Top 10 Highest Mountains in USA

Mountains in America attract thousands of tourists and travelers all over the world. Some of the most experienced travelers climb the highest mountains as part of their adventure during the less experienced only camp or go for a picnic at the base of the mountains as part of their hobby. As part of their tour, some visitors will just tour the most popular mountains in America to just climb to the summit via the car, tram or train to just enjoy the best views while at the top. Let us have a glance of the top ten highest mountains in USA. Meanwhile , do not forget to read Top 10 best zoos in USA

10. Mount McKinley


Top 10 Highest Mountains in USA
Mount McKinley

Also known as, Denali, Mt McKinley is the highest peak found in United States. In the world it is the mountain is the third most prominent with Mt Everest and Aconcagua being more prominent. With an official summit, elevation 6,194 meters (20320 feet) above sea level the vertical relief of the mountain is 18,000 feet, which is greater than the Mount Everest. Denali is located near the center of Alaska Range, rising above two summits in South Alaska. James Wickersham made the first unsuccessful attempt to climb the mountain, but later Fredrick A. cook made it to the top in 1910.The Mountain has extreme cold weather all round the year making it very unfavorable to the climbers. The temperatures in the mountain go as low as -60 degree Celsius (-75 degree Fahrenheit.) which is cold enough to freeze any climber.Compared to other high mountains, in the world, Mount Denali has a northern latitude .of 63 degrees making it to have a very low barometric pressure. The lower barometric pressure usually affects climber’s acclimatization.

9. Mt Saint Elias


Top 10 Highest Mountains in USA
Mt Saint Elias

Mt Saint Elias, which is just located thirty-five miles from the sea, is the second highest mountain in United States of America located in Alaska. With it giant, beautiful pyramid, the peak was the first to be discovered and to be climbed after various climbers made eight attempts. Long before the discovery of Mt McKinely, the mountain was believed to be the, highest in North America. The mountain has an elevation of 18008 feet (5489 meters) with latitude of 60.2933 and a longitude of -140.929.If you want to enjoy a spectacular view of the mountain with an awesome vertical view, go to the south of Mt Saint Elias. It also produces Malaspian the largest single ice field that spills into the Alaskan Gulf.

8. Mt Foraker


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Mt Foraker
Mt Foraker

Mt Foraker also known as Sultan is the third highest peak in United States after Denali and Mount Saint Elias. In North America, it is the sixth highest mountain. With an elevation of 17,400 feet (5,304 meters) and a prominence of 7,248 feet (2,209 meters) making the mountain to be third prominent in Alaska. From Denali, the mountain is twenty-three kilometers south West. To the highest climbers this mountain a formidable challenge.

7. Mt Bona

Mt Bona the fourth highest volcano mountain in United State of America. Adjacent to Mount Churchill it has an elevation of 16,550 feet (5,004 meters).The Mountain is located in a spectacular location at the centre of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. It is the best mountain where climbers gain altitude experience and expedition. The peak is extremely glaciated and jagged with the largest non ice caps in the world. For the best trekking, skiing and climbing skills, the mountain offers the best terrain.

6. Mount Blackburn

Mount Blackburn is the fifth highest mountain in America and 12th in North America. In Alaska’s Wrangell Mountains, it is the highest peak with a dramatic massif range. It has two summits the West peak and the Kennedy peak. The West peak is the high point, of the mountain a fact that was known in 1960s when there was a release of a new survey with accurate USGS maps. It has an elevation of 16,390feet(4996meters) and a ,peak prominence of 11,640 feet (3548 meters)On a clear day,Mt. Blackburn can be seen along the McCarthy unpaved road.

5. Mount Sanford

Mt Sanford is the sixth largest mountain in United States. With an elevation of 16237 feet (4949 meters), it is a volcano covered with ice and snow. Among the Wrangell Range, it is the most visible mountain in the farthest North. The mountain was first climbed in 1938 and the last time it erupted was, in 1918 .Since, then its volcanic status has been dormant. Found in the state of Alaska, longitude: 144.129 to the west and latitude of 62.213to the North. Thus, the mountain qualifies to be among the top 10 highest mountains in USA.

4. Fairweather Mountain

In British Columbia Fairweather is the highest mountain .Also known as the Boundary Peak 164 it has an elevation of 12,341 feet (3789 meters) .The Mountain is along the north coast of Alaska Panhandle in the southern end of St.Elias Mountains. In 1778, James Cook named the mountain Fairweather due to encountered good weather during the period. Currently, the mountain holds the name of the worst named mountain on earth among the climbers due to constant snowstorms. The mountain is one of the major summits in the world. The major obstacle in the mountain is weather.

3. Mount Hubbard

Mount Hubbard is ranked the tenth highest mountain in USA and in Alaska. It has a peak of 14951 feet (4557 meters) in Saint Elias mountains.It is in the state of Alaska Yukon in United state of America. Mount Foresta, Mount Kennedy, Pinnacle peak are the nearest peaks. The mountain was named after Gardiner Greene Hubbard the president of the national Geographic Society.

2. Mount Bear

Mount Bear in Alaska State it is highly glaciated with a height of 14831 feet (4520 meters) Mount Bear is rarely visited despite being surrounded by known peaks like Mount Lagon and Mount Bona.

1.Mount Hunter

Also known as, Begguya Mount Hunter is in Denali National Park found in Alaska. From Mount McKinley, it is approximately 8 kilometers .In Alaska Range it is the third highest peak. It has an elevation of 14573 feet (4,442 meters) and a prominence of 4,633 feet. Due tom its corniced ridges and steep faces the mountain is more difficult to climb.

According to the given information the above qualifies to be the top 10 highest mountains in USA.

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