Top 10 Best Wireless Keyboards in 2020

Working sited close to a computer monitor that is surrounded by so many tangled wires is very disorganized and uncomfortable. With technologies increasing every day, a wireless keyboard has been designed to help you solve the inconveniences associate with wired keyboards. A wireless keyboard gives a user a cordless experience since it uses infrared beams to send the typed information to a receiver that is plugged on your computer in turn making it possible for you to have a mobile office.

When is it the right time to get rid of your wired keyboards, you will be faced with a difficult decision in choosing a wireless keyboard that meets your needs from a variety of wireless keyboards, with each having a different design, price and feature from the other. A quality wireless keyboard is one that you can easily use away from your desk, allows you to input a good amount of data at your own comfort and speed as well as one that boosts your efficiency and productivity at work. This articles outlines a clear comparison of the best 10 wireless keyboards in 2020 you can choose from.

1. Logitech Mk550 Wave Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Combo

This wireless keyboard is extra-large, a feature that helps you to access applications easily using the hot keys in turn giving you a satisfactory user experience. It has a cushioned and consistent curve design that gives you a natural typing comfort. In addition, it comes with a long life battery able to last up to 2 years before you do a replacement.

Product Feature:

  • K350 model keyboard and M510 Mouse include
  • Great designed keyboard with a comfort wave design
  • Contoured laser mouse with rubber grips gives you smooth, precise cursor control
  • It is very easy for typing
  • Operate up to 30 feet (10 meters) with the receiver in clear sight of the keyboard and mouse

1. Logitech Combo MK550

2. Logitech K380

Easy switch button in Logitech K380 keyboard makes the keyboard shareable among multiple devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets hence solving the problem of having to use different keyboards for different devices. This keyboard comes with a long lasting battery that keeps the keyboard power for up to 24 months. In addition, it has slightly curved round buttons that have quality and good amount of travel hence making it easy for you to type.

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Product Feature:

  • Unique and Awsome desing 
  • It is easy to carry around your home for familiar typing in any room
  • Automatically recognizes each device and maps keys to give you a familiar layout, including shortcuts
  • Two year battery life

2. Logitech K380

3. Microsoft Universal Foldable wireless Keyboard

This keyboard works across devices such as Android, tablets and windows phone hence saves you the trouble of switching between keyboards for each device all the times. The foldable design that comes with it makes the keyboard sleek and light in weight thereby enabling you to carry it in your pocket, bag or purse when travelling. A common problem facing most people is loss of their electronics to water accidents, with this keyboard you do not need to worry because it comes with a keyset that repels water and a quality fabric that protects it against accidents. In addition, its smart Bluetooth 4.0 technology consumes less power making it possible for a fully charged battery to last for up to 3 months while still in use on a single charge in turn increasing the battery life of the keyboard.

3. Microsoft Universal Foldable wireless Keyboard

4. Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard

The wireless solar board K750 has inbuilt solar panels that consistently recharge it. What makes this keyboard very outstanding is the ability to charge it with any form of lighting and not necessarily sun. It is also very sleek, a feature that gives you a decent amount of feel thus making portable .This keyboard has a membrane keyboard that has a wireless dongle that can accommodate Logitech devices such as mouse as well as the capability of storing a substantial amount of charge that can last up to three continuous months.

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750

5. Ivation 2.4 GHz Wireless Keyboard

This keyboard comes with a special feature , LED illumination that is complimented by its keys that are have visible and bold printed letters enabling you to type accurately and without much strain. With the LED illumination, you don’t need to light your entire room leading to less distraction and improved focus while typing. This keyboard uses 2.4 GH wireless technology and when within a radius of 32 feet from the computer, it can perform accurate input while typing.

Ivation 2.4 GHz Wireless Blue LED Letter Illuminated Computer Keyboard

6. JETech 2.4G Wireless Keyboard

This keyboard has a plug and play feature that allows you to plug in a Nano USB in your computer by turning on the keyboard in order to create an interface between the keyboards to your computer. This in turn enables you to start typing right away within a radius of 33 feet from the computer. This feature is therefore very popular with users who require high levels of input convenience. In addition, the keyboard comes with an automatic power saving feature that switches the keyboard off after some minutes of in activity thereby saving the keyboard batteries.

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ETech 2.4G Wireless Keyboard

7.Caseflex Ultra Slim Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard For All iOS, iPad, Android, Mac, & Windows Devices

Caseflex Ultra Slim Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard has a light weight and super slim design that enables you to carry it with ease during your daily movement or when travelling. It has a set of rubber feet that are adjustable in any angle when performing ergonomic typing. This sleek keyboard is also capable of responding to any amount of typing pressure applied hence enabling you to enjoy the convenience of typing all the times.



  • It is compatible With All iOS, Android, Mac, And Windows Devices 
  • It has portable Wireless Keyboard
  • Ultra Slim, Lightweight & Compact Design 
  • Green LED Power Indicator.

Caseflex Ultra Slim Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard For All iOS, iPad, Android, Mac, & Windows Devices

8. Arion Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless 4.3mm Ultra Slim Keyboard With Touchpad for Android iPad Mac

Arion Rapoo E6700 has a back lit keypad that you can adjust to using manual or auto brightness hence providing an ambiance as well as simplifying your typing in the dark. It comes with a glass panel touchpad that gives you smooth cursor control as well as multi-touch gestures such as scroll and zoom. Yyou can experience reliable and fast browsing from a long range without any interferences from other WI-FI and Bluetooth devices. In addition, charging the keyboard is safe since it uses a wireless charging stand. It is boasting to be the world’s THINNEST keyboard with thinnest edge only 4.3mm.

Arion Rapoo E6700 Bluetooth 3.0


  • Multi-function keyboard with touchpad
  • Thinnest keyboard with thinnest edge only 4.3mm. 
  • 3.0 Bluetooth 10 meters two-way wireless transmission technology
  • Built-in environment-friendly lithium battery.

9. Gyration Wireless Air Mouse GO Plus and Wireless Compact Keyboard Bundle GYM1100CKNA – Energy Star Qualified

Gyration Wireless Keyboard comes equipped with 88 special keys and ergonomic styling that makes it best for PowerPoint or conferences presentations .This keyboard is accompanied with an air mouse that allows you to click and point without need for underlying pads. It also has quick responsive typing action that allows you to use it within a radius of 30feet away from the computer for accurate typing.

Gyration Wireless Air Mouse GO Plus and Wireless Compact Keyboard Bundle GYM1100CKNA


  • Use MotionSense technology 
  • Incorporates 2.4 GHz RF technology without line-of-sight limitations
  • Range of up to 100 feet (30m) and USB 2.4 GHz receiver.
  • It designed with right and left buttons and 3 assignable buttons for customer control of application commands.
  • Includes MotionTools software
  • Portable Compact Keyboard

10. HP Wireless Elite Keyboard v2

This is an ultra-thin and high end wireless keyboard that has uses a scissor switch mechanism to operate its low profile keys. This mechanism enables you to type quietly and smoothly. In addition, it has a 2.4 GHz wireless connection that is highly reliable and is able to offer you simplicity and convenience of typing from a long range.

HP Wireless Elite Keyboard v2


  • Includes fast-access hot keys, versatile function keys and built-in number pad.
  • It is easy for typing because it has responsive key strokes.
  • It is adjustable with 2 different positions and 4 hot keys
  • It can works with most desktops and notebooks.

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