Top 10 Celebrities That Love Juicing

Juicing isn’t only a very healthy alternative to calorie-rich snacks and foods, but also a fabulous trend that’s become extremely popular at this time. From the American television personality Dr. Oz, to actresses, singers, and important businesswomen, many celebrities across the globe love juicing, which is apparently the secret behind their slim and super-toned bodies. Before you eat any more chemicals and foods that can cause you to gain weight, we suggest looking at the top 10 celebrities that love juicing we’ve listed below.

10. Debra Messing

The 46-year-old American actress isn’t only the one who plays Mary Magdalena in the 1999 production “Jesus,” but also a huge fan of juicing, as she’s actively drinking raw-pressed juices throughout the day. Her favorite seems to be a “green elixir” as she calls it, which consists of kale, spinach, apples, celery, cucumber, beet and lemons – and there’s no doubt that she looks so young and fresh whenever she appears on TV!

Celebrities That Love Juicing
Debra Messing

9. Blake Lively

We all know Blake Lively from her role as Carol Ferris in the 2011 production “Green Lantern,” but do you know that she’s also one of the celebrities who love juicing? Not surprisingly, she’s consistently drinking substantial amounts of these vitamin-packed smoothies, which also include a detox drink that helps her keep herself looking young, lovely, and… well, so lively!

Celebrities That Love Juicing
Blake Lively

8. January Jones

It’s no doubt that January looks so cool in her jeans since she’s frequently spotted drinking green juices. The “Mad Men” actress hasn’t only interpreted Emma Frost beautifully in X-Men: First Class, but she’s also sported some other roles throughout her career, and we’re starting to wonder whether her unimaginably young body was the reason. That wouldn’t surprise us since she’s keeping herself slim and so good-looking with juices!

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Celebrities That Love Juicing
January Jones

7. Nicole Richie

She debuted with her own jewelry line, and she’s been oftentimes appreciated for her great fashion style – that’s Nicole Richie, Lionel Richie’s adoptive daughter, and a real jewel for the fashion industry. However, she’s not only a talented 33-year-old woman, but also a celebrity who frequently drinks nourishing green juices as a better alternative to snacks and other unhealthy fast foods. On top of that, she’s even campaigned with Ryan Seacrest for Kim Kardashian to give juicing a try – nifty!

Celebrities That Love Juicing


6. Gwyneth Paltrow

She had a few smaller roles in movies like “Possession” and “Thanks for Sharing,” but she’s still the one who interpreted Pepper Potts in Iron Man 1 and 2, as well as The Avengers. To top that off, Gwyneth loves juicing – a lot actually, as she’s extremely devoted to green juice, particularly if it’s the one produced at Organic Avenue. Her favorite? A strawberry juice with oranges and kale, which is apparently what helps her maintain her super-thin silhouette.

Celebrities That Love Juicing
Gwyneth Paltrow

5. Norma Kamali

We know Norma as one of the greatest fashion designers in the world, but she’s much more than that. She’s her own cafeteria in Manhattan, known as Wellness Café, where she helps her customers approach a healthier lifestyle and stay slim. But besides selling those juices, she also slurps on them – and she seems to like them a lot.

Celebrities That Love Juicing
Norma Kamali

4. Alicia Silverstone

If you’ve ever tried to approach a greener or vegan lifestyle, chances are that you’ve heard about Alicia Silverstone already. She’s the author of “The Kind Diet,” and she’s also a popular vegan actress – the one who played the negative role in “Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed.” Aside from these, Alicia is a big adept of juicing, as she prefers drinking a big gulp of green juice instead of meat or dairy – an example we should take as well.

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Celebrities That Love Juicing

3. Megan Fox

She was the bad vampire girl in “Jennifer’s Body,” but she’s actively posing as a model for many magazines, too. However, Megan was recently spotted slurping from a big glass of green juice, which makes her truly one of the most popular celebs who love healthy living. It seems like Megan is also a positive influence in her boyfriend Brian Austin Green’s life as well, because the two were together the last time when she was spotted drinking juice.

Celebrities That Love Juicing
Megan Fox

2. Sadie Frost

Whenever you see Sadie Frost, you’ll certainly be extremely impressed by her amazingly youthful figure. Many women in their 40s don’t look as good as Sadie does, and her apparent secret is none other than green juice! Besides her flawless complexion, Sadie Frost has also very attractive legs, and a perfectly slim silhouette that rivals that of many top-class models in the world.

Celebrities That Love Juicing
Sadie Frost

1. Oprah

How could we not include Oprah on the list? Since Dr. Oz explained the benefits of green juice, Oprah is known to sip one or two glasses a day. She’s beyond a superfood role model – she’s the celebrity who managed to lose a substantial amount of weight after she’s decided that her look needs a change. At this time, Oprah is publishing various recipes on her own website, where readers can see exactly the juices that she’s personally drinking.

Celebrities That Love Juicing

Besides the top 10 celebrities that love juicing from above, there are many other important personalities who are fans of this healthy habit. Green juices are excellent if you’re trying to shed pounds or detox your body, not to mention that they fuel your body with energy, and give you a nutritional boost. Try drinking at least one glass of raw-pressed juice a day, and you’ll experience a huge change in how you look and feel.

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