, performance, fashion designer, television personality and song writer at the same time, her acting career has seen her participating in the likes of 1997 Selena and 2002 Maid in Manhattan films. After her debut song album in 1999, she has not turned back but has steadily released one hit after another; she comes at the 9th position this year.

Most Popular Female Singers

8. Miley Cyrus:

Miley Cyrus is a 22 years old American songwriter, singer and actress, her singing style and stage antics has made to buy the hearts of young fans especially teenagers. As compared to many old timers in entertainment industry, she is considered to have achieved a lot at her age already. She is popularly known for the hits like “We Don’t Stop” and the “Wrecking Ball” hit which has really hit the music fraternity with a bang. She is however become controversial owing to her seduction antics while on stage and nudity, but nonetheless, she has continued going up she comes at number 8 in this ratings.

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Most Popular Female Singers

7. Beyoncé:

Beyoncé is one of the most famous household names in the entertainment world, her fame spanning over ten years now. She was born Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, married with two children to a famous rich rapper Jay-Z. She is rated at 7th because of her pure talent and hard work in the music industry; she boasts 5 Grammy Awards based on her talents. Beyoncé is popular known for her hit songs “Crazy in Love”, ” Single Ladies”, “Drunk in Love” and more.

Most Popular Female Singers

6. Katy Perry:

Katy Perry is another popular female singer in 2015 who has beauty and a wonderful voice, the 30 years old American singer and song writer has curved herself a niche. She has departed from the popular songs which other female artistes are known for, she doesn’t sing about love, money and fame but her songs are educative and unique, this has earned her the 6th position in this ratings.

Most Popular Female Singers

5. Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga is an American famous singer, songwriter and actor all wrapped in one, the 28 years old artiste is known for her popular hits like “The Fame” which was released commercially in 2008. She has continued being one of the best known pop singers in America and worldwide, she is unique due to her antics while on the stage and flashy attires per excellence. She is known to record songs once she steps in a studio, she is rated at 5th in these ratings.

Most Popular Female Singers

4. Adele:

Adele is rated at the 4th position among the top 10 popular female singer in 2020, she was born Adele Laurie Blue Adkins some 27 years ago. She is also uniquely talented English singer with a mix of talent, good attitude and loveable spirit. She has staged many sterling performances which have witnessed many Awards in her entertainment career. She has sold over 26 million albums worldwide surpassing many artistes in her category, and became a winner of the coveted first artist Award in 2009.

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Most Popular Female Singers

3. Shakira:

Shakira is without doubt one of the most popular singer, choreographer, songwriter and a model all wrapped in one. She is loved for her unique thrilling and electrifying performance with a hip gyrating ability which is unmatched by any artiste. Such electrifying performances have earned Shakira the 3rd position. The 38 years old artist other names are; Isabel Mebarak Ripoll from Colombia.

Most Popular Female Singers

2.Nicki Minaj:

Nicki Minaj comes in the 2nd position due to her popularity as a self-proclaimed Queen of rap and Hip hop music, Born Onika Tanya Maraj way back in 1992, she is evolved to the position of a highly acclaimed Rapper in America over the years. From the time she landed in the music scene in 2007, she has continued to give the best and thrilling shows whether in collaborate or as a solo performer. Her performance is ever excellent and polished earning her the second position.

Most Popular Female Singers

1. Rihana:

Rihana is known for her sterling and exclusive performance since her entry in the entertainment in 2005, she has showcased real level of talent and resilience which has earned her the first position in this rating. She is popularly known and worldwide recognized due to her high rate efforts in recording and video productions of her songs. Her live performance to an audience has also been up to the standard, Born Robyn Rihana Fenty in 1998. This young talented artiste has weathered many personal challenges and still came out stronger than before.

Most Popular Female Singers

There are many other talented and popular female singers in 2020, however, the above according to the criteria used in this rating have emerged Top 10 Most Popular Female Singers in 2020.

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