Top 10 Best Religions in the World 2020

According to Factbook the population of the whole world is nearly 7.1 Billion. This population is distributed in several religions like christian,Islam,Hindu etc. When we speaks about religious beliefs then thoughts like ideas, see regarding the entire world in mankind, system of the complied with faith culture and also spirituality hits mind.  Here is the list of Top 10 best Religions in the World 2020 based on the numbers of followers.

10. Sikhism

The Sikhism religion was founded nearly 500 years back by Guru Nanak and is mainly spread in Punjab state of India. Approximately 10 Million people are following this religion.The origins of Sikhism depend on the teachings of Guru Nanak and his successors. The essence of Sikh teaching is summarized by Guru Nanak in these words: “Realization of Truth is more than all else. Sikh training emphasizes the principle of equality of all humans and also turns down discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, and also gender.


Best Religions in the World

9. Judaism

Judaism religion was founded about 3700 years ago by Abahram Jewish viewpoint describes the conjunction between significant research of approach and also Jewish theology. Significant Jewish thinkers consist of Solomon ibn Gabirol, Saadia Gaon, Judah Halevi, Maimonides, and also Gersonides.


Best Religions in the World

8. Shintoism

Shintoism was founded nearly 2500 years back in Japan. This is the most following religion in Japan and nearly 30 million people are following this .The key scriptures of Shinto are kojiki,Nikongi and yangisiki and the religion are followed based on the teaching of these books.

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Best Religions in the World

7. Jainism

Jainism begun nearly 2500 year back in India and it was founded by Nathputra Vardhman .The religion is followed by nearly 60 million people .The major scripture of Jainism are Siddhantas and The Jain Agamas.Jainism religion contain 2 sects Digambara and sevatambara.

Best Religions in the World

6. Confucianism

Confucianism started about 2500 years back in China and it was founded by K’ung-fu-tsu (Confucius) and Meng-tsu (Mencius).
The Philosophical Reviews is the major religious scripture of this religion. This religion is followed by nearly 350 million people .

Best Religions in the World

5. Taoism

It was founded nearly 2500 years back by Lao tzu in China. Nearly 350 million people is following this religion .Book of reason and virtue is the major scripture of Taoism and this is the shortest scripture of the world of any religion which is having 5000 words only.

Best Religions in the World


Buddhism was founded 2500 years back by Gouthma Buddha in India.The Tripitaka, Sutta-Nipata, Samyutta-Nikaya, Anguttara-Nikaya and Fhammapada are the major scripture of this religion . More than 370 million people are following the Buddhism religion worldwide.
Buddhism is mainly divided into three sects Theravada ,Mahayana and Vajrayana.

Best Religions in the World

3. Hinduism

Hindusim is the oldest religion or dharma in the world and is also called sanatana dharma and there is no specific founder of this dharma or religion. Hindusim has no beginning and this is having many major scriptures like Bhagwat gita, vedas ,puranas and many more. This is mainly spread in India and nearly one billion people are following this religion.


2. Islam

Islam was founded nearly 1400 years back in Saudi Arabia by Muhammad . The Quraan is the major scripture of this religion and this is the fasted growing compared to other religion . More than 1.6 billion people are following this religion all over world.

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1. Christianity

Christianity was founded nearly 2000 year ago by Jesus Christ and it is on the top among top 10 best religions .The Bible is the major scripture of Christianity . The religion has nearly 2 billion followers all over world and it is the most practiced religion of the world .


245 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Religions in the World 2020

  1. .
    It is totaly wrong about “islam”
    becaus islam is the no1 religion in all, and all another religions rejected when islam please accept islam.bcz it is only true and right religion & path of success.

      1. In Islam Shia are most righteous, not saying this because I am one but logically speaking, Shias books are the most logical in Islam. They believe in humanity, and equality, self defense when needed. Shias respect Christianity and Judaism and can live in peace along with Hindus and Buddas and even atheists and would interact just normal in business and anything else, Shias do not really fear faith influence from an outsider because it’s the complete package! Best way to put it in words! The teaching school of Shia scholars is yet the most influential on behavioral health when dealing with God, humans and the community as a whole, scholars receive education from the high “Hawza” for 8 years+ some times up to 12 years with eaccsive educational programs teaching scholars the way of life through teaching the fundamentals of Islam and the tragic death of Imam Hussein to sympathize his stand against evil and his death left him with a legacy that will stay forever against evil.
        Similar to Jesus’s death but not quite the same believes since Hussein is the grandson of Muhammad and Shia believe that God is only one God with supernatural unlimited and unstoppable abilities, God is not a human, doesn’t have a child, humans have traits that God has but of course on a smaller portion, but these traits can be taken away from the evil actions and the devilish control over that particular human, so that person has to work on him/herself 24/7 to reach that purity and keeping a good behavior with others no matter how hard the challenge is.
        In my opinion it doesn’t matter what your religion is, choosing to be a good human being is a decision that even God give everyone the will power to be.
        Christianity is my second favorite religion, with over 83 sects what I really like about Christians is that they believe in forgiveness , over anything which is a good thing even though I have a few criticisms but I’d rather not mention.

      2. This is only because Muslims have left the true path…….if they start to be truly following muslims surely they will leave back the whole world

      1. if u are a real pious u must a follower of hinduism. because it is the only one religion which has founded by god.

