Top 10 Famous Hollywood Hairstyles

When it comes to Hollywood, there is nothing that goes unnoticed and this is more so the case when it comes to one of the most noticeable things and that is the head or rather the hair. A good number of Hollywood celebrities have been able to redefine themselves and make a great turn around by simply tweaking their hairstyles while others have stuck to one hairstyle that has become a household name all along. Regardless of the situation that you’re in, it is worth knowing some the greatest hairstyles to rock and still rock Hollywood just in case you’re looking to adopt one of them or are still wondering. Here are Top 10 Famous Hollywood Hairstyles :

10. Messy textures.

This is a great style for those female celebrities that are looking to get something that is more naught and yet innocent. It is a bob length hairstyle that has a peculiar touch to it with layering and texture. One of the celebrities that has been rocking this and it looks great on her is Diana Agron.

Famous Hollywood Hairstyles
Messy textures


9. Short and choppy.

Well this is one style that does not need to sit on the top of a celebrity head for it to stand out but when it got the chance to sit on Ginnifer Goodwin’s head, it definitely became one of the most famous Hollywood hairstyles. The iconic hairstyle comes with soft-caramel highlights and a number ofg layers on the very exterior part. It also has a side-swept fringe which was key in giving the actress an edgy look.

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Famous Hollywood Hairstyles


8. Messy Braid.

Messy Braid is on of the Top 10 Famous Hollywood Hairstyles. This particular hair style gained popularity courtesy of Blake Lively of the Gossip Girl. In 2012, she was spotted with a variety of braided hairstyles which was not a big deal given that she is a braids junky and loves them but the messy braided hairstyle looked stunning on her. It quickly became quite famous given that whenever a celebrity nails a look, fans run in circles trying to nail it as well. The best part about this is the fact that it is simple yet very elegant.

Famous Hollywood Hairstyles
Messy Braid


7. Straight-bands with Curly updo.

There is no question that there is a lot of positive stuff that one can say about Demi Lovato. You can congratulate her for getting over being bullied or getting in shape or for the Straight-bands with curly updo that came a hit once she rocked them. As much as she loves playing around with her hair, she nailed with this one and that is why it grew in popularity. This is primarily because it was able to give her the elegance of her stature while at the same time making sure that she did not lose her fun factor.

Famous Hollywood Hairstyles
Straight-bands with Curly updo


6. Short Bob.

This is one that most people will definitely relate to thanks to Victoria Beckham. Being her signature look for quite some time which was the very talk of the year. There is no doubt about its ability to transform one’s looks but there is also no doubt that it deserves its spot as a greatly appreciated and well known hairstyle.

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Famous Hollywood Hairstyles
Short Bob


5. Selena Gomez’s long and Curly.

She might be young but she definitely knows which hair style goes well with her. The long dark and glossy hair definitely enhanced her glamour and there is no doubt it got people talking.

Famous Hollywood Hairstyles
Selena Gomez’s long and Curly


4. Miley Cyrus’s long shiny locks.

While her blond and short haired look may be making the rounds now just as well as her ratchetness, her more innocent and attractive long shiny locks looked fresher and fun.

Famous Hollywood Hairstyles
Miley Cyrus’s long shiny locks


3. Jennifer Lopez Soft-Chocolaty waves.

There is no doubt that she is among the most notable women in the world and the same goes for her signature look that is not only stunning but also very elegant and does not hide her face.

Famous Hollywood Hairstyles
Jennifer Lopez Soft-Chocolaty waves


2. Megan Fox’s loose wavy-dark colored hairstyle.

With a centerthat gives it the pizazz that is Megan Fox, there is no doubt that this one of a kind look that is also Megan’s preferred look is definitely among the best and the most famous.

Famous Hollywood Hairstyles
Megan Fox’s loose wavy-dark colored hairstyle


1. Long blonde hairstyle.

Courtesy of the woman of the moment (Taylor Swift) the most famous hairstyle is the one she rocks currently and one that is also worn by a lot of other women. It gives her the oomph and the stylish side swept-bangs hold it well together.

Famous Hollywood Hairstyles
Long blonde hairstyle

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