Top 10 Best Umbrellas in 2020 Reviews

To many people, an umbrella is no more than a shield from the elements. However, smart shoppers know that there are those umbrellas that go beyond the mere functions of ordinary ones. These are the kinds of umbrellas that provide elegance and a sense of class for their users, in addition to shielding them from the rain, wind or intense heat. Join me as I introduce you to the top 10 best umbrellas in 2020.

#10. The Haas-Jordan 68-Inch Hurricane 345

This is a monster of an umbrella. With a canopy spanning 68 inches, this umbrella can provide coverage for almost the whole family. It can also stand driving rain and blowing wind, and is therefore a perfect fit for use on the golf course.


  • It is 100% made of Nylon
  • The weight is light that make it easy carry
  • It has golf towel bar modification system
  • It has solid fiberglass ribs
  • burled walnut fiberglass shaft
  • slip resistant Pro-Grip rubber handle

Haas-Jordan 68-Inch Hurricane 345 Tour Plus Umbrella

#9. The RainStoppers kids Umbrella

This is an umbrella designed for the stylish kids. With its firm ribbing and a sturdy shaft and handle, it is your true master against the rain.


  • It is 100% made of Polyester
  • We can open it manual
  • Metal Shaft, Ribs, and Round Plastic Tips
  • The weight is light that make it easy carry
  • 190T Polyester Fabric
  • Safety 

RainStoppers Girl's Umbrella

#8. The Lewis N. Clark Automatic Travel

Compactness and ruggedness is what defines this umbrella. Its features include;

  • Full-size umbrella folds to a compact 10.25-Inch
  • 37-Inch canopy automatically opens and closes at the touch of a button
  • Steel, Polyester
  • Includes with storage sleeve
  • The weight is light that make it easy carry just 10.0 Ounces
  • Ability to withstand heavy rains and gusts of wind.
  • A large diameter canopy that can cover two people efficiently.
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#7.Auto Umbrella – Upscale and Elegant – Strong Waterproof, Windproof, Compact

This umbrella is a perfect manifestation of designer ingenuity. You will never find any travel umbrella that can be opened as quickly in less than a second as this one.While breaking away from the conventional circular umbrellas, Auto Umbrella features a unique ovular design and is capable of sheltering two adults from the rain. high quality construction makes the umbrella the most sturdy and durable travel umbrella on the market. The extra durable wind resistant frame systems prevents the umbrella from easily flipping inside out and stays sturdy even when the wind is strong. That’s what you need to take along as a must have travel companion.


  • Fiberglass resists corrosion to prevent wear and breakage.
  • Premium Quality Canopy Is Made With Pongee 

Auto Umbrella


#6. The Totes Clear Bubble

When it rains, your view of the world needs not blocked. Thanks to the clear bubbly canopy of this umbrella, you can still get the chance to see through the rain quite literally.


  • PVC
  • The deep dome provides extra rain protection
  • You can wee clearly through the special super clear PVC
  • Manual operation with metallic crook handle
  • This product is water repellent

Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella

#5. The Cloud Nine Rain Ducky

This is one umbrella that can give your kids a reason to smile even when it rains. Considering its duck-billed canopy, you can be sure it is not something the kids will forget to carry whenever they venture into foul weather. Some of its features include;

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-An extended coverage provided by the duck bill.

-3D Duck Design with full size 36″ arc

-Manual Open

-Most of them feature bright colors for an extra warm glow.


#4.60 MPH Windproof Umbrellas Various Colors “Guaranteed Lifetime Replacement Program”

This umbrella is a perfect fit for the martial arts enthusiasts, thanks to its design that is unique. Other features include;

-Guaranteed for life (6000 opens) we replace it if there is a problem

– Rated for high winds will not break or tear under 60+ MPH winds

-Abrasion resistant, mold resistant and water repellent build to manage any condition

60 MPH Windproof Umbrellas Various Colors

#3. The Plemo Rainbow Automatic Folding Travel

If you are looking for an umbrella that will enable your little ones to learn a bit of the colors while staying dry, then look no further than the Plemo Rainbow Automatic Folding Travel. Featuring 8 brightly colored panels, there couldn’t be a better way to add some warmth even in the face of the gloomiest weather conditions. Other features include;

-A 37’’ diameter canopy for maximum coverage.

-Packed down to size of just 11.5’’ so it may fit in most backpack.

-Its bright colors provide visibility.

-The small canopy makes it ideal for city use.

PLEMO Rainbow Automatic Folding Travel Umbrella

#2. Totes Auto Open Wood Stick Umbrella

What strikes most about this umbrella is its timeless elegance. If you are looking for size, it’s got that too, thanks to its 48’’ canopy. Main features include;

-Sturdy design.

-100% polyester fabric.

Totes Auto Open Wood Stick Umbrella

#1. The GustBuster Metro 43-Inch Automatic Umbrella

This is rather a simple umbrella which offers sufficient rain protection for two. The main features of this umbrella include;

-Its ability to pack away small enough for travel.

-Its ability to withstand gusts of wind of up to 50 miles per hour.

-Available in more than a dozen colors.

GustBuster Metro 43-Inch Automatic Umbrella

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