      2. Since the birth of a Man and a Woman, on the face of this earth, Allah (God) the Almighty, sent about 124000 Messenger for the guidance of Human being.
        It is very easy to understand the concept or need of a messenger.
        Every Head of a country, sends his Ambassadors to every other country. Why he does that? Why he appoints ambassadors? Can he not do all by himself?
        Please read the role and purpose of an ambassador the you might understand that why Allah(God) sent 124000 Ambassadors(messengers)?
        Hinduism is no doubt the oldest religion on the face of this earth and believe me that the main purpose of Allah sending his messengers to the earth was to guide these idol worshipers to the right path. But unfortunately Hindus are the only prejudiced, perverse and stubborn people who did not recognize or accept any of those messengers of Allah.
        The religion of all those messengers was Islam. Some people accepted Musa (pbh) as a messenger of Allah and they call themselves JEWS, some accepted Isa (Jesus, Pbh) and the call themselves Christians and after that came the last messenger Muhammad (Pbh) and his followers call themselves Muslims. Whereas all the 124000 messenger were sent by the same One God and therefore were all Muslim.
        Hindus do not believe in one God and some of them do not believe in any God or creator they have simply evolved from monkeys. We have not seen any Monkey giving birth to a human being or have we seen any Human giving birth to a monkey.
        Allah (subhanahu wa taala) says in His holy Book, the only religion acceptable to Him is Islam.
        How can you say that Islam is spread with sword. One man, all alone, with no weapons in hands, stood up and challenged the most powerful nation (who had 360 statues of their self made gods around Kaaba) and said, ” O’ people of Mecca, stop worshiping these false and handmade gods, worship the ONE and the Only God Who is my God and your God, the Creator of this universe”.
        Mohammad (Pbh) did not say that start worshiping him after he dies. There are only 25 messenger of Allah mentioned by name in the Holy Book. I do not know if Mahatma Budha, Ram or Krishan were messenger of Allah but they were definitely pious and noble personalities who guided the human to the right path but never told the people to make their statues after their deaths and start worshiping those statues. If they were messenger of Allah, they definitely asked the people to worship ONE and the ONLY God because that was the mission of all the messenger of Allah.

      3. yes hinduism they dont have god they accepct idol their face like devil kali mai they dont have one god 5 or six god

      4. we have god, its proved. and only we have. if u don’t believe me, u have to die first to see what is the real.

      1. there is no right or wrong religion, no religion or race offers more crime rate, criminals, or bullshit like that, you guys are all racist sons of bitches, your parents obviously didnt bring you up well

      2. Hi I am a newly convert to islam. I challenge you read the authentic religion of Islam once your way of thinking will change. Dont believe on what people say about it you just read it completely.May God guide you all like he guided me. (Ameen)

      3. Bro do you have any Prove that GOD guided you to accept Islam????can you tell me what is the Religion created by the God at the time of creation???God made every thing Except Religion……if there is so then there should be some difference between Hindu,Muslim,Christian, etc…the humans are same… how can you say what is God or what is Bad????????you all are brain washed Peoples who don’t know exactly what is right.

      4. Dear Ayesha,
        You should say i had reverted to ISLAM not converted.. GOD is requesting all humankind and messengers to worship him. ‘ISLAM’ means worshiping in short terms.

        The rest who commented above are arguing with non sense, ignorance and no pure hearts.
        psychological ill.

      5. Islam is the best because there’s one god and it’s allah and we don’t start the violence Israel does ☪️☪️☪️☪️☪️

      6. If you believe that all religion are same, then take the good things from all of them and keep practice accordingly, no need to prove that i am right and you are wrong, everyone has rights to believe and worship their god by their belief and choice. because this is between the god and believer. no need to fight, all others believer has objection on Muslims only that Islam is not good religion without having any knowledge about Islam, I would like to advise all of those “Please Study about Islam”

      7. I do not practice Islam but i dont know why i think it is the best religion i want to be a muslim but i dont know how to be a because i am only 7 years old.

      8. Only Hinduism is the best because everyone were following this religion before and the parents of Jesus Christ were following Hinduism , Hinduism is the best ????????????????????

      9. if every one is beating you so should i also start beating just by seeing this thing that you are always beaten by every one……
        Common think deeply and mind if my words hurt you

      10. Are u crazy …..Jesus parents Joseph and Mary are not Hindu…..They are Jews….They dont even know Hindus are there

      11. LOL, could you prove that Jesus (pbh) parents were hindu!!!!
        Stop saying lies please,, the world is full of you.
        Jesus (pbh) born from Virgin Mary (by GOD miracle) and she was Jewish.

      12. that is ture islam is the true religion. If u dont belive me i will tell u now! Search ZamZam well and find information about it. It started of when a prhophert was desperate for water and water came under from his chair back 2000 years ago and now that same water is still going on and on ever since 2000 years ago and now all the water has been connected to people’s houses in saudi arabia and the sea. Also in the quran there are many scientifc facts in it and the quran was written 1000 years ago/ at that time science didnt exist so how did someone from 1000 years ago know science facts. u should search that up too. Plus in the quran it says if u kill u will no longer be a muslim and u will go to hell. So all those terrorists such as isis u say are all muslims which i know its not true but even if they were born as muslims now they are terrorists they are no longer muslims becaause they brok a rule. so even if isis were all originally muslims they are not anymore so stop saying musllims are terrorists. i have alot of muslim friends too and i am pretty sure all my non muslims friends are still alive. u should start searching up miracles of allah. there are many and there are many u know are definetly true such as the zamzam well that water is still going idiots. also in indonesia in 2004 there was a tsunami everything there perished apart from the mosques and ever quran withtin that area of the tsunami.

      13. I’ve searched all of the teachings of Islam and found it lacking. Nothing to do with terrorist but the religion. Sorry!! Try Christianity!!

      14. Hey idiot. There is this exact story in the Bible too. Islam isn’t the true religion. God is one whatever relegion

      15. Yes the mosque was spare. YouTube: Tsunami miracle. What Islam could not do – Jesus Christ does by saving people

      16. You should become Muslim right now for that you just have to say (Ash hadu An La ILaha IL Allah wa Ash hadu Anna Muhammad an Abdu hu wa Rasooluhu meaning( I be witness there is no God but Allah and Muhammad peace be upon him is his slave and messenger)) that’s it and you will become Muslim and after that you start listening Qur’an on you tube with English translation and pray to the Lord of the universe to guide you towards truth and protect you from satan..

      17. I am not judging about God.. I believe God is universal.. if you comment Good or bad about god.. it will never affect to the god .. God is our soul only.. God is nothing but god is your good thinking and devil is your bad thinking.. But really I hate Islams because they are not providing the freedom to the Females..just treat like a baby birth machine…. and males thinking also very worst.. they thinking their religious only and not believe other religious.. they fight for religious only.. what is here in regious, why do not they people not think about others .. first of all they need to believe in Humans…. If Islams says to kill the people like other religions.. Is this is your religious job ?.. I am requesting to the Islams. Please give the freedom to the females and must be change your thinking.. Before believe in god first learn about in humanity.. every Religion says about Humanity only include Islams.. But we are not think about the same we are think just our religion is big and our religious is only great.. When we are thinking like every religious is great then only our World will be safe and people will leave with humanity…

      18. I m Muslim and if u wanna be Muslim
        I warmly welcome u
        Islam is really beautiful religion

      19. Dick: Please don’t segregate Christianity and Islam we believe in Prophet Jesus and virgin Marry Bible is not in its original shape that’s why God send Muhammad as its last messenger. Muslim is never be a Muslim who goes against the preaching of Jesus Christ (P.B.U.H). Study the the religion with highest authentic degree of scholars you will come to know the truth one day.

