Top 10 Fast Foods for Weight Loss

There are some scientifically approved foods that can help you in burning fat and losing weight faster, besides other health imperative like prevention of chronic diseases, building your bones, and keeping your mind and eyesight sharp. They are, as a matter of fact, nutritional powerhouses that pose no health dangers to your body, but help improve it. As such, if you are wondering the kind of foods you can eat if you are on a diet plan, or to compliment your other weight loss efforts—may be exercise regimens—this article brings you the top 10 fast foods for weight loss, plus the tips you on how to assimilate them in your daily diet. Read on to discover the secrets.

1. Black Beans

A simple cup of blank beans gives you up to 15 grams of health promoting protein. Black beans do not contain the saturated fat in most of the other sources of protein, such as the red meat. By eating black beans, you can be certain that you are not taking in unhealthy fats that add to your weight, but only body building proteins, which is a safe bet toward reduction of your weight. A recipe of spiced, black bean hummus with marinated peaches will be satisfying for you.Fastfoods for Weight Loss

2. Oats

Oats make a wonderful source of fiber. As such, a serving of fiber can make you stay full the day over. A half of oats cup packs 4.6 grams of resistance starch, a recommended health carb that is vital in boosting metabolism, thus helping you burn and shed fat. A good recipe would include dark chocolate, taken with oat clusters.Fastfoods for Weight Loss

3. Avocados

If you are working on weight loss, there’s no reason to run away from fats—provided they are the recommend healthy fats. For instance, avocado’s healthy mono-unsaturated fats (MUFAs) contain a compound known as Oleic acid, which makes your body to quiet your hunger pangs. If you eat only a quarter or half an avocado a day, you will see your belly fat melt away. The creamy fruit, unknown to many, is packed with healthy protein as well as fiber. A meal of avocado and lettuce, and tomato sandwiches will do you good.Fastfoods for Weight Loss

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4. Salmon

Salmon is among the top sources of lean proteins, which make you feel full for long without adding undesired fat. As such, up your salmon intake. It’s a leaner option than red meat and it’s full of MUFAs. A scientific study at the beginning of the century proved that dieters who eat MUFA-rich foods lost about 9 pounds, whereas there low-fat counterparts gained an average six pounds. A recipe of pan-grilled salmon taken with pineapple salsa will be savory for you.Fastfoods for Weight Loss

5. Blueberries

Although popular for the anti-aging properties, blueberries are a great type of food that can help you shed maximum weight. One cup setting of these berries sets you 80 calories back, and also makes you feel full by packing 4 grams of fiber. Blueberry-lemon sorbet is a good recipe for you.Fastfoods for Weight Loss

6. Broccoli

Eaten raw or cooked, broccoli is a calciferous veggie popular for its cancer prevention qualities. However, it has a lot of of fiber that contains minute amounts of calories, thus eating it will mean reduced weight problems. A broccoli salad, with sesame dressing and cashews is a great serving to help you burn fat and lose weight.Fastfoods for Weight Loss

7. Brown Rice

More than the white rice, the brown rice is heartier and full of fiber, containing a lot of resistant starch, which is a healthy carb important in boosting metabolism and burning fat. Again, brown rice is truly a low-energy –density food, that is, it is heavy and filling yet low in calorie count. It is therefore a choice food to help you burn excess fat and slim. Try a recipe of Wild Salmon taken with brown rice bowl.Fastfoods for Weight Loss

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8. Pears

Fruits, generally, are good for your weight loss efforts. However, pears and some other few in particular, are quite proven to help a lot in weight loss. A single pear packs up to 15% of your recommended fiber intake amount per diem. However, avoid peeling this fruit, for it is in the skin where much of the helpful filling fiber is found. Eat warm pear together with cinnamon ricotta. Banana is also a recommended fruit.Fastfoods for Weight Loss

9. Green Tea

Like water, this steamy drink hydrates the body, helping you feel filled and shed weight. Moreover, the antioxidant contained in green tea boosts your fat and calorie burn. According to a study, five cups of green tea a day could help you in losing twice as much weight, mostly around the waist. Drink Mint Iced Green Tea to achieve your desire in weight loss and slimming.Fastfoods for Weight Loss

10. Grape Fruit

Study shows that even if you did not change anything in your normal diet, eating a grapefruit before your meals will still help you in losing weight—at least one pound a week.

There is a compound found in this tangy fruit which lowers insulin, a fat storage hormone, leading to weight loss. Grapefruit is also a good protein source, and its 90% water content can always make you feel filled so you will eat less. Eat a ginger-citrus fruit salad.Fastfoods for Weight Loss

These, besides others, are the top foods you will never go wrong by choosing if you are on a diet plan or you just want to supplement you weight and fat loss workouts for maximum weight loss. They are the kind of foods that will give you the right components your body needs, while helping take out what is unnecessarily stored in it—excess fat and disproportional weight.

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