The Top 10 Best Singers Of All Time

From early musicians like Elvis Presley to Beyonce or even Justin Bieber’s , many artists have graced different stages albeit at different times in history. With many singers coming up every other day, there are others whose talent, performance and stage presence impacted many fans all over the world. Of course there are some promising music artists on the world stage now and some will also rise up later but there are some singers who set the stage for the now famous musicians. Here are top 10 best singers of all time.

10. John Lennon

In his earlier Beatles days, John Lennon had great vocals and his songwriting partnership with fellow band member Paul McCartney contributed greatly to the Beatles’ success.

Best Singers Of All Time

9. Paul McCartney

A great songwriter, Paul McCartney had great vocals and was great contribution to the success of the Beatles. Just like MJ or Elvis Presley he also had a great vocal range.

Best Singers Of All Time

8. Elton John

An English singer, songwriter, pianist and composer, Elton john has won 5 British awards, 6 Grammy Awards among many other achievements. He has also sold more than 5 million records in his 5-decade career. Elton has more than 50 Top 40 hits and was ranked the most successful top male artist by Billboard in 2008.

Elton John


7. Madonna

She is one of the greatest singer whose contribution and voice will always be remembered. Madonna definitely knows how to use her voice, a quality that made her a queen of pop since her career started decades ago.

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Best Singers Of All Time

6. Marvin Gaye

With songs such as “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” , the Grammy Award winning Sexual Healing and Midnight Love albums and other great hits, Marvin Gaye was the prince of Motown records. He performed great duets and his later recordings also influenced Rn B sub-genres like quiet storm and neo-soul.

Marvin Gaye

5. Maria Carey

She started with her self-titled debut studio album, Maria Carey and went on to become one of the world most iconic Rn B & pop singer of all time. Her records and songs always stayed top of the music billboards and charts. She has sold more than 200 millions records and though her music became more of a hip hop-soul, she is still one of the top 10 best singers of all time.

Best Singers Of All Time

4. Whitney Houston

How many singers can control their voices and sing in different pitches? My answer would be, a few. Yet Whitney Houston could and she also features among the top 10 best singers of all time thanks to her beautiful voice that you could listen all day. She sang with passion which made her a great musician. Only if she didn’t have to turn to drugs. But still her music prowess is hard to challenge.

Whitney Houston

3. Elvis Presley

You may wonder what is usually wrong with famous musicians especially younger ones. If you can just think of Justin Bieber for a moment and for all the wrong reasons, then you would think he is Elvis Presley’s evil twin. An attractive singer with a beautiful voice, Elvis Presley started singing as a teenager, recording songs in studio and even performed in live concerts. Presley could and usually did sing almost any type of music, a feat that recorded singers have yet to achieve. Apart from his looks and great voice, his on-stage moves also helped him become a rock star.

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Elvis Presley


2. Freddie Mercury

With his unique voice, sweet sense of humor and bight character, Freddie Mercury was just an adorable and much loved singer. It is usually hard to find male artists dominating the music charts and staying top for a long time. Freddie mercury however achieved such feat with popular songs such as Who Wants to Live Forever” or “The Show Must Go On” that left a mark in his generation. He was a great vocalist with a voice that cannot easily be replicated. Besides, he is also Lady Gaga’s idol.

Freddie Mercury

1. Michael Jackson

First in the list of the top 10 best singers of all time is Michael Jackson, a true talent and a King of Pop. He started out much like Justin Bieber though at a younger age. From singing in the Jackson 5, he went on to become a superstar with hit songs such as Billie Jean and Thriller . With his vocal range of 4 octave, Michael Jackson had amazing voice control ability and could sing just about every genre of music. He could also sing in vibrato. As a stage performer, MJ was in a world of his own. He was a great dancer whose music inspired both passion and emotions across many fans.

Michael Jackson

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  1. Where the heck is Robert Plant ? Take of the stupid list madonna and Lennon and put freakin’ Plant and Sinatra and even better take away Carey and put Dylan.

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