Top 10 Best Zoos in the United States

From awesome tourist attractions that beg to be explored to luxurious tourist amenities, you always have a reason to visit USA. Indeed, USA has some of the most fascinating tourist attractions, among them zoos which beckon people to themselves with irresistible magnetism. Here is a sneak peak of the Top 10 Best Zoos that are very popular among tourists.

1. San Diego Zoo.

San Diego Zoo
San Diego Zoo

Located in Balboa Park, the San Diego zoo is one of the most famous and progressive zoos in the world. It houses more than 4000 animals of various species. Exhibits are often designed around a particular habitat and features various species that can be found side-by-side in the wild, along with their native horticulture. These exhibits range from an African rain forest to the coasts of Antarctica. Some of the animals that can be found in this zoo include several Galapagos tortoises, warthogs, 24 koalas, meerkats, lions, Bornean sun bears, giraffes, elephants, polar bears, sea lion shows and gorillas, to name but a few. Moreover, a stroll along the riverbed pathway leading to the crocodilian pool, tiger’s lair, and a swamp containing cattails and fallen trees accentuates the touring experience not to mention cooling shade, from orchid, coral and palm trees. Malayan tigers are a beauty to watch.

2. Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

According to statistics, this zoo experiences more than 2.4 million visitors annually. It lies on a 90-acre piece of land and houses 6300 animals of about 795 species. Gorillas, polar bears, African Leopards brown bears and Asian elephants are beauties to behold. Other animals available include the African gray parrot, African leopard, African lion, Aldabra tortoise, alligator, alligator snapping turtle, the American Bison, Amur tiger, arctic fox, Caribbean flamingo and the Eastern grey kangaroo. The recently opened Safari Africa and Safari gold club is the icing on the cake.

3. Lincoln Park zoo.

This is one of the oldest zoos in USA. It lies on a 35-acre piece of land. It is famous for lowland gorilla and Nature Boardwalk exhibits as well as polar bear shows. This zoo houses about 1250 animals, some of them being swans, buffaloes, foxes, peacocks, elk, penguins and wolves. The fact that entry is fee adds color to the already good package.

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4. Saint Louis zoo

Saint Louis zoo features about 20000 animals of over 650 species. The sight of Asian elephants, Chinese alligators, Amur tigers, lemurs, penguins and snow leopards in their natural environment gives an inkling that nature is at its best. Moreover, with increase in animal research, management and conservation policies in this zoo, it is expected that this will be the zoo of the future.

5. Los Angeles zoo

The variety of flora and fauna at this zoo introduces visitors to passion of the most profound kind, filling them with gratification as if heavenly ghosts have shown them a short cut to Paradise. The botanical garden exhibit is a must see, just like the natural environment that is reminiscent of Mother Nature holding a beauty contest. This zoo is owned, maintained and operated by the City of Los Angeles.

6. The Fort Worth

Tree-shaded meandering paths leading to large and lush exhibits are perhaps the most unforgettable features of this zoo. Primates, parrots, rhinos and raptors deserve honorable mention in this zoo, as does the Texas Wild exhibit which features trickling water, cloud forests and cool breezes.

7. Houston zoo.

A US tour cannot be complete without a firsthand feel of the beauty of the Houston zoo. This zoo features about 6000 species animals of close to 900 species including komodo dragon, sea lions, alligators, jaguars, baird’s tapir, Asian-clawed otters, grizzly bears, red pandas, mandrills and warthogs. The list is long. Though entry is not free, the amount charged is nothing compared to the satisfaction that this zoo epitomizes.

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8. Denver Zoological Gardens

Founded in 1986, this zoo houses about 4100 animals in their natural habitat. Some of these animals include African Penguins, bald eagles, harbor seals, hyenas, wolves, gibbons, tapirs, flying foxes and Asian elephants. The Bear Mountain exhibit, predator ridge exhibit and the Asian Tropics exhibits are irresistible, given the fact that the zoo is open every day of the year.

9. The National Zoological Park

This zoo has been rocking people’s world ever since 1887. It is famous for the Amazonia tropical river and forest. Tamarins, monkeys and komodo dragons are feats for the eyes. Its location at the heart of Washington DC is really convenient, and the giant panda cub Bao Bao featured in exhibits makes a tour of this zoo very memorable.

10. Brookfield Zoo

The Brookfield zoo houses more than 2300 animals including spider monkeys, white-cheeked gibbons and western lowland gorillas. The new great bear wilderness, butterflies, stingray bay, Australia house, big cats, fragile rainforest and habitat Africa forest exhibits are a few of the exhibits available in this zoo. Other attractions include carousel, dolphins in action, motor safari, stingray bay and zoo chats.

Indeed, our planet is amazingly rich and abundant with life. We share its land, water, and sky with a variety of wildlife. Seeing a wild animal in its natural environment can be one of life’s great moments. Zoos try to capture this beauty that nature has created by allowing us to take a glance at animals in habitats that mimic their natural environment. Perhaps that is why there are several zoos in the USA, the above named ones being just a few of them. These zoos are suitable for all types of tours, whether family or single tours as they always have something to teach everyone.

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