      20. Najam that is a false statement. Christianity is completely different from Islam and YHWH is the true God. Islam made Allah. Jesus was God not a prophet. Jesus finished the work of God and therefore there was no need for Mohammed.

      21. If only i could help, you can watch videos of how to convert or make yourself sure of what your conversion to islam <3 , im so happy that you're actually trying

      22. Brother please about it and listen to Dr .Zakir Naik He is the most man want to peace and insha’allah he will guide you by mercy of Allah 🙂 and please connect with me and tell me news .

      23. Bro You should just say with true of heart not by pressure ” Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha illaallaah, wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan-ar-rasool ullaah ” (In Arabic)

        “I bear witness that there is no God worthy to be worshiped but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.” (Translation IN English) please my bro you may change your name “Abdullah”

      24. Become a christian, our god died for you. islam you die for your god. Jesus will save your soul. John 3:16

      25. This is only because Muslims have left the true path…….if they start to be truly following muslims surely they will leave back the whole world
        God never dies silly

      26. ??? ahahahahaha jay , first of all, nice way to promote your religion and show how much people are desperate to get converted into it. Second , stop this fake ass nonsense with a fake id , Christian name , and compliments for your religion. I know that you are a island follower

      27. yes you are right brother.. then u should read QUraan in shaa Allah you will find a right path of living

      28. Brother i agree with you 70% ….. but you know i am searching this thing and concluded that Islam is the best religion ever i do not say you to become Muslim but i will suggest you to study Islam logically and deeply you will get all of your answers

      29. he is telling the truth what right I see through this comment is that which religion true thanks to rishi he solved your promblem looke your religiouse book allah said not to cause people’s religion back to rishid
        your gus are refering back but what is important is look into you religiouse book am just telling islam is the only religion that actually makes sense let me tell you there is something called hadith and is the manners as for chirstianty just the bible good job rishi for showing the right path

      1. Mr jay. I am glad you want to be muslim.don’t give up.this is the best religion all over the world.At this age you want to be muslim you.the god will bestow success and heaven..but daily read about the Islam and speech of tariq jameel Hussain you will surely get impressed. We will warmly welcome you in this beautiful religion.most of all god will surely happy.when you think about your decision the god give fair no any hesitation.when you think about evil.when you are not do it the god never give pinishment

      2. Mr. Jay turn to Jesus Christ he died for you so you could be saved. In islam you die for him, Christianity our God dies for you.

      3. Brother if you If we analyze the matter well you will find that Islam is one of the most religions that give animals rights and attached to them and renounce their abuse and neglect My brother does not look at Islam and evaluated by the actions of Muslims, for example if we bring a new car and / or high qualities to someone who does not renew the leadership Then he said an accident and destroyed it. Are we going to blame the driver or the car for the driver? This is the same thing
        • The animal must be carried out as follows: It was narrated that Sahih Ibn al-Hanadhiliya said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) passed by Ba`bir and his back was tied to his stomach. He said: “Fear Allaah in these animals that are astray. And he said ((has his back to his stomach)) ie: from hunger, and the meaning of the talk: fear God in these animals that do not speak and ask what the hunger, thirst, fatigue and hardship [2]. • The animal must be paid to its owner: It was narrated that ‘Abd-Allaah ibn’ Umar (may Allaah be pleased with him) said that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “I tortured a woman in a kitten who tied her until she died. Bukhari and Muslim [3].• The charity to the animal feed him and the reason for the forgiveness of sins: Abu Hurayrah may Allah be pleased with him that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said: ((Bina man walking thirsty thirsty, came down a well and drank from it, and then came out if the dog is panting, eat the thirst of thirst “He said,” I have reached such a person who reached me and filled his weakness, then grabbed him with his mouth, and then he rose up, and the dog went and thanked God for him. So forgive him. ” They said: O Messenger of God, and that we have wages in the beasts? He said: ((in all wet liver reward)) Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim [4]. It was narrated that Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) said that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “A woman who saw a prostitute saw a dog on a hot day.[5]. Mercy in the use of the animal: Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her that she installed a bird was difficult, and made hesitation, said the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: ((you have to …)) Hadith, narrated by Muslim [6]. And the meaning of (frequency): make him walk and then stopped strongly, and repeated several times, and in this cruelty is not hidden, so came to him peace be upon him with the animal. It was narrated that Abu Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “If you travel in the fertile land, give the camels their luck from the land. If you travel in the Sunnah,[7]. Al-Nawawi said: The meaning of the hadeeth is that it is necessary to encourage the kindness of the animals and take into consideration their interest. If they travel in the fertile place, reduce the traffic and leave it to take care of it during the day and during the journey. (Peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) forbade harassment between animals. Narrated by Abu Dawood (may Allaah be pleased with him). David and Tirmidhi[9]. And the scratching of animals between the animals to be attached to them, because it means ((seduction, and irritation of each other, as it does between beauty, rams, and parents, and others, and forbade forbidden animals, and fees for useless, but a futile [10].
        Hope to request your question 🙂 .

      4. Islam don’t kill animals , other religion also kills animal why are you blaming Islam that’s my question and I studied your religion its a confusion it tells a lot about racism some and why Hindu’s eat meat and RSS party leaders in India has business to export leather. They extract leather from cow’s Are they following there religion ? Brahmans are superior over shoodar Hindus why ? and what is the concept of shaap of Brahmans , Hinduism is totally rubbish and confusion. Study Dr. Zakir Naik lectures.

      5. Islam gives animals the right of living more than any other religion.Read about Islam.People of every religion eats animdls so its nothing new

      6. yes you are right islam is telling to kill some animals ok not all animals if you dont kill their population will be more islam is not saying you have to kill no if you want

    1. world most poor people is muslim…they r simply becoming terrorist for money…..the fake people of all time…if ther s no muslim world would be peace

      1. Any proof that only Muslims are terrorist.Allah said if a muslim kills someone he is no longer a Muslim.Hindus are the most rapist people of the world.

