Top 10 Most Popular and Handsome Korean Actors in 2020

Korean men are the most handsome among the people from various parts of the world. Women from every part of the world feel the Korean men the most attractive. The movies of Koreans are also so cute and beautiful as they look. These movies are loved by people from various parts of the world due to their awesome stories, beautiful presentation and the handsome actors. Here is the lost of the top 10 actors who are popular all around the world and are also charming in their looks. These Korean actors have caught attention of the whole world with their awesome acting and amazing looks.Here are the list top 10 Most Popular and Handsome Korean Actors in 2020 

10. Yong Jung – Hwa 

Popular and Handsome Korean Actors
Yong Jung – Hwa

This great and cute Koran star got popularity with his starring drama names “ You’re Beautiful” which was broadcasted during the year 2009 by SBS. The same drama was aired at Indonesia with the name “ He is beautiful” in the year 2011. The character of the Yong Jung Hwa in the drama was known as Kang Shin – Woo. This popular actor is also the leader of the Indie Korea CN blue which is much popular. There are many hit songs launched by them under the title I’m Loner. 

09. Taecyeon 

Popular and Handsome Korean Actors

This cure Korean actor got much popularity with his rapping skills that he showed through the boyband named 2PM. He is really a cute superstar from Korea in this year 2014. He was born in the year of 1988 and he started exhibiting his skills from the early days of his life. He migrated to Massachusetts of United Sates where he got the chance for modelling with JYP entertainment. He is now much popular as an actor in the various Korean dramas. The most renowned drama in which he acted is Cinderella STEP SISTER. In this popular drama he enacted the character Jungwoo. This character was loved by almost all the girls from various parts of the world. 

08. Song Seung Hun 

Popular and Handsome Korean Actors
Song Seung Hun

This successful and popular Korean actor is called for staring popular drams including the My Princess and Endless Love. He is an actor who was born in the year 1976 and he started his career in 1995 as a model for STORM which is a popular jeans brand. He debuted in the movie named Calla in which he starred along with fellow star called Kim Hee – Sun. The recent movie of this popular Korean actors is “ The Messenger” in which he did the character Moon Jin. The latest drama that he has done is When a Man Falls in Love. 

07. Kim Hyun Joong 

Popular and Handsome Korean Actors
Kim Hyun Joong

He is a popular entertainer from South Korea. He was born in the year 1986 and was a popular rapper of SS501 which is a popular boyband of Korea. Body Over flowers is one among the popular dramas he has done. Yoo Ji Hoo is the character he has played in this drama which is lovely and nobody can forget his awesome performance. Playful kiss is also a cute drama in which he was starring in 2010. Barefooted friends and city conquest are the recent movies in which he is going to play some remarkable and cute roles. 

06. Choi Siwon 

Popular and Handsome Korean Actors
Choi Siwon

He is a popular figure of Korea who has got both singing as well as acting skills. He was born in the year 1986. He is one among the Korean actors who appeared in Chinese postal stamps which is something that reveals his cuteness and popularity. His popularity is not limited to just being on stamps but he also has got greater influence on twitter. He has got about 3 million people as followers in twitter. Super junior band shows are also another popular thing in which he is part of. 

05. Kim Soo – Hyun 

Popular and Handsome Korean Actors
Kim Soo – Hyun

He is another cute actors of Korean dramas who has stolen the heart of ladies from all over the world. He was born in the year 1988. He is also popular as model and also singer like most of the other Korean actors. Dream High is the TV series in which he has made his awesome appearance that gave him his popularity. The character he did in this particular drama is Song Sam – Dong. He also has done the role of Lee Hwon in the drama Moon embracing the Sun. He is much popular all around the world in the form of a great actor. 

04. Jang Geun – Seuk 

Popular and Handsome Korean Actors
Jang Geun – Seuk

Jang Geun – Seuk is a popular Korean actor and was born in the year 1987. He is intelligent, physically fit and really gorgeous actor. He is popular as a singer, model and also actor. You are beautiful is the daram in which he has exhibited his awesome skills in acting. Mary Stayed Out All Night that was aired in the year 2010 is another drama in which he did an awesome role. This is a romantic comedy.

03. Bi Rain 

Popular and Handsome Korean Actors
Bi Rain

He is another admirable and wonderful actor of Korea and he is aged 31. He is popularly known as Jun Ji Hoon. He has not only acted in dramas but also has produced dramas. Rain is popular not only as actor but as designer, songwriter, dancer, model and singer. Ninja Assassins is the most popular movie in which this cute actor has done a great role. 

02. Lee Min Hoo

Lee Min Hoo
Lee Min Hoo

Lee Min Hoo is the Korean actor who was born in South Korea and is just 26 years old. He is just amazing in his looks and is also popular as a singer. His character in the most popular Korea drama Boys Over Flowers. He also has done marvelling roles in the other dramas personal taste and city hunters. Lee Min Hoo has announced that he is going to do another drama soon named The Heirs. 

01. Hyun Bin 

Popular and Handsome Korean Actors
Hyun Bin

Hyun Bin is the most popular Korean actor. He is awesome in his look and was born in the year 1982. My Name is Kim Sam Soon is the popular television drama that gave him a break. Secrete garden is the recent drama in which he has did his role.

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