Top 10 Best Restaurants in New York

New York City is endowed with thousands of eating places that offer a variety of delicious cuisines from different parts of the world. You can easily spot a restaurant that blends the traditional Italian cuisines with the Japanese or Chinese foods as you walk in the streets of New York. Here is a list of the top 10 restaurants in New York selected from thousands of eating joints that provide serene locations for revitalizing the body energy. Meanwhile, do not forget to read about Top 10 Best Travel Destination In USA

10. Jean Georges

Best Restaurants in New York
Jean Georges

Regarded as one of the fast-growing eating places in New York, Jean Georges provides a great fusion of the traditional French cuisine with a number of Asian foods. Under the stewardship of Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, this restaurant harmonizes different cooking cultures represented by the diverse nationalities residing in the city of New York. Some of the common dishes available at jean Georges include Yellowfin Tuna Ribbons, herbal lemongrass sauce, halibut steamed with Kaffir lime and spicy radish mixed with ginger marinade. Jean Georges is a simple restaurant that is designed to provide undemanding possibilities with fine food provisions. Restaurant Location: Train A, C, B, D, 1, 9 to 59th St-Columbus Cir (212-299-3900, 212-356-0688)

9. Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque

Best Restaurants in New York
Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque

A charming place to have a decent barbeque that will help you strike hunger in a relaxed and fulfilling way. Mighty Quinn’s provide a unique way of munching on smoked beef rib that is relatively moist and peppery as opposed to the smoky walls of meat common in other barbeque joints that are located in and around the city of New York. This eating place offer delicious and palatable barbeque cuisines such as the infamous smoked chicken wings glazed with sesame seeds, making it one of the favorite eateries in New York, where one can relax and forget about their worries. Restaurant Location: 103 Second Avenue (Sixth Street), East Village, 212-677-3733.

8. Sushi Yasuda

Best Restaurants in New York
Sushi Yasuda

Chef Naomichi Yasuda is well known for his simplicity, it is therefore not a surprise that the Sushi Yasuda restaurant is designed with utmost minimalism with open spaces and bamboo plank walls. The restaurant offers a great opportunity of sharing lenience in an engaging way. Eat filets of fish among other dishes that will keep you coming back for more. Sushi Yasuda is a perfect example of a restaurant that is a safe move, where whenever you come, you eat the same classic dishes again and again. Restaurant Location: Train S, 4, 5, 6, 7 to 42nd St-Grand Central. (212-972-1001).

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7. Hanjan

Best Restaurants in New York

The Highly Hanjan restaurant in New York is one of the finest you can get in this part of the universe. For those of us who enjoy eating Korean food and drinks, then this is one place that you cannot afford to miss out on. It is also a perfect eating place for those who would like to start to develop a liking of the Korean food. This restaurant is equipped with above the board, world class service provision that leaves you comfortable and makes you feel at home while eating. The superb Chefs and magnificent staff also help in raising the standard of the Hanjan restaurant which is also known for its supreme customer hospitality status. Wave your chopstick around as you munch on a variety of traditional dishes with distinct flavors. Restaurant Location: 36 West 26th Street, Midtown South, 212-206-7226.

6. Le Bernardin

Best Restaurants in New York
Le Bernardin

Elegance, pride, class –Le Bernardin is a classic example of a restaurant that you should reserve for special occasions. The staff, working under the supervision of Eric Ripert are known for there hospitality, professionalism and dedication in delivering quality delicacies. Get a firsthand experience of seafood dishes such as the Kobe Beef and the Lobster Surf n’ Turf and lacquered grouper with Safrito broth as you dine with some of the New York elites. Restaurant Location: Train, B, D, F, Q to 47-50th St-Rockefeller Center (212-554-1515).

5. Eleven Madison Park

Best Restaurants in New York
Eleven Madison Park

Enjoy traditional French dishes, Irish cuisines and many more as you experience New York in a unique way. Get served with fresh healthy meals rich in low fat in a casual-dining atmosphere. Have a feel of the Irish breakfast platter including the well-known bangers, shepherd’s pie, and the mash. This restaurant is also famous because guests get the opportunity to view every soccer game imaginable, play darts and pools while they are served with special drinks. Eleven Madison Park also provides meals which can be classified into sea foods, both Mexican and Jamaican cuisines and also French and Asian dishes. Restaurant Location: Train, N, R, 6 to 23rd St (212-889-0905, 646-747-2583).

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4. Carbone

Best Restaurants in New York

Get a glimpse of one of the most thrilling Italian-American eating joints located in a popular New York street that provides a perfect background to enjoy your shrimp, lobster and many other seafood dishes that are fished in the deep sea waters as far as off the coast of Scotland. Engage in an enchanting conversation with one of the founders and chief chef, Mario Carbone as you munch your delicacies in what is described as New York’s finest seafood restaurant. Restaurant Location: 181 Thompson Street (Bleecker Street), Greenwich Village, 212-254-3000.

3. Per Se

Best Restaurants in New York
Per Se

Developed in 2004, under the stewardship of Thomas Keller, Per se is one of the few restaurants in New York that mix a sense of fashion, inclusivity and quality cuisines to provide a perfect eating place. Enjoy comfortable interiors, designed to make you feel at home as you munch on your favorite dishes in a thrilling manner. Per se also provide thrilling views of lower Central Park with beautiful images that will last long in your memory. Enjoy forest mushrooms and other infamous delicacies in this beautiful restaurant. Restaurant Location: Train, A, B, C, D, 1, 9 to Columbus Cir (212-823-9335).

2. Chef’s Table

Best Restaurants in New York
Chef’s Table

Located at Brooklyn Fare, Chef’s table provide a cool destination for chilling out away from the busy streets of Manhattan. This tiny 18-seat restaurant offers a wide range of dishes for both tourists and New York residents. Enjoy flavorsome wines, amazing French and traditional English cuisines in this simple Brooklyn restaurant. Location: Train, A, C, G at Hoyt-Schermerhorn, 2, 3 at Hoyt St. (718-243-0050).

1. Sushi Nakazawa

Best Restaurants in New York
Sushi Nakazawa

Topping our list of top 10 best restaurants in New York is the infamous Sushi Nakazawa. Developed by Alessandro Borgognone, this restaurant offers simple seafood on rice that provides overall satisfaction in exceptional way. Enjoy Sushi and other traditional Japanese cuisines at relatively low prices at the Sushi Nakazawa. This modern restaurant is developed in an amazing location that provides a perfect one-stop eating joint for travelers passing through the City of New York. Restaurant Location: 23 Commerce Street (Bedford Street), West Village, 212-924-2212.

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