Top 10 hottest Females Models with Tattoos

When it comes to ladies and tattoos it has long been accepted as a potent mix. Especially if it is ink of the skin of a hot lady then the allure and aura is augmented. When the females happen to be models then more than just eyebrows are raised. Traditionally, it was frowned upon and was actually regarded as a flaw on the models skin which left the tattoo business to females in other industries. However, the models, from supermodels to new entrants are now rocking their tattoos with much pride and flair. The reaction and scrutiny is testament to the fact that this is what the masses have been waiting for. Some of the tattoos are bold, others subtle while a few are personal statements and you cannot miss one or two that are laced with cheekiness. Whatever the reason and purpose the public court loves its models inked and hers are the top ten hottest females with tattoos.

10. Adriana Lima

Topping the list is the gorgeous Victoria’s Secret supermodel, Adriana Lima. She has a tattoo combination of a tribal mark running from her left ankle to the middle of her foot. At the top end of the tribal mark is a star. The beautiful Brazilian model attracted criticism for the design of her star but anything on the backdrop such beauty can’t help but be beautiful.

hottest Females Models with Tattoos
Adriana Lima with tatoos

9. Allesandra Ambrosini

She is also Brazilian, she also works of Victoria’s Secret and yes she has a tattoo. It is however just above her left but cheek and it is as mysterious as it is lovely. The tattoo is that of a small cat perched on a crescent and dangling a star. The location and the dangled star will have you looking places. Allesandra Ambrosini is one of Top 10 hottest Females Models with Tattoos.

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hottest Females Models with Tattoos
Allesandra Ambrosini

8. Kate Moss

The super models has embraced tattoos first spotting a retro anchor on her right arm, a heart on her palm and also a star on her ankle. However, her famous tattoo has to be the two small swallows inked on her lower back. The reason they are famous is the artist who did them Lucian Freud, a renowned German painter whose most expensive piece of work was sold for £17.2 million. This has led to people suggesting her tattoo could have cost a few millions.

hottest Females Models with Tattoos
Kate Moss

7. Heidi Klum

As a supermodel, no one doubts Heidi’s ability her beauty and likeable personality says it all. She just had the misfortune of having her ex-husband name Seal along with the initials of their three sons in stars tattooed on her forearm. While the artwork was in celebration of their fourth marriage anniversary, the 40 year old super model has now removed the Seal and only the stars with the children’s initials now remain.

hottest Females Models with Tattoos
Heidi Klum

6. Ana Beatriz Barros

This is another Brazilian and Victoria’s Secret model on this list and with adorable tattoos. Her first on her left ankle is that of a crescent and a star and she has a second bold one on her lower back which is sexy to say the least. It has the Kanji symbol for love encompassed in wings. The bold colors and her lovely body a wonderful mix although you can only catch her tattoo when she is in bikinis.

hottest Females Models with Tattoos
Ana Beatriz Barros

5. Freja Beha Erichsen

Here is a hot model who can rightfully claim the title of the most inked model in the business. What is great about herm aside from stunning features, is her apparent ability to make the tattoos discreet and classy. She started doing the tattoos when she was 16 and now has about sixteen of them some quotes and others symbols like the lightning bolt and star on her ribs. Some choicy ones include the one on her upper right arm that reads Serendipity is life’ and still on her right arm but on the inside, she has the words this too shall pass.

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hottest Females Models with Tattoos
Freja Beha Erichsen

4. Alice Dallal

Here is another top model who spots several tattoos only she has gone the bold way in keeping with her reputation in the industry-bold and edgy. She has a shark and a pair of scissors on her right palm and on the same arm higher on the inside she has an upside down skeleton having the skull, collarbones and the ribcage. Her right arm middle finger has the letter L, her left forearm has a bird’s skull among several of her tattoos collection.

hottest Females Models with Tattoos
Alice Dallal

3. Gisele Bundchen

Away from complex and bold tattoo collections to the simple and subtle ink of Gisele Bundchen. This supermodel has only a simple star on her left wrist. She had it there since, apparently when she moved in New York there were no stars so she got herself one.

hottest Females Models with Tattoos
Gisele Bundchen

2. Carolyn Murphy

It may be a single piece but it has to ne the boldest, meaningful and the best designed tattoo on a female body all which makes it very hot. She has a large tattoo of a koi fish running from her hip to her thigh. It is associated with Samurai stoicism where it is a symbol of courage to overcome obstacles.

hottest Females Models with Tattoos
Carolyn Murphy

1. Chanel Iman

Chanel Iman is beautiful and adorable and many if not all will attest to that. However her simple tattoo on the back of her neck seems to have been met with disapproval. It has her name inked below an image of a hanger, pretty literal.

hottest Females Models with Tattoos
Chanel Iman

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