    2. Islam , is true , but its racist to just say islam is best , i am muslim and i agree , but we are a family , we are the same people , evey religion is same! (I am a muslim)

    3. Mashallah Islam is true and a right path if you really want peace please please please follow Islam proud to be a Muslim

    4. I think Islam is the only religion that encourages violence and murder into this day.
      Judiasm had some of that in its ancient time, but islam is the only religion that encourages massacre of innocent people minding their own business.

    5. Your small mindedness proves the shortcomings of your religion.
      All religions practiced in good stead lead you to the same GOD. So stop your “ my religion is better than yours” garbage!

    6. Muslims say that their religion is the oldest. how?. their history says another. look, they don’t believe other religion and other culture. their religion is oopposed of fetish worship. more, the number Muslim was very few at past, in spite of having the oldest and the fastest growing religion. it says that islam is a new religion and it has made by copying another.

    7. No religion can save one’s soul on judgement day… when we die, God will never asked what religion we practice. But, will weigh how heavy or light our sins are…how good or bad we are when we’re in the life He let us enjoy here in humane world… so, stop claiming either who amongst is best or number 1 and great religion because only God can say who amongst are worthy to face Him and can come unto His kongdom in heaven at the right time…when our lended life will be taken to an end from this world we temporarily live…. don’t focus on the name of religion you had or believed with but of how you do your responsibilities and duties and obligations…do what is good and right and it will be merited in heaven….have a great day everyone….let peace and love reigns in your mind, body and soul…! ….

      1. Cathy day he diez you are unfortunately 100% wrong, God WILL judge us on our religion and if we aren’t Christian or Jewish we will be sent to hell for not accepting him.

    8. Aapne apna liya kya. Agar itna hi achcha h islam to fir Atankwadi islam ko manne wale hi kyo hote h
      Please accept and reply fast…..

    9. Dumbass you’ll be in hell if that’s what you believe the father of your religion not Muhammad the one before, Ishmael, was the son of a maid. Jesus is the one true God you imbecile

  2. Truth is always bitter….If you are a wise you will think over it and you will break in temper if you are an ignorant….

    Muhhmad didn’t ever realised the highest spiritual experience one could have…That same state was experienced by Lord Buddha,Lord Jessus,Lord Mahavir…..

    Without realising that highest spiritual state called Salvation(Christianity),Enlightenment(Buddhism),Samadhi(Hinduism) one cannot communicate with God….

    Absolute celibacy is just the first step towards God….But Muhhmad had many wives with whom he had relation….It requires trillions of years for a common man to unite with God called yoga…..and major obstacle of yoga(union with God) is sensual desires and worldly feelings…

    Muhhmad didn’t had highest realisation but he was inspired which cannot be denied….(positive point according to me)

    Clearly this ranking is made based on populations of religious groups in which Islam comes 2nd by rank…..

    If it was based on quality or truth it would not be in the list…..

    There is problem with that you cannot accept or tolerate questions and criticism made on your religion…

    Does your quran commands you to kill those who don’t belong to your religion?Does it allows capture and enslaving of women?Does quran allows to do forceful convertion even by mass slaughtering and killing of innocent people?Does it allows to keep non-muslim sex slaves and to rape,abuse and torture them whenever you like?Does quran encourages to fight war to destroy and ruin all non-believers?Does it allows to kill animals?Does quran has the concept of 80 virgin girls in heaven and if a jihadist dies in holy war it will take him straight to heavens to have sensual enjoyments by having the chance to deflower 80 virgins?

    Analyse it yourself….and get a conclusion…..

    1. actually you are misinterpreted and misguided about Islam and perhaps you fell pray of the conspiracies against Islam…you even dont know who was Muhammad PBUH….he is a true prophet of God about whome all other prophets used to tell their people that the last prophet will come…..he is ranked highly on spirituality….Islam alows 4 wives at a time to marry with because Islam wants to remove the sex in the world…..and when someone’s husband dies, Islam alows her to get Nikah rather than allowing the world to spoil her….last but not the least, Muhammad PBUH is the one who met to God on Arsh (heaven) in his life…..u watch india’s dr. Zakir Naik in youtube..then u will realize the truth about Islam

      1. But islam says that God have no body no shape so whom he (Muhammad) met in Arsh, Do Muhammad knew how Allah looks, if he met with Allah so this concept is wrong that Allah have no shape, no body … what is this? misguidence? Do you know who gave the knowledge of Quran? was that God given or Satan’s trick, there are many questions bro? Believe in GOD , pray to God, study all religions then you’ll know how many peoples met with GOD(Allah hu Kabir)

      2. Dear Tarun , Again you are misguided just think with your mind and said. Study the religion with highest degree of scholars you will know the truth. God has no shape , no size , nothing its also stated in Bhagwat Geeta its beyond limitation not only Muhammad meet with God, you and me also meet with God on the Day of Judgement God has no shape and size ,but God has voice and beyond limitation.We are limited in this earth, we don’t know the realities of the sky.

      3. You said religion with highest scholars.. western countries have the most scholars, with the best education, they are mostly christian. You unfortunately suffer from middle eastern bullshit. If your religion is so great, why is every country that majoritally follows Islam poor as dirt and in disarray? You should look at common knowledge and then question your religion’s destructive power and realize Islam=Satanic

      4. dont think bad for any religion and this is a rare rumor if u respect other religion people will respect ur religion as much as it teaches islam i am a muslim and proud to be a muslim becuse here is equility for every one and one day islam will become a NO 1 religion of the world o ALLAH, instruct all humans to walk on the right path of islam ( AMEEN )

      1. I think that all Muslims are liars, thiefs and terrorists. But that is not true right? Just like your shitty comment?

      2. ye of curse but some muslims shia dont use abusing word the wahabi and sunni they are terrorist founder of Is Is terrorist in muslim shia religion in best using abusing word is haram


    2. Omkar Singh you think wrong about Islam.Islam is not like that.Islam is a complete code of life hazrat muhammad is our prophet.they do many thing for us they come into the right path read about the quality and the personality of hazrat muhammad. Islam exist from start when hazart Adam was born in this world we can feel god is exist.Hazrat Muhammad never say himself God.infact Christian religion hazal isaa A.S (JESUS) he is also our prophet Islam and Christian religion are same they know God exist just feel that you will surely know that God is exist I’d God exist more than one like hinduism religio the system of the world destroy. They will fight with each other

      1. Im not saying islam is worst,but sir hinduism was one of the earliest religions.As well as it was one of the earliest source of knowledge.Its a proved fact that vedas are only the religious texts that not only contain facts about religion but also some of the most important scientific facts.But the western culture had just supressed us.

