Top 10 Best Selling Indian Authors Books

Indian Authors have always produced many highly acclaimed English fiction books that have gained several prestigious awards in the past decades. Although, English was passed over to India through colonial culture, the Indian top Authors find the perfect words to express their stories as world class novel writers. Check out the following top 10 best selling Indian Authors books but it is not best selling book of all time.

1. The God of Small Things

The God of small things was written by Arudhati Roy. This book won the Booker Prize award of 1997 and still stands as the most celebrated novel on literary platform. This book is set in Kerala and revolves around lives of 2 children; Esthepa and Rahel and how they weave their childhood experiences while coping with their dysfunctional family. It narrates a tale of love, betrayal and kinship.

Best Selling Indian Authors Books
The God of Small Things

2. Shadow Lines

This Book was written by Amitav Ghosh. Shadow lines is about the border that marks the limit of your imagination & memories. It revolves around a narrator who trys consistently to juggle through memories of events of the past and events of the present in hope to find critical answers to his life.

Best Selling Indian Authors Books
Shadow Lines

3. Fasting, Feasting

Fasting, Feasting was written by Anita Desai. This book was shortlisted in 1999 for the Booker awards because of its fine writings. This story reveals the entrenched patriarchal family systems in Indian. Set in a little town, it narrates the tale of Uma who is imprisoned by her family, forcing her to give up her ambitions and aspirations.

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Best Selling Indian Authors Books
Fasting, Feasting

4. A Suitable Boy

The author of this book is ViKram Seth. This book won the common wealth writer award in 1994. It has over 1400 pages, which makes it the longest Indian novel ever to be published. It is about a mother who searches for a suitable boy for her daughter to marry during post independence period in India. The book is an epic about love, romance, families and politics.

Best Selling Indian Authors Books
A Suitable Boy

5. Train to Pakistan

Written by Khushwant Singh, this book narrates the events that were marked in India in the year 1947; the partition of India. The novel is haunting narrative about war, conflict and violence seeks to formulate social understanding without taking sides or making political commentary.

Best Selling Indian Authors Books
Train to Pakistan

6. Cutting for Stone

It was published in 2009 and it is about twins; Shiva and Marion who are born to a British surgeon and Indian nun, later orphaned by their dad disappearance and death of their mum while in Addis Ababa. This book is about medicine, family and betrayal.

Best Selling Indian Authors Books
Cutting for Stone

7. The immortals

The immortals was written by Amit Chaudhary and published in 2009. It has a Bombay set up of late 70’s and early 80’s, and looks at two families whose fortunes were connected by music. It is about music in the modern world. It is a must read for those who are music inclined.

Best Selling Indian Authors Books
The immortals

8. An Obedient Father

An Obedient father was published in 2000, written by US based Indian, Akhil Sharma. This novel revolves around a politician called Ram Karan. He sexually abused his daughter while she was a young girl, who latter is widowed and is forced to move in with her dad and her eight year old daughter. It is all about consequences.

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Best Selling Indian Authors Books
An Obedient Father

9. The Bankster

The Bankster was written by Ravi Subranian. It is an installment of banking trilogy by the Subramanian. It revolves around a self proclaimed banker, John Grishanm of Bank Thrillers and how he comes out with excellent financial thriller. This book is worth reading.

Best Selling Indian Authors Books
The Bankster

10. The White Tiger

The White Tiger is by Aravind Adiga and was published in 2008. This book won the prestigious Booker Awards in fiction category on its debut. This book is about how a son of a rickshaw puller working as chauffer in Delhi kills his boss then flies to Bangalore after stealing his boss’s money. He later becomes a successful businessman. It is a fancy fiction story.

Best Selling Indian Authors Books
The White Tiger

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