Top 10 Best Tips to Make Your Cat Happy

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Cat is a best friends in house for many reason. you need to ensure that your cat is not only healthy but also happy being with you and living, in your house. If you decide to own a cat, it is your duty to make that your cat is as comfortable as possible and this is what will contribute to their happiness. Even cat live in comfortable way in the home with food but we also need to provide them enough time and space for them to play.Your cat does not have to be happy only when they see you and your family spend time with them, they need to be happy whether you are home or not. Here are top 10 best tips to make your cat happy.

1. Be A friend with your cat

cats are nasty pets and you need to try to  be their friend. This means that you will have to treat them well and have a positive vibe when you are near them. animal also similar to the human, they need friends and family so it means that your cat do not want to live alone. 

2. Bring your cat outside sometime.

Try to bring your cat to outside by walkin it on a leash with a harness.  you should compensate this by walking your cat regularly. Get a comfortable collar and a leash long enough to control your cat and sometimes run with them when they want to just to make them feel happy. When you take it outside, you also need to protect them from danger of living outside your home.

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3. Place and chance to scratch

Cat is animal that like scratching. If you own a cat you need provide them a change or place to scratch to make ti happy. Cat always scratch and this is their habit of doing so, you need to provide your cat a sturdy and long scratching post and please do not annoy it when it scratching.

4. Have time to play with your cat

Since your cat is your friend, you need to ensure you have created ample time to play with them. This gives them the feeling that you care about them and consequently makes them happy. Spend a few minutes everyday playing with your cat using their toys or just teach them to catch animal as the way that can want to do.

5. Cat Illnesses treat

Any pets always have illness or heal issues so you need to have cat illnesses treated promptly. This make your that you need to have a vet who can recommend the best treatment option for your cat health issue. It means protect is better than cure because it can protect from the bad things that will happen to your cat.

6. Get toys for your cat

You must have learned that cat are playful and scratch on different objects that is similar to animal like mouse. To make them happy as natural so you need to provide some toy for them to play and busy.

7. Train Your cat

Whether it is obedience training or teaching your cat to do a trick, training is one of the most interesting activities for a cat. When you are training your cat, make sure that you use positive reinforcement to keep them interested and happy about the training sessions.

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8. Feed Your cat in each meal time

Food is important thing that make your cat healthy and when they are healthy they will be happy. Their brains thinks a lot about food and for them to be happy, you will have to meet their feeding needs because when your cat see you eating they also want eating so to  ensure that your cat is satisfied especially in the morning and in the evening. 

9. Have other cat as partner 

Even we are owner of cat give them good good, place, space and treatment , but it also want a real friend as the cat the same so you need to get another kitty to make your cat happy. So you need to find other cat to play with them and make sure you treat all cats equally with good space to live for them.

10. Make your cat Comfort

A comfortable cat is a happy cat. If your cat lives in the house make sure they have a specific place they sleep such as a crate or do something. You need to make that place comfort to the natural of the cat.




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