Top 10 Best Ways To Keep A Good Relationship With Family

 More often than not we normally take our families for-granted and we don’t treat one another with respect, although the 1st people we expect to-be there in times of need is our family. To make those around us feel appreciated we must treat-them with respect & show them they’re important to us. Just as we’ve to work on friendships we should work on keeping good relationships with our families. It’s family that teaches us how to live and function in today’s world. Meanwhile, do not forget to read one good article about Top 10 Tips to Get Happiness in Family Life

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Top 10 Best Ways To Keep Good Relationship With Family:

1. Allow the family members to express their own ideas and feelings: Maintain eye contact when talking, do not interrupt and watch your body language as it’ll build a mutual-understanding between you and the family members. Always remember that effective communication is a foundation of good relationships as it promotes knowledge-of each others’ problems, needs and whims.

2. Understand your family-members well: If you do not, there may occur many fights and misunderstandings. Spend time with them when you can and try to get to know each other better. Many families nowadays do not get to know each-other well because they are too busy. Try and plan family time, like going out for a movie, a family game, or even just eating a dinner together. Ensure you spare the time for them whenever they need your help and don’t take them for-granted. If they do a nice deed for you, ensure you appreciate it and tell them.

3. Listen to each other actively: Give them your full-attention, you can turn off the radio or TV when they are talking to you or put aside what you’re doing. Focus on what they are telling you, instead of thinking about your response or reaction to what’s being said. (You will have time for that.) Listen for how they are feeling and relay-back what you heard/think they were telling you and how they’re feeling. You should resist giving them advice or your response til you’re certain you’ve fully understood what they were telling to you.

4. Encourage your family members to talk and share their feelings and thoughts: A strong family allows all the members, no matter the age, to share their feelings & thoughts. This doesn’t mean that they’re not respectful of one-another, but rather feelings & ideas are respected.

5.Everyone should express themselves in good, appropriate ways, like with “I” messages not “you” messages:  When one feels respected and heard, they normally feel much better about themselves and are more open-to solving problems/issues.

6. Family rituals: To keep a good relationship with family members, you will need to spend more time together. In today’s busy-world it may be rather difficult for a family to find enough time to spend together. All good relationships require attention. Some family rituals may offer a set-time for a family to be together and give one another the attention needed. A family-ritual can be a time that’s set aside on regular basis for a family-get-together. This can be having a dinner together, celebrating holidays together or going to the church together. It’s important that the family ritual be known and predictable and other activities aren’t allowed in anyway upset it. A family ritual will help define exactly who we’re as a family. It’ll allow time for a family to-be together, share experiences with each other, and reconnect with one another.

7. A strong family handles conflicts fairly: Each and every family will have conflicts at certain times. It is a natural part-of all human relationships. A strong family is able to work-through the things they disagree on by focusing on problems and issues, instead of tearing each-other down.

8. To keep a good relationship, a family needs to develop trust: A strong and healthy family recognizes the importance-of developing trust. Trust is like a glue which holds good relationships together. You can develop trust by; Giving each other opportunities to earn trust, Showing other family members that they can be trusted and following through with things you said/promised to do.

9. Allow other family members to make amends: Taking responsibility for our bad and good behaviors is also key to keeping a good relationship with family.

10. Family should provide warmth and love to all its’ members:  A strong-family will give its’ members support in times of need so as to make it through the life’s toughest times. A strong family has open-lines of communication, where all the family members feel respected and heard. One of the best-ways to strengthen a family is increasing our listening skills.

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