      2. You’re wrong in many areas and should educate yourself. Jesus is God not a prophet and was never Islam because Islam didn’t exist when Jesus lived. Have you honestly been so brainwashed so much that facts don’t matter?

      3. Hahahahahah just because you’re a fucking Hindu you said that Hinduism is the best.
        FUCK HINDUISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Thank you!! Finally someone who I can relate to. This stuff the Muslims are putting down are ignorant and mostly wrong, which to me shows they have only heard about Islam all their lives. No knowledge of other religions and no desire to want to understand others.

      1. Just because you practice Christian doesn’t mean that Christianity is the best.actually Christian is the worst.
        FUCK FATHER!!!!!
        FUCK JESUS !!!!
        FUCK HOLY SPIRIT!!!!!!!
        FUCK MARY!!!!!!!

      2. UMMMM fuck to you this person. I know who we all are! I believe in ALL RELIGIONS! I LOVE TO ALL! DON’T MAKE ME MAD…. YA U DO. I RESPECT TO ALL. WE ARE ONE. WE DO BOTH IN ONE THING IN ONE BATTLE IN SIN TIME TO TIME. WELL I want all to respect each other. U say a stupid word to me…. then something will be happen to you to learn a lesson.

    4. You should not compare any religion to Sikhism because that is super religion I mean religion of all religion where they can get together and sit peacefully. That make difference. Other religions do not allow human beings of other religion that is not the case with Sikhism. Even if you deny the One God they still welcome you. That is not only peace but also creates peaceful atmosphere in the universe.

    1. Don’t beg man . It’s should come from heart. That’s why Islam is fastest growing religion. Their maine job is conversion. That’s why now days terrorism is also increased.

      1. Hey mann!Dont bluff..ISLAM never begs but those who beg are not true muslims….Go nd see those muslims who r just true… will just be shocked,that how a true muslim will be? YOU’LL see that even the mightiest storm cannot shook them from their religion..Does any religion show the protection of women as that of islam i.e. wearing burkaah covering women from evil eyes of men…BUT Rather in ur religion they expose themselves so as to invite for sex…see news channels, even the true believers of ur religion too raped women on having women exposing nd makin sexual aroousement..but its not the case wit us..nd one more ting tat we don’t beg ,we show r advise them in the ri8 path…but those who understood islam falsely,make one forces to convert…but refer true muslim…u’ll understand definitely…and we the true muslims following prophet muhammad (SAW),we advise bcoz all r not intellectuals to understand the religion by themselves….they need explnation,,,otherwise why hell?its true tat it is fr doing wrong things,but most primarily not beliving in true godi.e.ALLAH(the most high).otherwise suppose just suppose tat you have died nd now ther’s questioning? ur in hell nd will be asked why didnt belive true god ,u cant say tat u were not taught…,tat’s why we advise the ri8 path..not force..tat’s why islam is fastest growin religion.And the terrorism is increased of course yet,but not from true believers….refer any reputed site…seee the religion wit highest number of morals nd peace nd regulatoions…in case also refer dr.zakir naik speeches

      2. Listen.. first you Muslims fight amongst yourself and decide who is right and who is not. You guys are constantly repeating that we have perceived Islam in the wrong way. While you guys are the ones contradicting yourselves. Every one of you has a different opinion. Is this the ninja technique to covering up all the loopholes of your religion.

      3. Are ha kya you are fake ?can a man can become big or small can a man fly can a man looks like a monkey ha it us possible no so tell ha kya hyaa…….accept that Islam is the best religion

      1. You people don’t know the meaning of religion.Religion doesn’t mean a group of people having a same ideology about god but it also means ,in my religion,idon’t know what ur religion teaches,that religion means’dharma’which means ur responsibility towards god,societyand obviously parents.

      2. Fuck u too Motherfucker.
        Fuck islam, fuck Muslim, fuck allah, fuck mohammad. Halala ke paidaish…..

      1. Islam gives the most respect to all living thing.I will suggest you to read the Quran once and you will know what Islam is about.

    1. In Christianity we have a personal relationship with Jesus. He died on the Cross so we could be saved. You must die for your god.

  3. All religions r gud. ….Except Islam…Islam is a mother fucking worst religion in the world…How his followers speak ,behave and do…Justifies that…U Muslims even can fuck ur own mother to spread ur bullshit. …Which ever country have mulisms are getting ruiend in the world…Ppl die because of ur wrong teachings…U make them kill…U teach the just bullshit….All Muslims r human I respect then. ..But ppl like u SPK…It shows what u r…Just a bullshit…Who emerged 1400 years ago …From a sperm of mothers fucker..Who was mad and mentally harassed..Depress….U ppl r also same

    1. Dont look at fake muslims of today look and read the holy Quran and ask your selves about its truthness .Dont comment before u read it. May God bless u all and show u guidance like he showed me as im a newly convert to this peaceful religion.such realistic., pls dont say bad about it until u have studied the authentic version of Holy Quran.May Allah bless u and ur childern and may He show us the right path that was followed by the righteous people.If u are confused or fear about what people shall say…then dont fear and keep on doing which u believe is right Allah Almighty will remove ur fears and will show u the right path just u have to focus and think.
      Thank u .

    2. plz don’t say like that…if u don’t like a religion so is it necessary to abuse it???? Islam doesn’t teach things like that . It is peaceful….read the holy Quran….u will come to know that Islam isn’t bad but the puriest and most peaceful religion…our Prophet taught us to have justice and give everyone and everything their true rights….if u don’t wanna believe then don’t…but true muslims never lie.. I agree that many people over here are very cruel but majority muslims respect and follow their religion truly cuz they now thatALLAH is always watching them and He’s watching u also……I love my religion……I’m 11 years old.

