Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in the USA

A good vacation for summer needs an amazing beach. The American land is the home of some of the world’s great beaches. Most residents have been enjoying the vacations in those beaches, but other people from different parts of the globe can visit them. Here is a compilation of the best ten beaches that you can visit for the summer vacations.
Ten America’s Best Beaches
According to the latest list of the top ten most beautiful American beaches, Hawaii and Florida emerge as the leading states with three beaches each. However, Hawaii would have the upper hand because it has the best beach in the United States. Below is an outline of the latest beach ranking.

1. Hawaii: Duke Kahanamoku Beach (Oahu)

Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in the USA
Duke Kahanamoku Beach

Named after the Olympic gold medalist swimmer, Kahanamoku Paoa Duke, this beach is believed to be the introducer of surfing to the world. The Kahanamoku Duke Beach has small harbor for boats, Ala Wai, and Hilton Village’s catamaran pier. Additionally, the beach has an offshore coral reef that protects it from the water waves. Swimming is a great experience at Kahanamoku Duke Beach.

2. Florida (Bonita Springs): Barefoot Beach (Preserve County Park)

This 342-acre Southwest Florida beach measures 8200 feet in length. Barefoot beach has gentle surfs that only contain a few inches of water waves. As a result, the surf has shallow waters suitable for swimming and bathing. With fine sands and multiple shells, this beach has one of most beautiful shores.

3. Florida: St. George Island (State Park) 

One of the outstanding features of this panhandle beach is the unique white, powdery sands. Located at the eastern part of Florida Island, St. George Park has pathways on the sand dunes that head to the bays. There are also stingrays that are often placed in the waters to allow people shuffle their feet before entering the beach. This is the best places for the lovers of fishing and birding activities. 

4. Hawaii (Oahu): Waimanalo Bay (State Park)

This is state-of-art park has an incredible swimming beach, multiple showers, restrooms, and large parking lot. The Waimanalo Park is one of the safest beaches in Hawaii because the big, dangerous water currents rarely invade it. Furthermore, the beach boasts a wide range of lifeguards. The fact that Oahu natives frequent it implies that Waimanalo State Park is the ultimate beach for family vocations.

5. Hawaii: Hamoa Beach (Maui)

The cliff rims, palm trees and beautiful flowers make Hamoa beach a beautiful park for summer holidays. Hamoa is the most popular Maui Hana beach. Its unique crescent shape perfectly complements the lava and coral sands on the shore. The beach is located inside a volcanic crater breach that blends with the treacherous pathway that heads to the beach. The road has sporadic rails and beautiful bridges that still remain an adventure to many visitors of that place.

6. North Carolina: Cape Hatteras (Outer Banks)

Cape Hatteras was the America’s first Seashore. The beach has become the ideal joint for board surfers. Cape Hatteras has the best lighthouse in America, which makes it the destination for lovers of beach and fishing activities. With superb beachcombing, the beach also attracts many lovers of natural features.

7. Florida (Key Biscayne): Cape Florida (State Park) 

Cape Florida beach is located at southern Key Biscayne. This beach has gentle surfs and clear waters, which makes it suitable for swimming. The powdery, white sands swept away by the offshore shoals give this beach an outstanding view.

8. Massachusetts: Coast Guard Beach (Cape Cod)

Coast Guard Beach was established on sand spit with glacial cliffs. The primary modes of transportation used to access the beach from the Salt Pond Guest Center are shuttle buses and bicycles. The beach has steep slopes with fine sands. With ancient Coast Guard station picturesque sitting on top of the cliffs, this beach has a beautiful view down the bay and barrier systems of Nauset Spit. You can enjoy water dips here in the summers when temperatures hit the 65-degrees mark.

9. South Carolina: Beachwalker Park (Kiawah Island)

This public park is located at the southern tip of Kiawah. The visitors of beach enjoy tours of natural features as well as long hours of sports such as golf and tennis. St. Sam Inlet boasts a large family of birds while kayaks have canoes that the visitors can use to pass the tidal entrances. 

10. Florida (Naples): Delnor-Wiggins Pass (State Park)

This beach covers about 165 acres of land. There are several picnic joints in the woodlands and cabbage palms while the seashells and pure sands make it attractive. Additionally, there are several dressing stalls, bathrooms, and outdoor showers for use.


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