Top 10 Hottest Japanese Women in 2015

Japan and China are  known as the hub for the hottest women in the world. 2014 saw a number of the getting popularity on and public review and ultimately the ranks were there. Not much is expected to change from the current rank come the year 2015. However, some little changes are expected as some have done what it takes to challenge the others in the ranking. This article is the real picture for what is expected come 2015 in the list of the top 10 hottest Japanese women in 2015.

10. Nozomi Sasaki

Naomi has public attribute as a hardworking and dedicated woman. Despite her tender age of 26, this fashion model is expected to rank at the tenth position come 2015. She is indeed hot from and has numerous fans when it comes to stage matters.

Hottest Japanese Women in 2015
Nozomi Sasaki

9. Kurara Chibana

Kurara, considered bold and hot, is yet to feature in the top ten list in the year 2015. She is going to get her place at position nine in the category of the hottest women in Japan. Her poses and pictures speaks a lot on her and have made her retain a position within the top list. The 32 year old is a Japanese citizen by birth and made a remarkable appearance in 2006 in 2006 when she contested for Miss Universe Show in Japan.

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Hottest Japanese Women in 2015
Kurara Chibana

8. Mao Inoue

Mao is 27 years old and is expected to feature at position eight in 2015. She is a model and a singer and has never failed to impress her audience with her hottest moves on stage. Most people remember her for being under 15 idol in 1999. As a singer, she has managed to thrill her fans with many lovely albums and in each one; her hot appearance has been evident.

Hottest Japanese Women in 2015
Mao Inoue

7. Keiko Kitagawa

At position seven, we are expecting to see Keiko featuring. Kitagawa is a 28 years old renowned actress, a fashion model, and a beauty viva. She has maintained her hot appearance that has enable her appear on nearly seventeen magazines cover. Despite the fact that she has so far retired from her carrier as a model, Kitagawa still has more expectation from her fans and for her to appear again in 2015 as one of the top hottest women in Japan is a real success on her side.

Hottest Japanese Women in 2015
Keiko Kitagawa

6. Reon Kadena

Considered as wonderfully beautiful, Kadena is going to be back in the list at position six. She is a renowned television anchor cum model. Her presence in the top ten list come 2015 will be highly welcomed as she is really hottest.

Hottest Japanese Women in 2015
Reon Kadena

5. Riye Miyazawa

Riye Miyazawa is known nearly all over Japan as the model of the era. Her pictures and poses can be rated as superb and she is really super sexy. She was rated the best bikini model of 2014. It is important to note that she has been a wonderful actress and this has led to her popularity.

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Hottest Japanese Women in 2015
Rie Miyazawa

4. Miyako Miyazako

Considered as charming and beautiful, Miyaki who is 36 years old is intact in memory of Japanese models and young turks for her outstanding performance and winning of the Miss Universe Japan title. She is a passionate actress and in deed hottest.

Hottest Japanese Women in 2015
Miyako Miyazak0

3. Yukie Nakama

Yukie is a celebrity and a singer in the land of Japan. The 34 years old is a gorgeous lady and has been passionate and perfectionist in her field of performance. Yukie is expected to get a place in the third slot in the year 2015 under the top hottest women in Japan.

Hottest Japanese Women in 2015
Yukie Nakama

2. Maria Ozawa

Maria is expected to appear at the second position, a move that will be considered a promotion by her. Currently, she is placed third and has gained remarkable reviews and is yet to move to second position come 2015. She is 28 years old hot woman well known in Japan and its environs for her thrilling acting talents.

Hottest Japanese Women in 2015
Maria Ozawa

1. Masami Nagasawa

Topping our list of expectation for the hottest women for the year 2015 is Masami. She is n 26 years old hot Japanese musician and actress. She has featured an gained recognition for performing in more than 18 international movies and many local movies.

Hottest Japanese Women in 2015
Masami Nagasawa

It is a point to note that this list of top 10 hottest Japanese Women in 2015 is an interim list but not much changes are expected come 2015 when rankings shall take place.

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