      1. thats not true! i saw a muslim but when i read the quran my faith disappeared. I’m so happy i open my eyes. i have converted in a sikh and I’ve read the Guru Granth Sahib Ji, so far i am loving this religion because it doesn’t ask to harm anyone.

      2. Now Sikhism is not only a religion but a super religion because all religion s of the universe adjusts in that super religion.

    3. U are a mother fucker dont say worst things about islam islam is a holy religion if u dont like any religion its ok but u say worst about at its not good and other peoples will also say worst about ur religion islam is the religion of tolerence

      1. Islam is so tolerant you have an outburst when someone says something bad about Islam. That’s not tolerant dude. LOL!!

  4. We are human beings let us not to fight each other no one is staying permanent here don’t abuse one another but we must believe that there is a super power exists who is running this universes you may call him Allah bhagwan eshwara etc let us United to gether with good feelings

  5. You missed a religion, Humanity. Humanity was founded many years ago before all religions, but today no one is following this religion and we stupids finding peace in these man made religions, this is why we all are in trouble fighting with each other like children, one says “God is my father not yours, and he only loves me,” and other one says ” no you don’t know, God is my father and he loves me not you” this is what happening in the name of religions, But actually our Father (God,Allah) knows well what to do. we are not capable to understand whole things about GOD…………

  6. Top 10 best religions:
    There isnt a good nor bad religion, we are all humans, so no matter what religion you are, stop making stupid things about it

  7. This article is according to popularity. Religions can not be ranked first to last based on best to worst. They are influenced by our faith, perspective and upbringing. All those writing shitty comments are letting their own religion down.

  8. We hindus do not make the highest in population of hinduism faith in humanity simply because we do not SPREAD like the Islam fanatics an Christian fanatics (especially protestants who desperately recruit ppl)….

    We make a fair share of understanding among all….

  9. Every religion teach to became a good manner human.
    But there is no one.they just wanted to defend and attack on others.God has given you mind body soul everything why don’t you get truth by yourself not by any proper book.who had made this that was their own believe and knowledge you are not forced by any religion get yourself

    1. Don’t just think about riligion just follow ur born riligion because all riligion give almost same rules….but matter is about how u are managing or following it so….so don’t compare just b perfect…..

  10. Hi,
    A different thought it may be!

    Netherlands is planning shutting down it’s prison system due to lack of convicts and near about 20000 prison employees may go jobless.

    And another fact is that only 14% of the population is following any specific religion

  11. When someone says my religion are best, follow my religion you got heaven and beautiful life, i don’t think this is right, this like politician says give me vote i take care of you but we all know what types are people there i think religion is i respect my religion and yours, i follow my religion you follow your, never compare two religious. We al are same we all are human. When someone say my religion best then you i don’t think they are human being…

  12. That’s so lame. Wicca is not even on it at all, & it is the most inclusive religion. (One could be a Wiccan & still be Christian or any other of these.) What you listed was nothing more than a popularity contest – not what is actually best.

  13. mother fucker please dont abuse each other. all religion is not good
    but it is truth that hinduim is mother fucker…hindu is used to fuck her own sister and mother

    1. Its ur rubbish thinking.Sir u said hindus are worst ,sir plz look into punjab ur are saying that india is not a secular country.if it was so Sikhs would havw died due to hunger.

      1. Hello Mr Shreyansh
        i would like to correct you here. Us Sikhs do not depend on Hindus for food, support, water, shelter, etc. so why did you state that if it wasn’t for you Sikhs would have died due to hunger, just so that if you didn’t know Sikhs originate from Punjab which is part of India. In fact many Sikhs are dying because of you freeloaders you know how… there are thousand and thousands of Sikh farmers who work every single day under majority of Hindus but have lost their life because they were not paid the promised amount of wages that would’ve helped provide food, shelter, water, education, etc. to their families. YOU ARE WRONG AND THATS THE REASON WHY HINDUISM IS ACTUALLY THE WORST RELIGION BECAUSE YOU ARE TAUGHT TO ‘HELP’ PEOPLE IN WAYS THAT CAN KILL THEM.

  14. You all should know that when you immigrate to canada you are considered a christian. Lol. I know because im a atheist and i immigrated here when i was 6 and they made us convert to christian. Im pretty sure buddism is the most though because all over asia buddist is the most popular

  15. I need not to give certificate to my religion. Our religion taught us to respect all religion.
    If you have to give certificate to your religion like above. I doubt my friend you are dumb.

    1. You are totally wrong Surya. What is wrong with you? That’s a lie or you’re unknowledgable. Jesus was in no way a Muslim. Christianity is older. Look up facts not you’re wishes.

      1. Mark you need to shut the fuck up before someone knocks your damn teeth out. You saying shit about Islam, but when someone says something about Christians you get butthurt. Like umm Islam is a really good religion thank you very much, besides we’re not all terrorist. You talk about how people don’t learn about other religions but then here your ugly ass is, making dumb shit up about Islam.

    1. religeon is not importent the prayer is importent
      before we pray we should know to whom and why
      if we dont know and if we can not think about pray and
      god or bhagwaan or allah or to any other then we should follow the our family systems after then if we see or heard about the other systems of pray to any other type of god we should check which is correct
      and we have to compare with them then you deside
      but in my knowledge before islaam in all other religeons books said about the last system of the islaam so before we do or say some without knowledge is complete in correct and the way you behave it reflect your personality what you saying is diffrent but what is you it will come out (thank you)

  16. religeon is not importent the prayer is importent
    before we pray we should know to whom and why
    if we dont know and if we can not think about pray and
    god or bhagwaan or allah or to any other then we should follow the our family systems after then if we see or heard about the other systems of pray to any other type of god we should check which is correct
    and we have to compare with them then you deside
    but in my knowledge before islaam in all other religeons books said about the last system of the islaam so before we do or say some without knowledge is complete in correct and the way you behave it reflect your personality what you saying is diffrent but what is you it will come out (thank you)

  17. When the name of religion came,some imagination sprung up in mind.Like,when it comes to buddhist,non violent bald monk comes up in mind……But the word Muslim frighten me,i dont know whether its the right religion or not,but the followers make it fierceful,if they’re not in this world,there might be no terrorist,2009 taj bomb blast,WTC attack,and many more…….If muslim religion is not in this world,the world might be a better place………from my secular point of view….i dont care what ur sacred text had told u,but according to ur action,its clear that its a tragic religion………………Imagine the world without Muslim,,,,, Full of peace in Middle east

  18. Fuck with Islam. Bloody all Islamists are potential terrorists. Day will come when all islamists will die a fearful death. Fuck all Islamist…

    1. Bitch before someone knocks your yellow ugly ass teeth, I suggest you shut the fuck up ass hole. Islam aren’t all terrorist you racist faggot. You can go die, but don’t wish painful deaths for muslim people. Besides we aren’t called islamist dumb mother fucker. When someone commits a crime, why do people care about their religion? Don’t say shit like that ass hole.

