Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the World

Last few day, I write one article about Top 10 Most Treacherous Jobs in the World but my friend Dara who live in USA does not agree some part of my article and now he writes the same article about most dangerous jobs in the world and give  me to publish for readers to considers and get for references. Here is his article:

We all must work in order to make a living. However, a number of people do jobs that they wouldn’t necessarily choose if they had an alternative. These jobs are not just tedious, they are outright dangerous. There are number of jobs that millions of people are employed in that involve putting their lives at risk, and end up claiming many people’s lives of each year. Some of these people risk their lives every single day fighting for us, protecting us, and helping us.

Now, when compiling the world’s most dangerous jobs, there are certain yardsticks to compare the various profiles. In this article, two categories of these yardsticks were considered. They include: fatality rates and injury and illness rates. So based on these two factors, below are the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the world. Read on!

1. Commercial Fishing


In the global arena, the fishing industry accounts for more work-related fatalities than any other profession. Fishing is an occupation that is characterized by long hours on water, strenuous work, and is faced with some of the worst hazardous and fatal weather conditions in the global workforce. And, workers face injury and death largely due to drowning. Ever wondered why fish is so expensive? Yes, the fact that it is rare is one factor, but the most important fact is that the people who risk their lives fishing face the highest on-the-job mortality rate.

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2. Logging Workers

Logging is an occupation that has been repeatedly taking a place in the top ten one of the world’s most-dangerous-jobs. It is a potentially lethal occupation all year round, but seasonal danger peaks in late summer. Many people would rank it higher, since logging has been a perennial choice in top danger lists.

3. Miner

Though mining is a less common occupation in the developed world, it remains one of the deadliest and most dangerous-jobs in the developing world. But again, even with the shift from industrial to a more service-oriented, sophisticated modern mining equipment, the occupation still leaves health concerns and takes lives every day due to cave ins that trap miners underground or burry them in rubble.

4. EOD Technicians

Explosive Ordnance (EOD) technicians, also referred to as Bomb Squad or Bomb detonators, are known in the army as “Felix” because they are like cats with nine lives. Every time they rock up to defuse a bomb there is always be a television crew and a crowd of spectators all waiting to see them blown up.

5. Aircraft Pilots

Aircraft pilots, whether they fly freight or passengers, rank highly on the list of the most-dangerous-jobs. From weather conditions to engine failure to mechanical malfunctions to pilot errors, all these factors can cause injuries or fatalities. The profession also includes fighter pilots, cargo pilots, and crop dusters.

6. Skyscraper Window Cleaner


If there’s one job that requires nerves of steel then it is window cleaning tower blocks, or high story buildings. At times the job involves stepping out onto the narrow ledge and, while holding the frame, stretching across to wipe away some annoying smudge and to make sure the windows are sparkling. The job becomes even more dangerous if the cleaner doesn’t have a safety harnesses or cradles and helmets.

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7. Journalist

Being a journalist is considered to be one of the most-dangerous-jobs because where there is war, they’re always there to cover the events. Every year, dozens of photo-journalists and scribes fall victim to shelling and sniper’s rifles. With the surge in the number of global conflicts and danger-zones, the risks involved with being a journalist have also risen. But, unlike the troops they are embedded with, journalists are not always protected.

8. Electrician

For the last couple of years, this category of occupation hasn’t been in the top 10, but electrical power installation workers have of late been complaining that the work is deadlier than many people may imagine. And, in fact, latest statistics are beginning to match the workers’ opinions.

9. Firefighters


It is a living fact that everyone loves a man in a firemen’s uniform, than they do to a police officer. This is because firefighters face a more dangerous task. Nevertheless, rushing into burning buildings to rescue people is certainly a noble job.

10. Truck Drivers

Truck driving closes the list of the top 10 most fatal jobs in the world. The number of road accidents, long hauls on repetitive roads, non-stop travels and the potential hazards of driving HGVs, makes this job among the world’s mot fatal occupations. The truck drivers face tough road conditions, reckless drivers and sleepless night, which can all lead to tragic circumstances.

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