Top 10 Best Xbox One Games for Adults in 2020

Xbox One is very popular console among the gamers. Gaming experience is enhanced with Xbox One compared to other past gen consoles. There are few games that works amazing with Xbox Ones. Here is the list of top 10 best Xbox One games for adults in 2020.

10. Call of Duty Ghosts

Recent installment in the franchise has hooked all its buyers. Especially, multiplayer action is amazing. Many multiplayer maps have small destruction sets, which changes layout little bit, creating some excitement during matches. Single player campaign just like its predecessors offering jaw-dropping action sequences.

est Xbox One Games for Adults
Call of Duty Ghosts


9. Forza Motorsport 5

Forza is popular racing simulation game that has made its name among quality game. Game itself uses the most advanced game engine to give real simulation of racing. However, the game has fewer tracks than its predecessor but it has new Drivatar system, which pulls actual player behavior for modelling AI opponents that makes the single player games challenging. Game has shorter career mode but has great improvements in terms of gaming experience.

est Xbox One Games for Adults
Forza Motorsport 5

8. NBA 2K14

The power of Xbox One is best experienced with NBA 2K14. You can see how detailed and real the players look. Even the crowd is no longer based on six-character design. Xbox One’s hardware has improved the collision physics and animations, which is much better than last generation consoles. As far as gameplay goes not much has changed in game commentary, which many gamers consider a disappointment.

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est Xbox One Games for Adults
NBA 2K14

7. Wolfenstein-The New order

This game is made for those gamers who like blood and heavy shooting under chaos. Game is all about shooting with wide range of weapons. Enemies in the games are Nazis and their evil creations—robots. The environment is packed with action and with so much happening around you. With new character developments and gameplay, it certainly leaves long lasting impression on you.

Best Xbox One Games for Adults
Wolfenstein-The New order

6. Watch Dogs

Open-world games have gone through lot developments in recent times and Watch Dog gives you the best experience of them. Game is based on innovative concept where you can hack onto any system that is online. With Xbox One the experience of escaping police gets exciting with amazing detailed graphics unraveling before your eyes.

Best Xbox One Games for Adults
Watch Dogs

5. Titanfall

Titanfall is known for its online only campaign and it has excited many gamers around the world. Each multiplayer match is a story that has lot of excitement, and action. Sometimes you barely escape on evacuation ship or sometime crush other players under your feet. Game is fresh where you can run on walls, and drop your robots on your enemies.

Best Xbox One Games for Adults

4. Metro Redux

Metro is a first person shooter game and its previous editions were huge hit. Most of the population lives underground as most of the above world is under either heavy radiation or crawling with weird creatures. Metro has always been game for high-end devices and works amazing with Xbox One offering compelling visuals, interface tweaks, and additional modes. Redux is by far the best game in the series.

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Best Xbox One Games for Adults
Metro Redux

3. Assassin’s Creed 4

Story of Edward Kenway in Black Flag takes you on the journey of pirates attacking and looting enemies. It’s new addition in the Assassin’s creeds series where you realize the game is more than exciting pirate adventure. You can upgrade your ship, choose crew and even teach songs to your crewmen. Past editions have worked great with high-end devices and new Black Flag shines with Xbox One.

Best Xbox One Games for Adults
Assassin’s Creed 4

2. Tom Raider-Definitive

Lara Croft’s adventure game has come long way and with every edition it gets better. However, the new game brings you a Lara Croft who an amateur—do not know how to shoot or do amazing stunts. Even the visual have improved with new textures, enhanced lighting, amazing particle effects and additional DLC extras. Even if you haven’t played the past version, you can start with the latest one.

Best Xbox One Games for Adults
Tom Raider-Definitive

1. Battlefield 4

Battlefield has defined the first person shooter games and offers the most number of large scale multiplayers components on any gaming console. Single player campaign offers great interactive experience—probably the best among all FPS games. New online multiplayer concept called levolution, which takes players action in account and brings about changes in the level, is industry’s new standard.

Best Xbox One Games for Adults
Battlefield 4

This top 10 best Xbox One games for adults is small list that shows the power of next generation Xbox One. As rapid the developments have occurred in gaming industry, the Xbox One was necessary for ultimate gaming experience.


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