      1. One thing here ! You ask “why people care about the religion of a terrorist?”Obviously because the majority of terrorists are Muslims! And they are suicide bombers who always say “allah hu akbar” before they take lives of innocent people. You don’t need to defend islam on some shitty webpage ! You rather need to protect it from its very own followers! Rather than defending it, Abusing other religions. Go enlighten some of your relatives who you know are doing something bad!

      2. islam is not a religion of terrorism if any suicide bomber is muslim it doesn’t mean islam is a religion of terrorism my brother iam muslim iam against terrorism and terrorist and suicide bombers its not islam. islam gives the lesson of peace brotherhood love not the lesson of terrorism.

  19. What the absulte fuck is wrong with you people i know
    some people can’t be exact on which religion is the truth
    But they just say some fucking absulute ridiculas shit about
    what they dont even know
    Islam gives proofs you know
    that but even if you dont search up online ‘Miracals of Islam’
    And see some of the photoshop-less proofs
    Can your religion give some of the proofs
    Can it??
    Talk about what you know motherfuckers before you spread your filthy words
    Isis and the all other bullshit is all fake non of those cocksuckers are
    Even close to the real muslims the spread fake news fake fucking everything
    Dont make us look like them we ARE [NOT]
    WE support peace they dont you know the differnce the why are you all dumbasses relate us with them?
    Can you explain??

  20. I tried to read number of comments here about religions. It seems to me every one is trying to justify/ claim the religion s/he practices is the best and rest are wrong.

    It is understandable. It’s really because of lack of knowledge or ignorance to knowledge. Knowledge can only be acquired having a broad mind ready to tolerate others view/ belief.

    I may only recommend, people try to understand others view/ belief with a broad mind and then conclude on what you believe or not. No belief is complete unless one knows about the rest.

    The differences in belief is His wish. More one will learn about others will be more closure to the TRUTH.

  21. I dont know how you are feeling about your religions but lets accept that our creator wants all to be only in one religion. The truth is when we are born our parents choose our religion and obviously we have no choice so lets be logical and think carefully. actually Im born shia. Unfortunately when you search shia islam on google you see terrible images But be sure thats not shia islam. what those idiots do is up to themselves not to shia islam. if you want to know the truth about shiism have a look on this website: good luck

    1. Brother can’t you say islam what is shia islam and sunni islam. Iam muslim i believe in one god and i say my self muslim i dont say shia muslim or sunni muslim

  22. When people say you must be read Quran than I read Quran…..nothing will change…..people again suggest you read Bible…Bible…..again nothing will change…
    When I start to study Geeta I give respect all religious person truth person I used to respect the power of humanity only Geeta teach me this is not for some spacial person….this is for all mankind….

  23. Guys you all are right on your ways but one thing is notice that is “ALL RELIGIONS MADE BY GOD”. And no any HOLY BOOK is wrong or change because this all Holy Books safe under the GOD. So please don’t fight on the basis on the religious please its a humble request.

    1. yes. the good or bad everything made by God.we should choice the good. its our exam in our life. so we should avoid islam and stay in our own religion. always pray to have eyes that see the best, a mind that forgets the bad, a soul that never loses faith in God.

  24. Oh comeon guys calm down. Does anyone have a proof of what’s there after death? Do you guys even have a nearest hint ? Is there anyone who has experienced near death ? If you have then how was it ? Did you see your God? Heard him?
    I’m coming from an Islamic family I was a Muslim , quite religious. I have experienced near death quiet a few times.(DMT) after my trip all i could say is that. Please wake up!
    You guys keep building faith and believe and fight for your righteousness. Whatever have you been feared you whole life you’ll become that.
    Have you ever felt what a Soul/Spirit is?
    Y’all just hallucinating within your own consciousness. Open your eyes and start doing something about this world rather than arguing and trying to change each other’s believes?

  25. What is wrong with everyone? Does it really matter what our beliefs are? Have man really forgotten the word “respect”? Whether He is called God, Creator, Allah, etc. I believe we are are speaking about the same. Why can’t we live side by side in peace. Why this need to convert everyone? I pretty sure we are suppose to live peacefully among ourselves. We were given the freedom to think for ourselves and yet others want to push their believes unto everyone. We are all unique individuals and yet others want us all to be identical. When our judgement day comes I believe that we will not be judged by what religion we were but how we lived our life. I believe in the Ten Commandments and try to live by them, anything else in, regardless of religion, is man made and yes I do have a problem with that. I follow what God handed down to us rather than follow so called religious man made laws.

  26. Dear Writer,

    As per based on your words: Hinduism is the oldest religion or dharma in the world and is also called sanatana dharma,
    Considered as Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world then comes christianity follwed by islamic and others then Hinduism must be considered in no 1 position right then y you given 3 no . As i am not against any religion but considering the facts Hinduism is the best and Hindustani’s are very best. East and West India is the best , Mera Bharat Mahan…….

  27. Islam is the best religion because Christianity Judaism are the part of islam Abahram Jewish was the founder of Judaism. No he was the our prophet we call him hazrat ibrahim he was prophet of allah he taught about one allah its a lesson of islam after that moses came he was also prophet of allah which jewish and muslims both belief that islam. Jesus Christ was our prophet which we belief he is our prophet he also taught about islam marry was his mother which muslims called maryam but different is that Jesus Christ was prophet how could be he is god. god is only one he is only one he has no father no son no wife he is only one who has made all multiverse seven skies heaven hell all angels and Jesus Christ is alive he will come one day and Christians will know the truth. Christians dont belief holy prophet muhammed peace be upon him who muslim belief last prophet of allah. all prophet have given same message. message of tauheed message of allah islam is a complete religion. and bible is muslims book which muslim says ingeel. and one thing what is shia sunni there is only islam what is shia and sunni. we all are muslim all muslims belief holy prophet peace be upon him hazrat ali then why shia or sunni.

