Top 10 Hollywood Celebrity Sex scandals

A number of Hollywood celebrity sex scandals from sex tapes to denials and from hookups to cheating are popular among people all over the world. Top 10 out of them are provided here under for your perusal.  Here are the Top 10 Hollywood Celebrity Sex scandals :

1. Chris Brown and Rihanna:

Do you know about the sex scandal of Rihanna. First of all she herself sent her nude pictures to Brown. Then she posted pictures embracing both of them on Twitter in spite of being abused by Brown.

Hollywood Celebrity Sex scandals
Chris Brown and Rihanna

2. Minka Kelly:

As per the rumors surfaced this season Kelly was involved in a sex tape scandal with one of her ex in 1998. Even though the tape was widely viewed publicly still there are no evidences about the relevance of those tapes.

Hollywood Celebrity Sex scandals
Minka Kelly

3. Brittany Kerr and Jason Aldean:

Kerr was caught locking lips with a married co-actor Aldean last season. Aldean later on apologized for what had happened was unfortunate due to some compulsive situations. Despite his own mistake he thanked every one who supported him and stood by him at this critical situation.

Hollywood Celebrity Sex scandals
Brittany Kerr and Jason Aldean

4. Joe Simpson:

Joe Simpson, the father of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, highlighted his hair after divorcing his wife Tina. After that rumor surfaced that he has relationship with a gay male escort in New York. Though Simpson declared nothing of this sort but the gay escort wanted to bring the truth out of Simpson in a very hasty manner.

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Hollywood Celebrity Sex scandals
Joe Simpson

5. Hulk Hogan:

A tape of Bubba, the wife of Love Sponge – Heather Clem, with Hogan was released some days back, the clips of which were shared by various websites. Hogan filed a lawsuit against the websites claiming $100 million damages.

Hollywood Celebrity Sex scandals
Hulk Hogan

6. Fred Willard:

The lewd behavior of Willard in an adult movie theater in Hollywood had sent him behind the bars. Consequently he was fired by PBS from Market Warriors, the next series he was narrating for it.

Hollywood Celebrity Sex scandals
Fred Willard

7. John Travolta:

He is known for his sex scandals. Currently a pilot had sued him for having gay relationship with him. He claimed that no confidential agreement to remain silent was signed between him and Travolta. A peninsula hotel staff member reported last year that Travolta was banned to enter the hotel due to his misbehavior with male employees in the spa.

Hollywood Celebrity Sex scandals
John Travolta

8. Kevin Clash and Elmo:

Clash who had voiced Elmo in Sesame Street has to resign when he was alleged to have sexual relationship with a boy, under aged. Since then he was accused by three people for his wrongful appointment.

Hollywood Celebrity Sex scandals
Kevin Clash with Elmo

9. Arnold Schwarzenegger:

This action star who was married to a member of the unendorsed Royal Family of America had started an almost successful career in politics after his semi-retirement from Hollywood. In 2011 rumor surfaced that he had an illegal child with a longtime housekeeper of their family.

Hollywood Celebrity Sex scandals
Arnold Schwarzenegger

10. Marilyn Monroe and JFK:

The gossips about JFK and Marilyn Monroe became most popular as this famous Hollywood actress was known for her free attitude towards sex and love. The carelessness of Kennedy had made his relationship with movie star one of the biggest sex scandals of that time.

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Hollywood Celebrity Sex scandals


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