Top 10 Hottest Male Celebrity 2016

Celebrities always get famous to the public depending on their looks and character they play in movies. Male actors are said or described as hot depending on their looks. The character they play in a movie also improves their ratings as being hot. The rankings of a celebrity keeps on changing now and then yearly as the rankings are done, here are the top 10 hottest male celebrity 2016 rankings.

10. Nicholas Hoult

He is absolutely hot from his looks and smile; he raised his familiarity after the movie called Lucky Boyfriend. The movie of Jennifer Lawrence has made him famous as many people like the character he plays in the movie. Hoult amazing movies of various kinds are a pride to the movie viewers. Born on 7th December 1989 he is a young actor.


9. Eric West

Having a good personality to his fans and friends, Eric has become famous more than singing profession he has. Being a singer is less to his familiarity to the people but the efforts he puts in his endless talents makes him a cool actor. The talent skill of Eric West was well noted by a person called Fergie. Eric West was born on May 18 1982.


8. Johnny Depp

Acting various kinds of movies that brings his looks to be loved by women makes him hotter. Johnny Depp looking appearance manages to attract all ages of women, both the young and the old to like him. He is well described by many as the coolest ladies’ man. Being experienced to movie industry makes him more famous as he was born on 9th June 1963.

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Johnny Depp

7. Chris Hemsworth

Born in the year 1983, He is good in what he does as he plays part in most of the areas in art. Being a fashion model makes him more cool and noticeable to many, as he has a well build body of fashion to designer clothes. More on that Chris is an awesome actor as he has acted a variety of wonderful movies as Thor and many others. He has what it takes to be hot as he is also a brand ambassador to most of the Americas companies.

Chris Hemsworth

6. Henry Cavil

Attraction to people is what is said to be hot. Henry good postures outside America’s cinemas make him famous and attractive as well. A good relationship to the people as being charming makes him hot. Henry is not that old as he was born on 5th May 1983.

5. Tom hardy

The tall looking and handsomeness of Tom makes him cool. As a movie actor, his characters are loved by most of the movie funs as he is fun. In a suit he looks hot and admirable to many especially the ladies. Having acted the movie star trek, made Tom hardy more famous.

4. Douglas Booth

Born on 9th July 1992 he is a young actor. Booth is a nice looking movie actor, as he mostly acts as a romantic hero to most of his movies. Having an admirable look he is well described as the Romeo of the days.

3. Ben Affleck

Affleck real nature is what brings romance to many as he looks great in a personal level. Being an action and thriller movie actor does not make him more admirable to people as his looks and romance. Looking at his personal life is what well describes him as being hot as he never lacks a woman in a relationship. Women are always attracted to him as they can’t hide their feeling over him.

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2. Idris Elba

Idris nature of commanding attention is what makes him best in making him cool. He is definitely a movie actor as he has many movies that are liked by many. His facial expression makes him attractable to most of the people as he has a humble look at his eyes. Idris Elba is still a producer, rapper, Dj and a singer, born in the year 1972.

Idris Elba

1. Gabriel Macht

The TV show suits has made Gabriel a celebrity of the era as the show is watched by many allover the world. The good looking of the actor makes him famous and attractive as his smile is attractive. He definitely makes the show to be watched all over because of his admiring nature he possesses. He has a good marketing appearance that makes him hot.

Gabriel Macht

Looking at the characters, personal appearance, and their personality is what makes the above celebrities to become the top 10 hottest male celebrity 2016. The ranking keeps on changing as their characters changes in their day to day life.

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