  28. Dear publisher I wanna let you clear the one important fact about Islam,That you courted is was established at the time of Mohammed SAW. No that is wrong information you published at the time of Mohammed SAW is completed and the Holy Quran is revealed on earth at the of Mohammed SAW. That s why you are counting from the time of Mohammed SAW death.Any how there lots of evidences still available that Islam originally available since the world prophet Issa SAW (Jesus) following and obey the guide lines of ALAAH as mention in Holy bible.

  29. All religions are man made, except for Jesus Christ. Man doesn’t walk on water, man doesn’t make blind men see, man doesn’t stop the wind. Only God does these things. Seek Him.

    1. yes you are right jesus can do that he also made birds from mud and give live to them but these all the mericles given to hem by allah there is one god and jesus was his prophet he was not god these all are maricles as god have given different mericles to other prophets also

  30. Bro do you have any Prove that GOD guided you to accept Islam????can you tell me what is the Religion created by the God at the time of creation???God made every thing Except Religion……if there is so then there should be some difference between Hindu,Muslim,Christian, etc…the humans are same… how can you say what is Good or what is Bad????????you all are brain washed Peoples who don’t know exactly what is right.

    1. There is only one thing which god all mighty allah have said again and againwhich his prophets have given message one message only when message god is one there is no good except allah absolutely not. that is tauheed and that is islam my brother to worship one good.

    2. Yes you a right my brother all humans are same i believe that too. just god have said in quran and through is messengers mean prophets that iam one there is no other god except me i dont have son i dont have father iam for always and always. just this is tauheed and this is islam and its the truth that god is one he is creater of multiverse seven skies each and every thing and this is islam.

  31. Truth is that god is only one there is no god accept allah. Allah have send his messengers on the earth which have given same message god is one adam 1st on the earth have same message god is one. noah have also given the message god is one moses suliemon gesis all have given same message god is only one god is only one there is no god accept allah that is tauheed and that is islam that is reality is that then why are you making more then one god. god hates that he say iam only one i have no son no father that it. and what the hell muslims are terrorist if one is terrorist or suicide bomber then it doesn’t mean all muslims are terrorist. and one thing islam is straight forward religion not such a backward religion. islam give permission to do every thing. In islam education is must for both men and women. Islam have no uniform there is no islamic dress you can wear any dress. The people who wear salwar kameez and say it is islamic dress they are stupid it is lack of knowledge. In islam men and women both have permission to marry with there choice. actually people have made there tradition as islam. Just study islam deeply read quran with translation you will get all information. even many muslim dont read quran they follow which there parents told them or any stupid molvi or mullah told them. thats wrong. to follow mullah or molvi is not islam to follow quran is islam.

  32. hello[ islam, shia, hosien and his brother abbas ]can guide you to best way for life plaese study about them I hope you know true way goodby and have good time

  33. Please dont say shia or sunni we all are muslim what meant by shia or sunni we all believe on one god his prophets last prophet muhammad peace be upon him then why shia or sunni this all is shop keeping of idiot currupt molvies.

  34. HOLD THY TONGUE EARTHLINGS ,, What about me, why can’t I be God, who says i am not,, men of God don’t hurt one another, don’t hate one another. I believe we all are “1”. Until we realize we all are of one and are “1” we never will find peace and live in peace. We are taught what we believe from birth, no one is right, until we realize we all are one and become “1” we will have issues. I love you all,, I was raised in a Pentecost family and church but today I claim myself as non denominational, I say the way to live is “Don’t do anything you would not do if God was sitting beside you” its that simple. Wake up world, its not time to fight its time to join one another in love and peace. I hope I said my thoughts right for i don’t mean to offend anyone but hopefully open a few eyes. I love you all and i pray we all learn to love and forgive. God bless us all.

  35. Love THY neighbor as you love yourself,. Do unto others as you would have done unto you,. Don’t do anything you would not do if God was sitting beside you.. Love one another… in peace…

  36. What is religion ? Religion is your believe. peoples have lack of knowledge. There is only one god no god except allah one allah why you are making more then one god its your lack of knowledge. because true is that there is one god and its islam. please don’t say there is more then god. god hates this thing a lot and therefore god have send his prophets messengers who have given same lesson god is one there is no god accept one allah worship one god and that is islam. i dont know why the hell people say that there are more then one god when true is that there is one god

  37. It is totally wrong to judge a religion based on population alone. We judge based on consistency of a religious book. How can a Bible with innumerable contradictions, scientific errors Grammatical mistakes etc. Top the list? There’s a question mark

  38. It’s so sad to see that any dogmatic person writes articles and classifies religions without having any clues of what other religions are. The fanatic man sees only his/hers own beliefs. Your number choice is good only for yourself and your company. In today’s world, where almost everything is connected, how can you say number one religion is the one that says the world was created 4000-5000 years ago? Should we still believe the earth is flat and at the same time pretend to be number one on your list? Wake up brother!!

  39. omg chill this is only saying what are the most practiced religions in the world not what u believe in sucks everyones living there own life tell they die so be just HUMAN for a whioe and have fun and dont be racist .

  40. One should not make any comment knowing nothing or less of any religion.Here,most of the comments embraces intolerance. Everybody consider his or her religion is the best.It is always better to go through the Holy scriptures before making any comments. There is no GOD except ALLAH.Being a Muslim we believe other three Holy books arrived from ALLAH earlier than Holy Qur’an.There is no Shia -Sunni in Islam.David,Moses and Christ is our prophet too.Be calm dear brother. May Allah bless and protect all human beings on earth.

  41. I think Islam is the only righteous religion. It contains everything explained very carefully and logically. Islam may have many divisions within itself but the righteousness is in following the sayings of Prophet Mohammed(pbuh). If you have any objections against anything in Islam then just open quran and find answer in it.


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