Top 10 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in the World

Are you a die-hard fan of beautiful places? Do you stop by and park your car when you come across a beautiful scenery while driving? Are you planning to go on a visit but don’t know the place to get much fan from? There are certain places in this world that you ought to visit before you die. Here are some of the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in the world.

1. Siem Reap Town

Most Beautiful Places to Visit in the World
siem reap

Are you looking for that town that will offer you much fun? Well Siem Reap Town is the place to be. This town is located along the Siem reap river in Cambodia. What makes this town such a site worth seeing is the rich history that the town holds. This town receives visitors all through the year for more than the 100 years it has been in existence.

The key attractions here are the remains of a cluster of old villages which were overlaid by the colonial era by the French. You will note the very clear and distinct Chinese and French architecture especially around the Old Market. You too will enjoy hotels, pubs restaurants and their spectacular meals offered in the open under shade. Especially, you can go to visit Angkor Temple that this site has been designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO thus is a site worth visiting.


2. Isla Vieques

Most Beautiful Places to Visit in the World
Isla Vieques in

Do you want to know the reason why the U.S. Navy stayed so long in Puerto Rico? Well, there are a wide range of reasons. Down the coastline is Isla Vieques, an earthly paradise with long stretches of white sand, verdant forests and rolling hills. You too can enjoy high class treatment at the Bravo Beach Hotel after having a busy day on the white sands.

3. Fernando de Noronha

Most Beautiful Places to Visit in the World
Fernando de Noronha

Well, think you would want to know why this site has been restricted. At any single time, only 240 people can be given access to this facility, and this is after footing the environmental taxes. This is to protect the beauty of the islands. These islands offer you unmatched privileges in the quaint facility that offers you bed and breakfast. You too will enjoy the warm waters and bask on the sandy beaches.

4. Morzine, Portes

Most Beautiful Places to Visit in the World
Morzine, Portes

This is the perfect place to enjoy the Mother Nature. Enjoy traditional mountain hospitality, enjoy the green pine trees that spread all around the place, enjoy the powdered snow and the fresh air that will breathe life into your lungs. Other outdoor activities include golfing, caving, mountain biking. You too will find beer here sweeter and enjoy music with live DJs.

5. Thornybush Game Reserve

Most Beautiful Places to Visit in the World
Thornybush Game Reserve

Africa is undoubtedly a continent with stunning and exotic sites. Enjoy watching the world animals, the warm climate and world-class treatment at the Thornybush Game Reserve just adjacent to Kruger National Park. The luxurious thatched tents complete with hot tubs will make our evenings cool. The tours in a safari jeep will be unforgettable scene as you watch the “big five” during the day.

6. Kiribati Islands

Most Beautiful Places to Visit in the World
Kiribati Islands

In addition to being the world’s most easterly point this site doubles as being the site with the most marine life than you can get from anywhere in the Western Museum. The island nation comprises of 21 inhabited islands among the total of 33. Here, you will tour the world’s most protected marine reserve and that doubles as among the few remaining untouched coral archipelagos. The coconut trees here grow magnificently along the white-sand beaches. The crystal-clear lagoon waters emphasize the natural phenomena that exists in this natural island.

7. Halekulani Resort, Honolulu, Hawaii

Most Beautiful Places to Visit in the World
Halekulani Resort

Here, you will enjoy the real Hawaiian classic. Enjoy the cool breeze from the ocean while seated on the veranda. The sunset here will make your evenings end superbly in high spirits and the cool music here is so convincing.

8. Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

Most Beautiful Places to Visit in the World
Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

This park offers you the most awesome sunset you can hope for. The granite peaks in the park make your days fully booked, and those glacial lakes down the park are a good relaxation points. The green moss also serve to remind you that everything in this park is purely nature given.

9. Antelope Island State Park, Syracuse, Utah

Most Beautiful Places to Visit in the World
Antelope Island State Park, Syracuse

This Great Salt Lake’s largest inhabited island is a spectacular scene and place to spend your holiday. If you are to come here, a camera should a must as will want to brag to your friends about your experience here.

10. Kauai- The Garden Island

Most Beautiful Places to Visit in the World
Kauai- The Garden Island

While most of Hawaii has been subjected to soul-destroying developers, this is one place that has escaped this destroying. Here you will enjoy the cascading waterfalls, thick forests and navigate the navigable rivers in the island. Places of interest include the 3,567 foot deep Waimea Canyon which has been a major tourist attraction site in the island.

Well, these are the top 10 most beautiful places to visit in the world that you will find much fun and relaxation. By visiting these places, you will enjoy not only the beautiful scenes but also get a chance to enjoy the Mother Nature’s best gift. You may also interested to read article about Top Ten Places to Visit Before They Disappear from Earth .

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