Top 10 Best Xbox One Games

The Xbox one is a great gaming console that packs great media functionality as well as many games. As a player, you should know which games to buy and which ones to avoid. Video game lovers are usually very picky when it comes to selecting the right game. The Xbox game that you buy should suit your style. You also have to choose between single-player and multi-player games. The following are the top 10 best Xbox one games.

1. Assassin’s creed IV (Black Flag)

This game is about Edward Kenway, the game hero who explores the Caribbean searching for wealth and hoping to return home to England as a respectable man. As much as he longs to return home, he finds the pirate life too appealing. Black Flag is set in a remarkable world with picturesque sights. Want to explore the open sea while engaging in fierce naval battles? This is the ideal game for you.

Best Xbox One Games
Assassin’s creed IV (Black Flag)

2. Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 combines breakneck infantry fighting with explosive car warfare to create a dream game. Whether you are stalking your enemies on foot or guiding fighter jets through enemy skies, each showdown is unpredictable and entertaining. It is the ideal choice for people who fancy raucous and incredibly massive multiplayer shootouts. Obliteration mode is a new feature that allows 2 teams to fight for the control of a bomb which is then used to blow up foe positions.

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Best Xbox One Games

3. Dead rising 3

This game has 3 times the number of zombies encountered in the second edition of Dead Rising. The opportunities for raucous bloodshed are immense. This edition of the game has a great weapon combination feature that allows players to tape two or more weapons together. Players can mow down the zombies using spiked-up forklift trucks or blast them with sex toy firing guns. The outlandish clothing and versatile weapons clash with the seemingly dangerous environment thus making the game stand out more.This game is silly but entertaining.

Best Xbox One Games
Dead rising 3

4. FIFA 14

FIFA fans get to enjoy riveting soccer matches. The players in FIFA 2014 are smarter, the crowds more realistic and passing the football is easier. Its superior animation brings each match to life making them appear more realistic.

Best Xbox One Games

5. TitanFall

The player gets to stamp around as an enormous robot, smashing all tiny moving objects into many dead pieces. The game intertwines high action with violent, titan battles to create battlefields which crackle with possibilities. It is ideal for robot lovers and people who like to be in control.

Best Xbox One Games

6. Child of Light

This is a game that borrows heavily from its Japanese role playing counterparts. However, its creators included a unique twist in the formula, using rhyming dialogue and beautiful hand-drawn visual images to present a fantasy story. Are you into fantasy games? This wonderfully realized but solemn adventure is the best choice for you.

Best Xbox One Games
Child of Light

7. Forza Motorsport 5

This is much more than a racing game; it is also a beautiful showcase of the accomplishments achieved by the Xbox one hardware. It boasts stunning visuals and has flawless car models. Forza Motorsport has a next generation feature where your performance data is gathered and used to build an Al version of you that shows your driving habits. This game is a race lover’s dream come true.

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Best Xbox One Games
Forza Motorsport 5

8. Rayman Legends

Rayman can swing, glide, run, leap and swim with an admirable kinetic grace that propels you forward. This game presents a dazzling and inventive affair that features colorful environments which are filled with interesting challenges. The movements in the game are so fluid that you end up getting lost in the rhythm. Rayman Legends provides a memorable single player experience but you can also choose the 4-player option.

Best Xbox One Games
Rayman Legends

9. Strider

Strider is a man who kills first and asks the questions later. From the minute you start your journey up to when you deal the last deathblow, Strider offers a great experience. Taking control of this lithe ninja feels very empowering. Once you complete the main adventure, you can attempt the challenge modes. This game is fun and can be played by anyone.

Best Xbox One Games

10. Peggle 2

This game is the embodiment of a wholesome gaming experience. It appears to be a very simplistic game at first glance but players end up being drawn to it. All you have to do is shoot a tiny ball at differently colored pegs that are scattered around one level. Each color signifies a different meaning in the game. When the ball drops out of play, all lit pegs disappear and you have to fire another shot. Peggle 2 is ideal for kids and people with good concentration.

Best Xbox One Games
Peggle 2

There are many other good Xbox one game , It is depend on what game you like, if you are adult; you may like Best Xbox One Games for Adults .

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