Top 10 Most Famous Artists in USA

There are many artists available in America who is really much popular with the awesome work that they have done. There are about 100s of work that are available with these popular Americans who always marvel the art lovers. They always try to exhibit the culture as well as history of the country in the most amazing way possible.

1. Jeff Koons 

Most Famous Artists in USA
Jeff Koons

He is the expensive artist of America who is still alive. The balloon dog which is his work was sold at the highest price that any artwork of a living artists has ever received. This art work has helped in getting a better ranking all over the world. He is recognized in the name of this artwork as it is the work that has made his fortune. He stayed as the American artist who is top selling for many years when during 2001 his work Michael Jackson & bubbles got sold for 5.6 million dollars in New York. The upcoming retrospective of Koon at Whitney has lead to the downtown of the move of museum which has made him dominate the market. He is a very popular artist who has given good amount of contribution to the people. 

2. Jasper Johns 

Most Famous Artists in USA
Jasper Johns

Jasper Johns is an artist who got prominence during 1950s when his paintings that are made of the symbols that are much easily recognizable like flags, numbers and targets to be the rebellious gestures against the usage of canvas in the form of a platform for the personal expression. He had made his paintings of flags after getting inspired by the dream that has American flag in it. These paintings were the most popular ones and the ones that were celebrated well by the world of art lovers. MoMA has got the 1954 to 55 version of it while the monochromatic version of it which is the while flag is owned by the Metropolitan Museum – of Art. He created about 40 works on flags in which there was a paper collage that is available with canvas. There is possibility for getting top selling work for auction. There are chances for the individuals to have better kind of possibility with it. 

3. Christopher Wool 

Apocalypse now of Christopher Wool got sold in the market for about 26.5 million dollars at New York. This auction that recorded in the history made this artist gain 7.7 million dollars which gave him better ranking among the American artists. This painting that has got iconic black stencilled letters on white canvas with the words of “sell the house sell the car sell the kids” created waves as it was withdrawn in the last minute by the private collector. It is the one that has hit the art market in the best possible way by resonance. It is popular for capturing mood that of high flying – eighties. 

Most Famous Artists in USA
Christopher Wool

4. Brice Marden 

He is the artist who was born in the year 1938 at Broxville of New York. He came in to the field of painting when painting was almost in the verge of death. He began his paintings with monochromatic paintings which form the subject for his solos show that was held at Bykert Gallery in the year 1966. The attended is a popular canvas painting that has got thick network of the curving – calligraphic lines that are drawn in various colors like red, green and yellow. He has the promising skill of making the art world contributed with his amazing and awesome works. 

Most Famous Artists in USA
Brice Marden

5. Bruce Nauman 

He is an artist who is considered as the one best with the awesome work that include in the various niches of art works that include the sculptures, paintings etc. His sculpture, his arms tied behind him is a very popular one which has got good value in auction. He is the one who has used all the possible positions of the human fingers for making his artistic works look exceptional. There are about 31 such possible movements and positions that can be achieved by fingers without any hassles. 

Most Famous Artists in USA
Bruce Nauman

6. Robert Ryman 

Robert Ryman is the artist who has done the painting minimalist in the year 1962. The painting that he has done then has not got any name but it was sold in auction for 9.7 million dollars. This price not only broke the record of the artist in auction but also made the artist gain amount which is threefold that of the lowest estimate that was done on the painting. He has even tried the magic of white paint on the white canvas. The sale indicated the increase of interest that people have got over the work of Ryman. His work that is named as Convention was sold in auction for about 6.9 million dollars. He has tried in making another great moment in market. 

Most Famous Artists in USA
Robert Ryman

7. Richard Prince 

The nurse paintings that of Richard Prince, inspired by the covers of the novels that of pulp fiction is the one that has gained maximum possible price in auction. The work of Richard Prince has come up in auction for about 1270 times. The name of this artist appeared about 13 times in the list of top 100 sales. Overseas nurse is another work of Richard that has gained much prominence in the market as it got auctioned for 8.5 million dollars. Arcylic and inkjet work that were done on canvas by Frank Cohen has become a historical part of the sales. 

Most Famous Artists in USA
Richard Prince

8. David Hammons 

David Hammons is the one whose work reflects the devotion that he has got towards civil rights and also the black power – movement. He has come up very popular among the American community. 

Most Famous Artists in USA
David Hammons

9. Ed Ruscha 

He is the artist who has made greater contributions in the form of photographs, paintings and drawings. He has also written books on art. His works were also auctioned in historic prices. Oil & graphite work done by him which is called as burning gas station was sold in the market for 7 million dollar. 

Most Famous Artists in USA

10. Cady Noland 

Oozewald is the popular work of Cady Noland that was sold in New York on auction for 6.6 million dollars. She has made greater work with various items.


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Most Famous Artists in USA
Cady Noland